Which Bookmaker Betting Site Offers Real-Time Sports Odds API? ..

Which Bookmaker Betting Site Offers Real-Time Sports Odds API?

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There is a majority of bookmakers who do not offer their APIs online commercially. There are online betting sites like Livebid.in, pinnacle, Betfair, Matchbook which offer their APIs.

There are sites which offer their APIs but these APIs are highly expensive and unless you don’t carry a betting volume in millions of USD per month, you won’t really be able to afford it. The Rundown also have their sports odds API which provides up to the odds for almost all the US sports and relating it to almost all the bookmakers.

Sites like betfair- Betfair exchange API usually allows it’s developers to access the data from the market which includes the price and the volume. Which in addition can be used to place bets, helps in checking the status of the bet and managing the bets.

One can access the API from the betfair using majorly two protocols JSON-RPC or rescript.


Betable provides API, sports game developer are able to add real-money gambling functionality to their betting apps, and the bidder doesn’t have to worry at all about the probable complexities of running a legal online casino. Betable’s API also helps in abstracting popular kind of casino games- like slot machines, roulette, blackjack and bingo.

Through the direct use of these APIs is removes the need for the developers to spend their useful time in building the cores and logics that will potentially power these games.


This site basically helps its customers to improve their chances of success following the odds in the highly changing game of online poker games. They do this by allowing their significant players to keep a track on the statistics and retrieve all the required information fairly about their opponents.

Using this particular API the developers can build applications which can top all the data SharkScope tracks. All the subscribers with a gold plan or higher, have access to sharkscope’s API.


This aims to help in establishing a trust between game operators with its “Fairness assurance Technology”. The company’s SourceForge page, the service operates as an XML-RPC API which can be accessed through the use of libraries which are provided by the company.

Pinnacle Sports

This website offers all its customers and the program participants that they can access to an XML API that provides a signal to live odds and it also enables customers to place their bets directly.

And also Pinnacle sports take no cost/fees/charges for using the Pinnacle sports API. There is public documentation for the company’s API. All the non-customers, including commercial data providers and all the software vendors are offered access to the API of the company through a licensing agreement.


Lotteries are believed and proven to generate more than $100 billion globally every passing year. Using LotteryFeed.com all the publishers and media companies can have an access to XML, JSON, HTML and tect API feeds which show global lottery results.


Licensing regimes for gambling and betting vary from country to country, there are certain places, where gambling and betting are strictly not allowed. And for the help of these companies and to also be on the right side of the law Locaid also offers a SOAP-based Compliance API which helps in enabling companies to accurately identify the location of all the users on real-time basis.

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