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what is livebid

Are you a sports's fan? Love a flutter on the horse races? Or do you fantasy about a spin in our popular casino games? Whatever sporting activity you’re into, Livebid will cater to your each and every betting need, promising thrills around every corner of the world. The online betting site for cricket where you and supporters of its team you love can always benefit & profits in term of capital, even if you don’t back a winner.

Livebid is a one-of-a-kind online match’s cricket betting platform, the only bookies in the world which make a bond with sports fans or sports lovers by committing to share their net profits directly with supporters.

Through our sports lover or sports fans scheme, people simply type the club when registering or login then choose your local fan partner/club/organization to get a lot of funds on a quarterly basis – hence; our team track your sporting bets and do all the hard work.

At Livebid betting industry work towards forming a genuine & strong bond with sports fans by teaming-up with trusted and accredited fans groups and betting committees, whom themselves decide where and when the funds returned back to them will be spent to help fans.

Whether that might be to help increase funds to purchase a stake in their section, buying tickets, travel or other important supporter-related issues or problems.

Therefore, winning betting at Livebid is the perfect way to support the team, mixing the thrill of a winning sporting bet or bet website with the reassurance and satisfaction of knowing that a portion of all losing bets will help profit fans of the team.

It really is very simple to understand. Back a winner and received payout faster in the traditional way, and be content that by using the online matches cricket and they will be betting with the only bookmaker that truly shares with the fans.

Avoiding the traditional, costly and outdated ways of expensive television advertising, hence; Livebid works harder to help and assist, reward and retain its members.

What's more, their highly competitive odds, plus a range of specially cater bets for the team, means that by working with fans instead of merely profiting from them, we are perfectly positioned to take the online sporting bet world by storm.

Despite the fact, when sports lover or sports fan visit our site their first consent to the privacy/cookie policy but don’t worry there’s nothing to be alarmed about it.

When visitors or sports lover or sports fan come to the Livebid website they want to provide them with the best possible end-user experience and to do that we want to see how people or sports lover or sports fan are interacting with the online betting site.

Like other betting sites we also use cookies to: track the IP address of the every visitors so we know what county they have come from, Tell us how long they have viewed some pages so we can tell how much you liked them or if you found them useful, tell which pages they have visited so we can see which are most popular pages of the site, collect information on how you’ve got to the online betting site; through a search engine, directly or from a link from another site or social network, track if it’s the first time people have used the site or if they are coming back as a return visitor, Make assure that when they sign up to the betting page your name gets added to the list and the page sent to the right email address, to check if they have signed up for any of the bookmakers we’ve recommended/reviewed.

Hence; such kind of information Livebid will never pass to a third party or any kind – we hate spam just as much as you.

Whence; let us jump on to the serious stuff – our betting industry Livebid is an online sport betting heavyweight, drawing from last some years of industry experience and boasting an impressive portfolio of brands. When you play at Livebid, people are guaranteed a fair, responsible and secure betting environment & atmosphere.

Hence; we are licensed and regulated by the globally respected UK Gambling Community who are recognized for their stringent standards. The website’s customer support team is here to make sure that your time with us is hassle-free bet and as enjoyable as much as possible.

Whether you need help with a big issue or a minor query – Livebid team is always available for their clients and sports bettors. So, whether you’re an old hand or a newbie or a newcomer, a fan of sports whether it is cric fan or casino or into your sports betting – we’re confident that Livebid will be your new favourite place to bet on sports.

As we honest and on this online betting on cricket in India website you'll find advice and get access to free, confidential help and assist by phone or online.

People can learn about how gambling works, check if you or someone you know may have a gambling issue or problem, and find tips on how to stay in control.

Join us today and get the ultimate experience in online sport betting at Livebid.

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Posted on 04/Feb/2020 By Admin