how to play betting with bitcoin in india

Obtaining bitcoin is done much a similar way that you would get any other kind of currency: you purchase bitcoin by using rupee, dollar, franc, peso, etc. In fact, each and every person need to get started is a bitcoin wallet. This is no different from an e-wallet, like PayPal, Neteller or Skrill. And if cricket fans or football fans prefer to handle the buying and selling of bitcoin then we are one of the best places betting with bitcoin that they can go visit to acquire bitcoin in India.

Livebid, the online match bitcoin site or you can say best bitcoin betting site in India is an interesting bitcoin betting gambling platform with personalized or customized games, unique bonus events and long experiences in live casino games and sportsbooks Bitcoin is a crypto-currency whose usage has increasing day-by-day incoming life. If we see then drastically it was very popular in the past few years.

Most experts and professionals in this filed wonder that the current market of betting bitcoin is in billions of dollars. Bitcoin industry estimates and suggest that almost half of the transactions which involve bitcoin currency fall under the category of gambling as well.

Benefits by using Bitcoin to Gamble Online

However, betting with Livebid you will get a lot of benefits by using Bitcoin to Gamble Online such as:-

  • It gives you other kinds of deposit options and choices. In other countries, like America, there are few options that sports bettor or players can use.
  • Play with Livebid gives you more offers and bonus options.
  • Provide you with a legal workaround. Using the UK as an example – what creates online betting very hard is that procedure transactions are illegal. So even if betting isn’t illegal in a specific state, it’s too hard to create a deposit. Hence; bitcoin doesn’t fall under those kinds of laws so, cricket fans or bettors are not technically doing anything illegal. We are totally safe and keep you safe under us.
  • Withdrawals and deposits both are faster. You can expect to see your winnings in no more than a couple of days, and they can be in your wallet in just a few minutes.
  • And even if you’re not in a country that makes betting online little tough but, you can still have benefited from the fast withdrawals and low fees as well
  • Getting started is very easy and simple
  • From my experience, many rooms will not ask for any personal information. All you’ll have to do is create a username and password.
  • From here sports bettors or sports fans are want to make a deposit if they want to take bitcoin betting advantages from our online game betting site.
  • Each and everything else will be very pretty much
  • Sports fans or players or bettors can play or bet on all the same games for instance; cricket, football, live casino, casino and many more
  • In this sports industry there are a lot of bitcoin sites that do not provide match deposit bonuses, VIP programs, and cashback but at Livebid, online bitcoin site, offer you all such facilities.

Other than that, every single with bitcoin betting will be the same. It’s just the currency you’re banking with and its advantages that are totally different.

Bitcoin Betting Market App With Bitcoin Casino

Moreover, Livebid, bitcoin betting market app features are bitcoin casino, the most incredible sportsbook odds, with live in-sport bitcoin betting, and the finest promotions around. We sport bitcoin betting site is a completely responsive betting site as compare 1xbet, m bet, or LeoVegas sites as they also do bitcoin services but if we talking about ourselves; sports fans never ever miss any of the action, no matter where you are.

Livebid bitcoin betting platform is an advanced concept that makes earlier times that ensures the sports bettor or sports fan to verify each hand result in our bitcoin casino to make sure the deck isn't stacked against you. Try it out by playing or betting all our sports for free once. Hence; we are the only online match bitcoin site that offers every player cashback based on the handle, not wins and losses.

Features on betting with bitcoin

Whether you win or lose, you're guaranteed to earn something when you play in our Sportsbooks and Casino with our facilitating app plus we have foremost and prominent features on betting with bitcoin. Here are a few facets such as:-

  1. Low-cost & hassle-free payment procedures:- Almost all kinds of transactions of this crypto-currency are completely free of charge. Therefore, this creates a transfer of funds faster and cheap. The procedure of payment is the wider expense for online bitcoin betting sites, but this is a non-existent cost for online gambling sites. Most of all sports betting sites based on fiat-currency need to employ support staff for efficient & effective processing of deposits and withdrawals, but Bitcoin betting sportsbook platforms can save this cost as well. Most currency based on sports betting sites takes a lot of time to process withdrawal requests. This is primarily because payments are made via checks or bank wires, which requires the completion of several regulatory procedures. Including, these betting websites ask you to submit some kind of documentation before you can withdraw funds. All these measures are followed to make assure that your money is protected during transactions. However, a bitcoin sportsbook will rarely ever ask for any kind of documentation because such information is not mandatory for the security of your funds as well.
  2. Almost anonymous:- Although the betting bitcoin transactions might not be fully anonymous, they are the closest that players can get to anonymity in creating online fund transfers. The only way to track bitcoin transactions is through the block-chain, but this procedure demands a lot of effort and after that also it would be hard for someone to discover where the funds are being transferred. The biggest benefit of Bitcoin is that it leaves no paper trail, which creates it completely untraceable. That gives bitcoin sportsbooks a clear advantage over the currency peers. Currency is based on sports betting sites that need a lot of personal information such as your name, address, contact number, email, and age. Moreover, for withdrawal of funds or amount they ask for utility bills, bank statements, copies of your debit card or credit card. Many of the currency based betting sites are restricted for residents of some countries, but you won’t find any such restrictions on Livebid bitcoin app and its website.
  3. Great bonuses and odds:- As the operating costs of betting bitcoin gambling websites are less than that of fiat-based betting sites, Livebid betting site are able to furnish more great and competitive odds when compared to other online betting sites like- Royal Panda, 1xBet, or Mbet. Although, Livebid bitcoin gambling industry as a whole caters better bonuses and odds on average when compared to the fiat-currency based betting sites.

Best Bitcoin Cricket Betting Sites

Choosing the best cricket betting sites, to place bitcoin in India is highly important to succeed in this business. Therefore, the first prior thing you must look out about a site is its reputation in the industry. Livebid betting with bitcoin site is fully trustworthy with a track record of the fully safest and secure payment process.

This knowledge about the sports betting site will allow you to join the betting website with an increased level of trust. Also, it’s significant that the site you select must be easy to navigate where all the pertinent information is quickly available to you. There are several important data and stats which you will require to keep track of after placing your bitcoin bets. Assuring that all such stats and data are updated real-time on the bitcoin site, hence; it can prove to be a costly mistake.

Almost all the sports betting sites like 1xbet, Royal Panda or Unibet differ in design and your task should be to find the website that gives you a feeling that it was designed keeping you in mind.

It’s really better if the sports bitcoin betting site only provides you with the opportunity to bet on sporting events. Comparing with various sites on the variety of bonuses and promotional offers, but don’t choose the one with most offers if the above-mentioned criteria are not fulfilled sometimes. Always perform a comparison of discounts and bonuses as the last step of the selection process. Although the bitcoin betting casino games industry is relatively new, and its software is also developing very fast and quickly and catching up with the more well-known and established online casino companies.

Withdrawals at bitcoin betting casinos

We have also seen more and more traditional online gambling operations accepting bitcoin betting as a payment gateway method. Because the Blockchain verifies all kinds of transactions, creating withdrawals at bitcoin betting casinos is far easier than at normal casinos. There is no need for verification documents and copies of your utility bill which means that the cash-outs can be processed much faster and easier. Many of the bitcoin casinos we’ve tried have virtually instant withdrawal terms and policies so that winners are credited back to immediately without the delays in normal online betting.

Bitcoin Betting Casinos With Livebid Betting App

With the advancement of technology, so much has become so simple and easy. If playing casino games is what makes your Sunday you can do that right in the comfort of your home with online live casinos with Livebid betting app. it is also known as internet casinos or virtual casinos, they are the online alternative to the conventional live casinos.

Here at Livebid sports fans can play and wager on an array of casino games via the internet. Similarly to traditional casinos, they offer payback percentages and attractive odds with some even claiming higher percentages for their online slot betting. With the rise in popularity, there are so many have even gone a step further to publish their payout audits on their websites. Depending on their interface, they can be divided into two main groups involving, download only live casinos and web-based casinos. Let’s delve into the specific forms of online casinos; there are in the target market and what they are all about.

Bitcoin betting casinos are the latest craze in the India of online betting and have become one of the most popular ways to play casino games online. Using Bitcoin to betting is much easier than traditional methods. One of the major benefits of results of a live game with one click to assuring that the result was legitimate. This means that casino operators cannot cheat or false with you.


The conclusion is betting with bitcoin is a highly secure, inflation, and fast-moving currency, with a self-imposed betting market. These features make this crypto-currency immensely very popular among online bettors and wagers. Despite the case of sports bitcoin betting, sports players must realize the importance of discipline and patience as well.

We offering to the bank to third parties, a decentralized currency without government involvement, the brilliant strong block-chain system which is very safe and secure transactions are just a few of the pros. Hence; people can follow our blog section of the Bitcoin Basics Guide and go on an adventure from bitcoin betting start to finish. How it was created, how you can get your hands on your very own to where to spend them when you do.

By understanding the process and practicing due diligence, sports bettor can truly enjoy betting at Bitcoin sports betting sites in India. As the world moves towards the future with biometric advanced technology, smartphones that can pretty much do anything and of course digital currency too, so people do not want to be left in the past and become outdated. As you delve into online betting bitcoin website and learn everything about bitcoin you will see why people are so passionate about this crypto-currency.

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