Top Seven Cricket Betting Tips

top seven cricket betting tips

Cricket in the county championship is very different from football in the premier league. There you can only really expect one of three or four teams to win the title, but here you have nine who will fancy their chances at the start.

There are following cricket betting tips:-


Cricket Batting Tip No.1.

· Of all the tips, this is the most important and most ignored when a batter is out of form!

· The object of your attention is the ball, watch the cricket ball as if you have put a laser beam on it … don’t look for the ball … watch it and remind yourself to watch it.

· As the bowler enters the crease put your laser beam focus on the ball in the bowlers hand, from there you will track it all the way.


Cricket Batting Tip No.2.

· Set your head slightly forward in your stance and set your Positive Intent to score. Head forward and still.

· Batting is about Intent, the goal is to score runs off each ball.

· The only decision you have is to not score.

· You want your energy going to the ball.


Cricket Batting Tip No.3.

· Look at space, not at the fielders.

· Look at a space on the field and realize areas that you can score runs in.


Cricket Batting Tip No.4.

· The journey it takes to a hundred runs one ball at a time.

· Set small goals.

· Manage your innings.

· Be fully present with each ball.


Cricket Batting Tip No.5.

· Know how to get off-strike

· Know where your singles and rotation areas are so you can get off strike easily and effectively.

· Practice this in the nets, over and over.


Cricket Batting Tip No.6.

· Play to your strengths

· If you are a …

· Front foot player… play to it

· Back foot player … play to it.


Cricket Batting Tip No.7.

· Loss of form

· If you have a dip in form, stay calm, go back to basics.

· Write down your game plan, remind yourself of your strategy and the structure of your innings.

· In practice, get someone to throw to your favorite shot so that you can get the feel of playing your number one stroke.

· Practice hitting it till you are executing it well.


Then work through your next favorite and your next favorite. Get positive chemistry and emotions flowing back into your game.


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