Methods of Payment at Livebid

methods of payment at livebid

To all the bidders, one fear which is constant is that of their bid money’s safety. though all the online cricket betting sites claim to be the safest, one has to be very discreet while choosing a site to place their bids on.

The major question lies in the fact that most people who are not aware of the legal aspects of money claims are scared to report it to the civil administration as they fear to do so.

On the contrary, the best way to keep away from the trouble is to simply opt for a site that makes sure that your money is safe during ad after the transactions. is the site that has been known for very long to respect and protect the sanctity of its bidders account information and makes sure that they do not fall prey to online frauds.

Keeping aside the claims of online cricket betting sites, there is a way for cross-checking the transactional legitimacy of the site. Best way to assess is by knowing the modes of payment that they accept.

If international modes of payments are also accepted, one can be very sure that the site has global reach and credentials can be trusted upon.

Stating an example, livebid, the best online cricket betting site for India and seasoned global bidders accepts all the payment modes like neteller, paypal, paytm, google pay, payphone, bank, etc.

This not only facilitates the ease of deposit and withdrawals but also keep away from the hassle of cash which was the biggest drawback in the conventional bidding.

Also, the experts from have always given a suggestion to not use a single device for all the activities. Like, if you have a mobile phone and network connection for bidding purpose, do not indulge into any surfing activities with it.

This is basically advised to keep you at bay from unwanted and sudden, and usually unnoticed bugs or phishing.

These online aspects are sure to hinder you bidding experience and may also lead to severe monetary losses if not identified and dealt with at initial stages.

Of the many payment methods, paytm, google pay and phone pay are the easiest wherein transaction is swift and secured by impenetrable firewalls.

On the contrary, neteller is a steering mode of payment which is primarily a money wallet company and is one of the favourite methods of payment for most of the frequent bidders.

Bank for obvious reasons is the safest means but has multiple steps to be completed before the payment is actually processed.

None the less, right source of money must also find a right sink. Hence, no matter by what mode you do your safe transaction, you have to be very sure that you do not end up leaking your important information.

Therefore, it is advisable to bid over the safest online sport betting site,, so that you can bid without hassles with 100% assured safety and completion of transactions.

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Posted on 04/Feb/2020 By Admin