Why do different sports betting site have different odds?

why do different sports betting site have different odds

To have proper knowledge of sports betting you need to have a clear picture of betting odds especially of the sports betting. Here, we will try ad explain what are actually the sports betting odds ad how do they actually work, what are the roles that they play, etc.

What are odds?

Odds are basically used to make the exact calculations that tell the bookmakers about the payments that should be made to the winning wagers. Every time a bidder makes a bid with the respective bookmaker they are offered a certain odd that exactly affects the amount that they will be wining in the particular win.

Also, odds are used to make the assurance of the probable chance a certain thing or result can happen.

There is a perfect matter that has been made clear that as a bidder will expect less when betting on an outcome that is when he/she will bet on an outcome that is unlikely to happen.

For example- If we try to understand if there is a tennis match that is going on and the player that has been ranked number one in the world and he/she is paired against a player that has been ranked 98 in the world’s best players ranking.

It would not be wrong to believe that the player who has a better ranking will mostly win against the player on rank 98th, hence in such a case the better will have high betting odds on winning of the opponent and less odds on winning of the number one player.

The principle and logics behind the odds are fairly straightforward and an average person should not take much time to understand the concept.

There are usually three types of odds:-

  • American odds
  • Decimal odds
  • Fractional odds

A person to be good in the field of betting and bidding should be equally familiar with each one of them as one can face any of these formats in any type of sport betting he/she are equipping.

Hence, it will always be an edge if you are familiar with all three of them before starting to bid. For the betterment for your knowledge, I would describe all three of them here.

American Odds- They are also said Moneyline odds, it is majorly into use in the US. While putting this one would tell the bidder that there can be positive number or a negative number. The positive number is the one in which the bidder knows that how much will they win. Whereas in the negative number the bidder is told that how much will they have to put at stake to win a particular amount?

Decimal Odds- It is mainly into use in the places like Europe, Australia and Canada. In this a bidder is told that in terms of wining what amount with the decimals will a bidder win. For example if $ 1 is put at stake the wining amount if the bidder wins is will be $ 1.25.

Fractional Odds- These are the traditional odds. In this the potential profit and payments can be calculated, but the process can be more than usually tricky. Like the American odds these also show that what is a potential profit that one can make?

We always see that different bookmakers use different odds. Odds vary as per the view of the bookmakers. What the bookmaker thinks is the main possibility he changes the odds as per that. This is why there are variable odds in sports betting.

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Posted on 04/Feb/2020 By Admin