Possible or Not Do Online Sports Betting in India? ..

Possible or Not Do Online Sports Betting in India?

is it possible to do online sports betting in india

There is no doubt that both watching and playing sports is one of the most favorite hobbies of Indians. Every Indian has a favorite game and millions of sports lovers spend hours glued to the screen, watching the games they love. Apart from watching and enjoying another quality that most of the Indians have is making money from every situation. And this love and passion for sports and games also give them an opportunity to earn quick easy cash.

How? Well, the answer is very simple. Through betting. Indian have been risking and earning hard cash though betting from a long time back. Things have now just become a little easier and convenient, because if the digital world. With the advancement in technology and people shifting to the virtual world, everything is being done online. And this online world offers a great opportunity to sports lovers, especially those who enjoy betting and gambling in sports.

If you are reading this article, obviously you have some interest in the topic and undoubtedly you have heard about online sports betting. But then again the fact that you do not have the complete information about online betting also cannot be ignored.

Most people who want to try their luck in online gambling and sports betting, hold themselves back. Why..? One of the biggest reasons for this is one important question. Is online betting legal in India? “Is it possible to do online sports betting in India and If yes then how?

Having these question hovering over your mind is completely normal. Obviously you would not want to end up in some kind of trouble or do anything that is illegal.

Watching any sport becomes all the more interesting when you have something to win or lose over it. The adrenaline rush keeps you on your toes until the game is not over. And if by luck you win the gamble in online sports betting once, it more of like becomes an addiction, to keep betting and keep earning.

To maintain some discipline and control this addiction, some countries have made strict rules in regards to online betting. It is completely banned in a few countries, and some countries allow it with a few rules and regulations.

But the question is…..

Is It Possible To Do Online Sports Betting In India?

Online gaming is at its peak with technological advancements and, of course, the growth of the virtual world. Online betting on sports is a quick way to make money easily and quickly. But it can also go the other way if you don't pay attention. And playing without profit is like a cake without frosting, just dry and useless.

With the social world gaining ground, the game is now more of a social or online game. People no longer go to casinos to play, which has brought the trend of online gambling. However, there is a fine line between playing and winning real money and playing.

It is the stage where people are often confused. According to the Apex court, which involves a substantial degree of skill and its application, even if it is money, it is not a game, so we are talking about legal online gambling here. And you have to follow certain procedures to make it legal.

Working in the shadows is always risky. And what is the point of taking all the risks and not forgetting the legal costs, when you can really avoid it?

Following the 1867 Public Gaming Law, it is illegal to operate a gambling house in India. For this reason, one would think that sports betting is illegal across India. However, it is clear that some states in the country are exempted from this decision. In addition, Indian law makes a clear distinction between games of skill which may be permitted on certain occasions and games of chance, which are largely illegal.

This is further disturbed by the fact that there are certain lotteries and even horse races that are legally permitted in India, and therefore there is no clear answer to the question of the legality of betting in India.

Since gambling is a state problem, gambling in India has laws that differ from state to state. This would mean that what is allowed in one state may constitute a crime in another. The Public Gambling Act, 1867, is the central text on the subject, which has been adopted by some states in India such as Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, etc. The other states have adopted their own laws to regulate gambling in India on its territory. It should be noted that the laws of the States were adopted before the advent of virtual/online games of chance in India, and therefore references to games of chance/games of chance in India, in the legislatures of the States respective is not clear.

They refer only to physical facilities, with the exception of Sikkim and Nagaland, which are the only states to have introduced regulations on online games.

After examining state laws on online gaming in India, we found that, with the exception of Orissa and Assam, most states have excluded "skill games" from the applicability of their respective gaming laws and games. Random. In addition, the laws of West Bengal, Nagaland and Sikkim allow certain games, including poker, to be played online and offline, subject to the license of the relevant national authorities.

But this would only be applicable within the territorial limits of the respective state. In Goa, gambling is only allowed in places authorized by the government and operated like casinos.

Now another question that arises is Is It Legal to Bet from India Using an International Bookmaker?

There is no specific or legal answer to this question. Though bookmakers are illegal in India, however, there is no specific law in India that states any individual from placing online bets through an international bookmaker as illegal. Unlike the United States, where there is US law on Internet gaming, there is no specific law in the Indian system that prohibits online betting. So, as such, there is no prohibition for Indian citizens on placing online bets through bookmakers based outside Indian.

Next in the line is :

How To DO Online Sports Betting In India?

This depends on what type of gambling you are looking for. If you want to establish an online site that permits online betting on sports, you will have to apply for the gambling license and meet certain criteria.

If you want to get an online gambling license in India, you will have to do the following:

And don't forget that a legal online gaming license will not only help you with effective marketing but will also allow you to build customer loyalty. What is a game license?

If we follow the definition,

A gaming license is a certificate of authorization issued by a licensing authority and is generally required by organizations that offer any type of game or those that involve games of chance, such as roulette, poker and slot machines. The requirements for issuing a gaming license vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

What you need to do :

  • Open a bank account
  • Open a merchant account
  • Interact with suppliers of electronic payment systems.
  • Buy legal content for games

Obtaining the license for online games is not that difficult, you just need to follow the rules.

The basic requirements for applying for an online gaming license are as follows:

  • Respect the standards of integrity, good character, and honesty.
  • Detailed information on the finances and organization of the gaming establishment.
  • Complete information on the owner, associated partners, and other partners involved in the business.
  • Background check without a criminal background of the owner, partners, and certain employees.

The next thing is how to do online sports betting in India, just as a gambler and not an establishment. Well, the best way to do this is by searching for the best online betting sites that are based outside India and use it. Since there is no law in India that defines, placing an online bet through international bookmakers as illegal, it is the safest way to enjoy your passion for online betting.

Some of the most trustworthy and popular online betting sites are Livebid, Bet365, 1xbet.

  • These sites provide you with a platform to create your own account, that too for free.
  • After creating your account, you need to deposit some amount in your account.
  • Livebid, Bet365, 1xbet gives you easy options to deposit money like through,
  • Net-banking, credit card, debit card, PayTM, Google pay, famous E-wallets like - Neteller or Skrill.
  • After depositing the money, search for the sport you want to place your bet on.
  • Once you decide the sport, look for the types of online betting options available.
  • Select an amount and place your bet.
  • Popular gambling and online betting websites like Livebid, Bet365, 1xbet, etc generally traders the winning amount directly to your linked account.
  • In order to withdraw the winning amount, you can follow the same steps that you did for depositing the amount.
  • In case you have deposited your amount using the credit card option, you will have to provide your bank account details and after the verification, the winning amount will be transferred to your account.

Since the sites follow all the legal technicalities, online betting sited like - Livebid, Bet365, 1xbet can ask you for the following documents for verification:

  • Identity Proof (Passport or Driving license)
  • Address Proof (Bank statement or utility bills)
  • Recent passport size photograph.
  • PAN Card is not regarded as a valid identity proof.

If you want to play your chances and try your luck in online betting on sports, but the only thing that is holding you back is the legalities, you need not worry now. Online betting in India is legal or not may vary from state to state. And the safest way to go for online sports betting in India is via sites like Livebid, Bet365 and 1xbet. Since these sites are not based in India, you need not worry about being it legal or illegal, because there is no law in India that declares betting on International bookmakers as illegal.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your free account on Livebid, Bet365 and 1xbet and start winning quick and easy cash.

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