Should Cricket Betting be Legalized in India?

should cricket betting be legalized in india

However long it may take the law makers to realize how big the online cricket betting market in India is, there is one thing which is certain to occur, legal online cricket betting. With huge influx of online cricket betting site one thing has attained surety that this streak of business would flourish in the Indian sub-continent with or without the laws supporting it. There are only a few online cricket betting sites in India which actually have surpassed the legal hurdles. One of the most renowned and bidder favorite site is This is primarily because of the legitimacy of the site and its immaculate performance in issuing data of match projections.

In the line of identifying online cricket betting as an illegal activity, the Law Commission wants the act to be legalized but guarded and grounded by set of strict laws. This law is expected to regulate all the other online gambling activities too.

The current users of and the new joiners would be one of the few beneficiaries from this step due to be taken by the Law commission of India. It is an established fact that all the members of online cricket betting site list have toiled real hard to concrete their grip in the Indian market by offering flawless live satta bazaar rates., the best online cricket betting site for Indian and global bidders, has been one of the instrumental body involved in this step. It was very evidently observed by the law makers that it is difficult and virtually impossible to complete stop the act of bidding and hence the need of lawful regulation was felt.

The matter came into the limelight when supreme asked the panel of commission, if or not the sports betting must be made legal. It was back in 2016, and the issue still has some advancement to be done before it can be openly released in front of the enthusiastic bidders.

Though the law favors the instincts of the bidders, it completely nullifies all the possible chances of match fixing being made legal. Provisions that are tentative to shape up indicate that state and central laws would hold a combined grip onto all the online cricket betting activities. Even if the act comes into force, there would be a schemed set of regulations attached.

There is expected to be a vigilance on number of times an individual can bid, the amount of wealth he can spend, permissible age of bidding, etc.

Apart from data that government has, the best online cricket betting site, has also come up with a few interesting facts about the cricket betting market of India.

According to statistics, the underground market of betting on cricket estimates around three lakh crores. If this amount becomes accountable and thoughtful policies can be framed in accord to it, it is expected to yield a tax revenue of INR 10,000 crores to the government.

There are still a few discussions left to conclude the benefits of legalizing online cricket betting. None the less, till the time actually shows up, don’t settle for anything less than sheer betting pleasure.

So step ahead and bid it right, with

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Posted on 04/Feb/2020 By Admin