What are the Most Secure Betting Platform in India?

what are the most secure betting platform in india

If you are betting in India there is a lot to choose from because the market of sports betting sites is huge in India and largely Indians are great betting, specifically sports betting enthusiasts.

There are vast amount of betting sites to choose from when you are looking to place online cricket betting at Livebid - best betting site for Indians. You can pick any of them. There are various ways keeping which in mind you decide which sports betting site to pick up. Like on the basis of safety, on the basis of transactions, modes of payments, variety of sports, etc.

There are sites that are user-friendly for the customers in India. They accept Indian National Rupees as currency for transactions. They also offer many betting options on different sports which include cricket, football, etc.

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There are a plethora of sites available in India which offer lucrative offers to the customers such as Betway, Bet365, Royal Panda, livebid and many more but out of them all livebid is the best which I being an Indian sports betting enthusiast would personally recommend. Livebid has got customer care supports which typically replies within minutes 24*7.

Many sites help their customers by helping and guiding them to place bets if they are beginners. They also help them whenever the customers are in need.

After looking so many factors which are important in choosing  sites which are  good and reliable site for cricket betting are livebid, bet365, betway and many more. But out of them, the site that is my favorite is livebid. All these sites are licensed, trustworthy, safe and secure. They also have a good customer help rankings.

The best feature about livebid is that it offers PayTM and bank transfer as money transactions medium. It also accepts funds in INR. The above listed sites cover all the aspects which have been talked above and are the most reliable sites for cricket betting. These sites cover matches starting from small leagues to big large scale tournaments.

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For them, nothing is more important than their customer's safety and they won't keep it on sake of some credits. If you want to enjoy cricket betting, you can trust any of them. But as I already stated above, go with livebid as it is the most reliable and trustworthy site with an excellent past performance.

Livebid betting app genuine - It covers almost every sport across the world. It stands second to none in regards to events coverage all different leagues of sports. It has also got the best video streaming for most of the sports.

It also provides customers with wide range of market within the sports. Betting odds on market are little questionable at times which look unfair but it's never too short on underdogs. One can always find value bets since they provide wide range of markets which is an opportunity for bettors. Free sports betting site in India.

Other than livebid, Betway is one good platform for placing online bets. They are very user friendly and great for beginners.

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They have huge selection of online betting odds on cricket and other sports. Another site for free and safe online betting is leo vegas. They have huge selection of odds on cricket and other sports. They have huge  selection of slot machine games and they are user friendly as well.

One another good platform fir online betting is Bet365. They have convenient deposit options for Indian players as they accept funds in Indian National Rupees along with many other payment methods such as bank transfer, paypal, credit card, debit card just like livebid. They have great selection of sports & casino games. Bwt365 provides free Live Streaming for all customers.

No matter what sites you choose, it is very important to go with a licensed one. You can go with any of the above mentioned sites. But why not start with the best.

Register yourself on livebid and start getting right away.


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Posted on 04/Feb/2020 By Admin