Deposit Methods on Indian Bookmaker | Livebid ..

Deposit Methods on Indian Bookmaker | Livebid

deposit methods on indian bookmaker site

Online betting and gambling is a great way to escape into the world of endless possibilities legally and easily. Especially in a country like India where they are even termed as illegal if done in the real world, online betting is a great platform.

Traditionally, betting and gambling used to be conducted in closed spaces like a betting club or a casino which were not easily accessible and affordable for everyone. But now with the hype of the internet and developments in latest technologies, betting and gambling is extremely accessible and very affordable to everyone. Betting clubs and casinos are illegal in a major part of India. Indians need to travel to one of the handful of places in the country like Goa, or travel internationally to Las Vegas in the United States of America and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to enjoy the casino lifestyle.

Being a country where gambling is banned, India is a hot market of online betting and gambling platforms. The people that want to participate in such activities but are not able to because it is not accessible are now turning to online betting and gambling platforms to fulfil their cravings. Many major and minor companies saw the potential and have created many platforms especially for India. These platforms are in the form of computer websites and mobile applications and are also called “BookMaker” in the betting industry.

Indian book makers are especially designed to offer great services according to the needs of Indian customers. These book makers are used by millions of people every year to bet online in India. If you want to enter into the world of betting, knocking the doors of an online book maker is a great option.

But choosing the right platform is necessary before stepping your feet into it.

You should choose a platform keeping in mind these 3 things:

  • The platform should be easy to use and understand.
  • The platform should offer a versatile set of sports and games to bet on.
  • The platform should be safe enough to support transactions of big amounts smoothly.

The first 2 factors are really important for anyone to consider before signing up into an online book maker, it should be easy to access and versatile. But the most important thing to look for in an online bookmaker is the safety of money transactions. Safety is the single most important thing that people look for in a platform especially in India.

The platform that will work and is working great in India will only be the one that supports all the popular and safe payment gateways in India. One of the most popular online bookmaker in India is Livebid. The sole reason it is the best is that it accepts payments through all the popular modes of payment in India.

On Livebid, you can deposit payments through the following payment gateways:

UPI Payments:

UPI or Unified Payment Interface has now become one of the most used payment gateways in India. Its main advantage is that it is easy and secure. There are many UPI payment gateways in India like

  • Google Pay
  • PhonePe
  • PayTM

You can deposit money in your Livebid account using any of the UPI payment gateways.

UPI payments are simple. On you check out page, just select the UPI gateway you want to go with like Google Pay, PhonePe and BHIM UPI. Click on next and then specify your transactions ID given in the application. As you complete the payment using your UPI ID, the money will be deposited in your Livebid account. Make sure that your UPI payment gateway is totally verified and KYC is done, otherwise, you might face some issues with the payment.

Bank Transfers:

Bank transfer is another popular mode of payment that is used to deposit money on Livebid. Bank transfers are safe and trustable. The people who are not equipped with UPI accounts use Bank transfers for payments. In this method of payment, you can use the following modes to deposit money in your Livebid account.

  • Master Card
  • Visa Card
  • IMPS (Immediate Payment Service)
  • NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer)

For payment through bank transfers you just need to follow the standard procedure. Add Livebid as a beneficiary in your bank account on your bank mobile application or website. Following the general procedure, just send the amount that you wish to Livebid and the money will be transferred to your Livebid account. You can then easily use the money for placing your bets.


Though e-wallets are losing popularity now due to the arrival of UPI payment gateways, some people prefer to use them despite everything. They have been one of the most popular payment gateways in India and have never failed to gain the trust of customers. Some of the most famous e-wallets that are supported by Livebid for deposits are

  • Skrill
  • Neteller

On you check out page, just select the e-wallet you want to send you money with like Paytm, Skrill and Neteller. Click on next and then specify your transactions ID given in the application. As you complete the payment using your e-wallet, the money will be deposited in your Livebid account. Make sure that your e-wallet gateway is totally verified and KYC is done, otherwise, you might face some issues with the payment.


This is one of the most interesting features in Livebid in terms of money transactions is that it even supports payment through cryptocurrencies. If you don’t know, cryptocurrency is a block chain based virtual currency that can be used for online payments. It has no physical existence, it is just computer data and so it is very safe. One of the most popular blockchain based cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

Livebid accepts payments through Bitcoins. This is surprising, but it is true.

For sending payments through Bitcoins, just select the Bitcoin option on the checkout page and click on the Next button. Log in to your Bitcoin account and credit the money you want to deposit in Bitcoins using proper conversions. As you finish the payment process, the amount will be credited in your Livebid account. You can then use that amount for betting on your favourite sports and games on Livebid.

I have mentioned above all the deposit methods that are used by Livebid and many other popular online bookmaker and casino. Just stay updated with just one of these payment modes, and you will be good to go, bet and win big.

Lastly, I just want to add that online betting on book makers can be a bit addictive. You need to take proper guidance before starting to bet. If played carelessly, you might lose a lot of money, but if played wisely, you will definitely win a lot more.

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Posted on 03/Sep/2020 By Admin