Why Do I Always Lose Money in Cricket Betting?

why do i always lose money in cricket betting

There are so many people who always wonder that despite their want to bet in cricket and their interest in doing so, why they do always or more than often end up losing money while betting. The stats say that more than 90% of the sports bettors end up losing their money in the game of gambling ad become broke in a course of less than a year. But, this fact can hardly stop people from wagering on sports. There come several situations wherein people eventually go broke and get no money to wage any further.

There are certain things that the sports bettors do wrong and should always remember to do them right.

Money Management- mostly people go losing their money in cricket betting is because these people poorly manage their money. Money management is the key to set your right betting experience. People who make poor choices may lose or not, but the people who poorly manage their money will surely lose it.

The explanation is if people bid with 50% of their bank balance you will undoubtedly lead the path to disaster. Bettors sometimes win putting in more money, but eventually, they will end up facing unrecoverable losses. And they will end up going in trouble.

Betting on wrong events- The worst thing a good bettor can do, in his/her betting experience. It has been no secret that sports like basketball and football are been betted on in the amounts as huge as million dollars, all the long-time bettors believe that these two are the hardest sports to bet on.

Whereas most of the professional bettors believe that baseball is the sport of their choice to play the game of betting on. Therefore, as per the stats, the baseball sport provides lesser money than football and basketball. Another sport of preference for betting is Hockey. As long as a sports bettor likes money, they don’t have to necessarily like baseball and hockey.


Here some points remember in sports betting:-

There are following important points; less knowledge of the games, forget your typical game information.

Lack of Knowledge- Most of the sports bettors do not possess enough knowledge required to make them play decently, which turns out to be dangerous results of betting. The bettors have to understand that there is a difference between knowing what is betting knowledge of NFL and the knowledge of NFL betting. What may people mostly do not realize is that they compete against bettors who have refined knowledge of the studying trends and making their concepts clear about handicapping and injuries and the betting angles.

Betting Too Many TV Games- There are a lot of bettors who keep on playing on the televised games. It wasn’t a problem years back, but now almost all the games are televised. Typically, the lines are the sharpest on the televised games because the odd makers realize that the heaviest bet comes on the televised games.

Casino Betting- This is a kind of new sports betting for the bettors to deal with. There is always legitimacy for the online casinos to worry about.

So take care when you play and once you play, play hard.

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Posted on 19/Jun/2020 By Admin