How to Make an Online Sports Bet on Livebid ..

How to Make an Online Sports Bet on Livebid

make an online sports bet on livebid

Yes, so finally here it is. This article features the answer to one of the most asked questions on the internet sports betting industry these days. It will include everything about how to make an online sports bet on Livebid. But first, let me give you some background knowledge about online sports betting in general and the best online betting platform Livebid.

Betting has been around with humans for a long time now. We have been betting on things since the inception of modern civilizations, and since then, the craze for betting has only grown. People have started betting on many events and things, and the most popular of them is sports betting. People from all across the world participate in betting on very different types of sports and games, and it is very similar all around.

Betting has not changed much over time, the basic concept still remains the same. Two or more betting parties or players come together to play or witness a game. A game is anything that is played by the betting partie’s and has two or more possible outcomes. There is a bookmaker or dealer that conducts the game and makes sure that everything happens smoothly. The betting parties place bets on one of the possible outcomes of the game. They decide the amount to bet on the basis of the winning odds and the situation of the game. The game is then played and the final outcome is obtained. The dealer or the bookmaker rewards the betting parties that had bet for the obtained outcome on the basis of the winning odds and their initial bets.

It is this simple! And it hasn’t changed at all yet.

But one thing about sports betting has changed a lot. In the 21st century, everything is going online. With the boom of the internet, the world is more connected now than ever before. Lightning fast data speeds and smart phone technologies brought the world into your hands. Everything is making an online presence and so is sports betting.

Sports betting that was only open to a closed community of people having contacts in the betting industry is now accessible to everyone with an internet connection and a laptop or a smart phone, Play QTgames. Online betting is very popular now as many companies saw the potential and developed a number of platforms that offers great opportunities for online betting. These companies have platforms in the form of websites and mobile applications that are secure, fast, realistic and easily accessible to everyone in the world.

Many great platforms are there in the market as of now. Choosing the right platform is crucial for success in the online betting industry. The platforms you choose should be good in the following three aspects-

  • Ease of Accessibility
  • Versatility
  • Safety

These 3 factors mark the difference between a good and a great website. Except, all the other things including the process of betting is majorly the same in all. One of the best online sports betting websites in the market as of now is Livebid. It is simply the best when it comes to online betting on sports.

Now, let me answer the main question and tell you how to bet on sports on Livebid.

Sign Up and Get Started

The first step to start betting on Livebid is obviously to sign up and create an account on the platform. Livebid is one of the easiest platforms when it comes to creating an account. While most other platforms require e-mail verification, mobile number verification as well as a KYC form, Livebid will require just your valid email address and mobile number for creating an account. You don’t need to submit a KYC form for signing up.

Enter the Dashboard

As you will log in to your online betting account on Livebid, you will see your personalized dashboard. This is the place where you will find most of the betting options on the website. Here, you can choose to play any game you want that is available on the website, see your current bets and updates regarding your bet and deposit and withdraw money into your account.

The next step to start betting on Livebid is the deposition of money into your account before placing a bet. Livebid has a top notch payment facility and supports all popular and safe modes of payment used by the people. You can deposit money using bank transfers like Visa card, Master card, NEFT and IMPS or UPI transactions like Google Pay, PhonePay and BHIM UPI. Livebid also supports various online wallets like Paytm, Skrill and Neteller to make your transaction experience very smooth. They even accept payments in the form of blockchain based cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. What more can you wish for!

Just deposit any amount you want for your first bet and start betting on your favorite games.

Choose your preferred sport and match

As you have deposited money into your account, you can start betting you whichever sport or game you like. Livebid offers a huge set of sports, casino games and QTgames for you to bet on. You can bet on sports like Cricket, Tennis, Soccer, etc and casino and QTgames betting game like Live Teen Patti, Live Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Ezuki, Evo Ezuki Poker, Andar- bahar, 7Up-7Down, 20 Teen Patti, 1Day Teen Patti and many more.

You will be clearly able to spot your favorite sport as the user interface and graphics on Livebid are specially designed to give you a clear and smooth experience. When you click on your preferred sport you will be able to see a list of all the ongoing and upcoming matches of that sport. Select the match you want to bet on and continue.

Analyze the betting odds

As you decide which sport and match to bet on, you will see the betting odds in decimal numbers for the different results of that match. Online sports betting odd is the probability of a possible outcome of the game. To understand betting odds, let me give you an example.

Suppose, the probability of a team winning a soccer match is 50%. Then the betting odds of that team winning in decimal representation would be:

Betting odds = Total %/Probability %

So the betting odds of this example would be 100%/50% = 2.0

This means that for every 1 dollar you bet on this odd, you will win 2 dollars if your team wins.

Similarly, in another example, if the probability of a team losing a cricket match is 25%, then the betting odds of that team losing in decimal representation would be 100/20 = 5.0

So, if you bet 1 dollar on this odd, you will win 5 dollars if the team loses.

Now that you know what are betting odds and how to interpret them, use them to decide what to bet on and how much to bet. Further, you can choose to back or lay on an odd.

Back or Lay on an odd

The next step to betting is choosing to back or lay on an odd. To ‘back’ an odd means to bet in favor of an event to happen and to ‘lay’ an odd is to bet against the happening of an event. Use your analytical knowledge and decide what to do.

Select the amount and place your bet

You are almost there. The last step to place a sports bet on Livebid is to select the amount you want to bet on the particular odd. Choose the amount very carefully according to the situation of the match and the betting odds.

However, Livebid has no upper limits on the amount that you can bet and win, the minimum bet amount is 500 INR and the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount is 3000 INR.

As you select your betting amount, click on place bet.

Congratulations! You have successfully placed a bet on Livebid. Now you just need to want for the outcome of the game and see what have you won. You can withdraw your winnings very easily with the option available on the dashboard.

Now that you know how to place sports bet on Livebid, you can start your sports betting career with ease. Lastly, I just want to add that betting can be addictive if not played responsibly. Proper guidance and is recommended before placing a bet. If played wisely, online sports betting can be very profitable. Register Now at Livebid.

Play Wisely!

Posted on 09/Sep/2020 By Admin