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Types of Betting | Sports Betting : Livebid

types of betting

In today's era, all of you know what betting is but, most of you out there won't know about different types of betting. We usually have a certain image of betting in our heads as something where you risk your money on the basis of certain assumptions and predictions but online betting is much more than that. Usually people think that betting is as easy as risking your money on some expected outcome. The actual game of betting is way beyond and much more detailed than this! But, don't worry! We’ve got your back and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about types of betting.

Here’s list of different types of betting :

Single Bets

A single bet is the betting on a single individual event. It is one of the safest types of betting in which the winning chances are usually 33% to 50%. The percentage of winning usually depends upon the possible outcomes offered. In the case of three possible outcomes, the chance of winning is usually 33.3%. But, in the case of two outcomes, the winning chances go higher to 50%. The best part about single bets is not only that you have great chances to win but also that you get more time to analyses the event you choose.

Double and Treble Bets

In the double and treble bets, you predict the outcomes of multiple events. Double bets are the type of bets in which you bet for two different events. In the treble bets, you bet your money for three different events. To win these types of bets, it is necessary that you predict the outcomes of all the events correctly which means that if you fail to do so, you’ll end up losing all your money. Also, the chances that you would predict the outcomes correctly are slightly lower than that of single bets. Many people choose to bet money on these because it is more adventurous and the profit after winning is more than that of single bets.


Accumulator bets are also known as combo bets and are placed on at least two events. Double and treble bets also come under the category of accumulator bets. The bets with four events are called four-fold accumulator bets and those with five events are called five-fold accumulator bets and so on. Some sites put certain limits on the maximum number of bets you can put your money in.

The maximum number of bets/events in accumulator bets are usually twenty. In the accumulator bets, you can also choose the combos as per your wish. Although, the risk is much higher in these types of bets but if you manage to lower the odds, you can win as much money as you want. Usually, people put money in these type of bets for economic reasons rather than for fun.

System Bets

System bets are very similar to the accumulator bets except the fact that you get to place bets on fewer events. These types of bets are also called permutations or perms. The good part of system bets is that you don't have to predict all the events correctly like you do in accumulator bets. You win the overall bet even if the results are different from those you predicted.

The bad part is that you lose part of money with every wrong prediction you make. To get more profit from these types of bets, you should always place your bets on higher odds. These bets are the most creative type of bets as you can choose options from any combination you want. You can place bets for economic as well fun purposes.

Forecast Bets

These bets are used for horse and greyhound racing and are not offered by everyone out there. In these bets, you just have to predict the order of competitors finishing the race. The order of the events has to be predicted correctly in order to win the bet. Forecast bets usually have very good odds of winning but with a greater risk. These are bets which you usually see in movies.

Special Bets

Special bets are quite different from rest of the bets. These are also called novelty bets. These bets include sporting as well as non-sporting events. To win these bets, you really need to have an additional knowledge of the subject and good luck because statistics don’t work much in these bets. Special bets can be anything, guessing the next prime minister to when will shahrukh khan release his next movie.

Any to Come (ATC) Bets

Any to come bets which are also called conditional bets involving guessing all the events correctly in given order to win money. In these bets, you have to predict the first event correctly to win money and the money could be used to bet on the second event and so on. These bets provide a great opportunity to win huge amounts of money at minimal stake but are riskier than other types of bets. You lose the entire bet if you predict only one event wrong. It is like a chain of bets and gets riskier as it gets longer.

Live Bets

Live bets are getting really popular these days. These bets attract a huge viewership and are really fun. All one has to do is have an account on the website that offers the live betting facility.

Live-betting gets really profitable when you understand statistics and have a bit of good luck. Odds in the live bets change rapidly because the number of people betting on the events are really high which influence the odds directly. You can win a lot of money on these live bets through online betting sites like livebid.

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