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Scandals of Sports Betting - Gambling Scandals | Livebid

scandals of sports betting

Scandals have been a part of sports betting since it was even a thing. There has always been one or the other person trying to take advantage of the situation. Scandals have not only ruined the reputation of online sports betting but it has also made the people believe that online betting is bad. Online sports betting is not bad at all and there is no need to be scared of betting as long as you are choosing trustworthy websites like livebid. There is nothing to be afraid of if the website you are relying upon chooses the safest gateways for payment.

Livebid uses most trusted and safest gateways like PayTM and Google Pay or any kind of depositions or transactions. If you are really interested in online betting, there are certain scandals you shoul know about which are a crucial part of betting history.

Pete Rose and the Cincinnati Reds scandal

This scandal was the biggest and most famous scandal of all time. The Pete Rose scandal literally sent ripples around the whole sports betting world. Pete Rose was one of the best baseball players and coach of all time. He was almost untouchable because of the great image he had. His world came crashing down when his sports betting scandal was exposed.

It was found out through an MLB investigation that he had gambled on baseball games during the 1985 through 1987 seasons. His biggest mistake was that he was betting on the Cincinnati Reds when he played and managed them at the same time. Pete Rose was betting a minimum amount of $10,000 every day as revealed in the MLB report.

He was banned permanently from MLB in August of 1989. His ban also cost him his guaranteed spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Pete Rose denied the charges against him for 15 years and kept requesting to be unbanned.

In 2004, he finally accepted that he bet on Cincinnati Reds every night. However, he was unable to change the mind of MLB.

The Black Sox scandal

This scandal is one of the oldest betting scandals recorded in history. In 1919, during the Baseball World Series, eight of the White Sox players of Chicago had accepted a bribe to throw the series and lose it. One of these eight players was very famous shoeless Joe Jackson.

These eight players received a total sum of $100,000. The players worked with professional gamblers which were associated with the mob. After the scandal was exposed, the team was named Black Sox due to the black spot it left on the world of baseball games. The whole group of eight players were banned for lifetime from baseball by MLB.

Nelson Piquet’s Crash scandal

One of the other interesting scams happened in September 2008 at the formula 1 Singapore grand prix. Nelson Piquet was ordered to crash his car during the race by his teammates. The Renault team wanted Nelson to crash his car so that one of his other teammates could win the race.

Nelson followed the orders crashing his car in the final moments and let his teammate win the race. His teammate, Fernando Alonso won the race to claim victory in the Formula 1 race. It was found out in investigation by the governing body of formula 1, FIA, that this was a scandal and the Renault team was charged with conspiracy.

The team was also banned from races for two years. The team’s managing director and executive director of engineering were banned from F1 races for five years.

The 1951 Point Shaving Scandal

The biggest scandal in college basketball history was the one in 1951 known as The 1951 Point Shaving scandal. The scandal involved 35 college basketball players who fixed the games.

The number of matches fixed were at least 86 over the five year period from 1947 to 1951. The players worked with a New York-based mob for fixing the games. Around 24 players were arrested and charged. Besides 24 players, 14 mobsters were also involved in the scandal.

The scandal was really huge and players from five different universities were involved. These universities ranged from New York to Kentucky. As an active response to the scandal, the NCAA banned any tournament games to be played in the New York region again until 1982.

The NCAA did everything it could to prevent the repetition of such scandals ever again.

The Boston College Football scandal

The scandal took place in 1996 when the Boston College football team was involved in it. The head coach of Boston College, Dan Henning, heard some rumors that many of his players are betting that Boston College would lose to their opponent Syracuse sometime before the games started. But, Dan Henning did not take any actions before the game started thinking that it was just a rumor.

When the Boston College team actually lost the game to Syracuse by the score of 45-17, Dan Henning decided to contact the officials. He notified them about the rumors he heard and how the game was lost was the same story he heard in rumors.

When an in-depth investigation took place, 13 of the Boston College players were suspended. Due to the suspension of his best players, he resigned the role of team’s coach by the end of losing season.

The 2007 NBA Betting scandal

One of the most recent scandals is the 2007 NBA Betting scandal. This scandal is still fresh in many people’s minds. It was the year 2007, when the New York Post began reporting the possibility of an NBA referee betting on the games.

The newspaper used its insider knowledge to make such claims. Eventually, it stirred the restlessness in the crowds and the FBI had to get involved to investigate. It was found out in the investigation that the claims were true and charges were filed against NBA referee Tim Donaghy. Tim was betting over the total sum of more than $10,000 on the games he was referee to.

Tim also made some calls in the past for the team he favoured and wagered for to win the bets. As the referee in the NBA, Tim had access to insider information which was accessible to only a few people. Tim admitted that he also sold some information to bookies using coded language.

It was absolutely clear that Tim Donaghy took advantage of his insider information for illegal actions. He was sentenced to 15 months prison for the scandal he created. He also received a three year probation for his act.

So, these were some of the biggest scandals of the world of sports betting which not only broke the hearts of sports enthusiasts but also changed the sports history forever. Register Now : Livebid and get $25 welcome bonus free.

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