The Official Bookmaker Website for Online Casino Betting ..

The Official Bookmaker Website for Online Casino Betting

the official bookmaker website for online casino betting

India is a hot market for online betting and gambling. As India poses a lot of restrictions of betting on sports and gambling in casinos, the people who are interested in these activities do not have access to such exchanges. So, Indians are now looking for alternatives to fulfil their cravings of betting and gambling. And online casino betting and gambling platforms are the best options.

There are a lot of online casino betting platforms or bookmakers and online gambling platforms or online casinos in the Indian market by many big companies. Such platforms are launched in the form of a computer website or a mobile application and can be accessed from anywhere in any time and by anyone that has a computer/laptop or a smart phone. This accessibility is the main reason for the success of online bookmakers and online casinos in India.

There are many players in the market, but one stands tall as the best online betting and gambling website.

Livebid - Bookmaker Site for Casino Betting

Livebid is a bookmaker and casino website that is specially made for Indian users. For many people online betting means Livebid. Since online betting and gambling was introduced in India, Livebid has been synonymous with this world. It is the best expert rating and customer reviews, more than anyone else in the market.

The reason it is the best is that it is easy to understand, accessible by all, versatile and extremely safe to use. Let me tell you more about Livebid in the following content.

Easy to Understand

The most important thing that beginners look for on a website is that it should be understandable. If the user cannot understand what’s on the website, it is of no use. And the terminologies and statistics used in the process of betting are not easy to understand. Even casino games need to be understood well by the beginners before betting. Because of this, it becomes ever so important to make the website easy to understand, and Livebid - casino betting in India has done that absolutely right.

Both the computer website and the mobile application of Livebid are designed by experts that have more than 20 years of professional experience in betting, gambling as well as website and app development. Its user interface is so smooth and the content is so easy to understand that you will not face any confusion even if you are visiting the website for the first time. The graphics are also very cool and designed to provide you with a calming effect when you are busy in the complexities of betting and gambling.

Accessible by all

Another important thing that Livebid tops in is accessibility. What good is a website if you cannot access it! Right? Livebid is an all India website and can be easily opened from anywhere in the country. No region has restricted using Livebid in their territory. It is also very fast. You can access Livebid even in slow internet conditions. Forget about the last moment internet slowdowns in crucial situations, Livebid will never disappoint you in terms of speed.

Traditionally, betting only used to be conducted in stadiums, closed spaces, betting clubs or over calls. Similarly, gambling only used to be conducted in casinos. And since betting clubs and casinos are banned in India, the people that wanted to participate in these activities could not because of lack of opportunity and accessibility. Online sports bookmakers and casinos like Livebid has filled this gap and has made betting and gambling accessible to everyone.


Versatility is also an important factor to consider while rating an online betting platform. The best platforms are versatile and offer a huge set of games and sports for its users to bet on. Livebid is also one of the most versatile online bookmaker and casino.

Livebid has a lot of sports to bet on as well as casino games to gamble on. It offers to be a bookmaker for some of the most popular sport in India like Cricket, Football, Tennis, Horse Racing, etc. The list of casino games and QTgames is gilded by names like Live Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Live Teen Patti, Andar-bahar, Poker, Evo Ezugi, 1Day Teen Patti, 7Up-7Down, Ezugi, 20 Teen Patti, and many more. The list is too big to list here, but I’m sure you have got an idea.

Versatility is one of the prime reasons Livebid is so famous in India. Indians love to have options, and it seems that they love Livebid too.

Live streaming

Imagine watching a live match of your favourite sports online and betting on it from the same screen. It cannot get easier than this right!

Absolutely! It is easy as anything else. And it is great fun to do it too. Gone are the days where you would watch the match on television that telecasts with a delay and in timings and you would stay on the call with a bookie to place your bet. Gone are the days where you use to miss crucial bets for delays is communication. Now, you can watch the live match online and bet on it in real-time for as much and as long as you want.

Only a few platforms in India offer live streaming and betting on sports matches, and Livebid is one of them. It is definitely one of the most distinctive features of Livebid.

Safe to Use

Safety is always the top concern of anyone who wants to start a career in the online betting and gambling industry. Betting and gambling can require online transactions of huge amounts, and the user will only make those transactions it if the platform is guarantees safe and secure transactions. Security and reliability of online transactions depend on the modes of payment and the payments gateways that the platform accepts transactions from. There are many great payment gateways in India that are trusted by millions of Indian for billions of dollars’ worth of transactions.

Livebid supports all popular payment gateways in India. You can with through UPI with Google Pay, PhonePe, BHIM UPI and other UPI apps. You can also pay through e-wallets like PayTM, Skrill, Neteller and other similar payment modes. If you use Bitcoins, you also have a chance to pay through them. And if you don’t use any of these payment modes, you can pay through bank transfers like NEFT, IMPS, Master card and Visa card.

All these factors make Livebid the perfect platform for all beginners and experts who want to play online betting and gambling in India. Livebid India will never disappoint you. If you want to know more about the platform, visit the website and you will come to know everything.

Lastly, I want to add that online betting and gambling on bookmakers and casinos can be a bit addictive. Please take proper knowledge and guidance before playing. A wise game and win you a fortune, a careless one can take all of it away. Register Now at Livebid, sports and casino betting site and place your favorite bet on the games.

Play Wisely!

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