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In India, cricket is not just a game it's a religion. This gentleman game was first introduced by the British and is now played by a lot of countries all around the globe. Under British rule before the Indian Independence, Britishers used to play cricket as a leisure activity. It was then when the game was introduced on the Indian soil and we have been playing cricket ever since. In the course of the last 50 years, we have played, promoted and loved the game so much that it is now regarded as a religion in India.

The interesting rules, wonderful tactics and exciting gameplay are the things that make cricket so popular. But, apart from all these things, there is one more thing related to the game that makes this game the favourite of all. It is cricket betting. Since the game has been made Global by the Britishers it has caught the eyes of betting enthusiasts. The interesting gameplay and unpredictable behaviour of the game are what makes betting on cricket so exciting.

Betting has been a major topic of interest all around the world for at least the past 500 years. Even today the number of people that participate in any kind of betting is exponentially growing. The basic principle behind betting has not changed during the long course of its history, but one thing about batting has drastically changed. With the boom of the internet in the 21st century, every business, every job, every trade and basically everything is now making an online presence. And betting is no exception to this.

Online betting is a major industry now. More than a million people participate and more than and a billion dollars are transacted in the online betting business every year. The reason online betting has grown so drastically in so little time is that the internet has made betting accessible to anyone and everyone in the world irrespective of their contacts, nationality and economic status. And since it is so interesting and exciting, everyone wants to participate in it, try out their luck and win a generous amount of money.

The online betting industry offers a huge variety of sports and games to its users to bet on. These include outdoor sports, indoor games, casino games and various types of QTgames. And one of the most popular betting game in the online betting industry is cricket. Looking at the growing popularity of online betting, many major companies have stepped feet into this and have launched their betting platforms in the market. The success of these companies depends on a lot of factors like ease of access, user experience, software performance and safety of money transaction. But one of the most important factors for the success of an online betting website especially in India is whether or not it provides the option of betting on cricket.

Many major online betting platforms understood this fact and have introduced cricket betting on their website. But not all have stood out the test of users. I have been participating in online betting for many years now and have tried a lot of platforms during this time. I have noticed one thing that the perfect combination of all the good things is very difficult to find.

The best online betting website for betting on cricket in India according to my experience is Livebid.

Bet on cricket online – Livebid

With more than 20 years of experience, Livebid is undoubtedly my first choice in online betting. What makes it the best is its perfect all-round services. As I mentioned, the factors that make an online betting website a really good one are ease of access, user experience, software performance and safety of money transaction. Livebid gives you the best of everything.

As Livebid offers betting online, it is obviously easily accessible to anyone and everyone. You just need a decent internet connection and log in to bet on your favourite games. The user experience of Livebid is also top-notch. Just read it's reviews and you will come to know. Everything on the website is presented in such a way that anyone can easily understand the terms of betting. Users do not face any problem while on the website. And even if someone does come across something tricky, Livebid has 24/7 customer support team that is there to assist every time. They even have a chatbot for any kind of instant assistance. The software performance of Livebid is evident with the fact that it has not recorded any failure in the course of time. Livebid is also so very safe in terms of money transactions. It supports some of the safest and most accessible payment gateways like Google Pay, PhonePe, BHIM UPI, Paytm, Skrill, Neteller as well as other bank transfers like Visa card, Mastercard, IMPS and NEFT. It also supports the blockchain based cryptocurrency Bitcoin. All these things make it a great platform for online betting.

But one thing that makes Livebid stand apart from its competition is that it also offers you to bet on cricket. Livebid always has all the latest and upcoming cricket schedules from all around the world updated on the website. You can choose to bet on any team you like playing any match anywhere in the world in real-time. They offer you betting odds set by professional bookmakers that increase your chances of winning very much. If you don’t know what betting odds are, I highly recommend you to read our other article on betting odds. You will get a clear picture.

Livebid offers you to bet on all types of cricket matches, including national cricket matches, international cricket matches, and even domestic leagues and premier leagues of all countries. They have detailed data of all teams and players from all countries which you can read before betting. This will help you make decisions on whom to bet on and how much to bet. You also get live updates of the game that you are betting on with real-time statistics and even predictions of the possible results. No need to worry even if you are a first time better and do not understand the terminologies of online betting. Livebid has a great and easy to understand user interface that would automatically make you understand everything.

Apart from cricket, Livebid also offers a lot of other sports to bet on including Tennis, Soccer, Horse Racing, etc. The website also offers you to play a lot of casino games like Live Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Poker, Live Teen Patti, Andar- bahar, 20 Teen Patti, 7Up-7Down, 1Day Teen Patti and many more. You can also play a huge set of QT games on Livebid. The list is endless. You can choose any game you like to bet on. Moreover, they have no upper limits on the amount that you can bet and win, however, the minimum bet amount is 500 INR and the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount is 3000 INR.

Cricket season is on every time, especially if you are an India. Be it IPL or international ODI, T20 or Test matches, the Indian team is always hustling. Go ahead, play with the team and win big. Lastly, I just want to add that betting and gambling can be a bit addictive. Proper mindset and if required, guidance is recommended before you start betting otherwise it can be a matter of loss. If played responsibly, online cricket betting and gambling is a great way to invest your precious time and money.

Play Wisely!

Posted on 29/May/2020 By Admin