Betting with Neteller | Betting Sites That Accept Neteller ..

Betting with Neteller | Betting Sites That Accept Neteller

betting with neteller, betting sites that accept neteller,

Digitization has brought the world to your fingertips. Almost all the aspects of your life and business have been affected by the technological advancements in the world. Now, even your hobbies and fun activities can also be fulfilled by your smartphone. You can even pay any amount that you want to anyone you want anywhere in the world you want with the help of payment gateways.

Legal betting and gambling has always been a favorite way of people to spend their time and money in a competitive manner, and make good friends and money. However, the world of online betting is also changing rapidly with advancements in technology and improvement in the design of betting platforms and payment gateways. Online betting is now gaining popularity in India also and many promising platforms have come to help you with the payments.

One of the most advanced payments gateways especially for online betting is Neteller. It is operated by Paysafe Financial Services Limited which was founded as early as 1999. I have been using the platform form the last 4 years for all my online transactions and I have found it to be better than any other payment gateways. Trusting this one of the world’s largest independent money transfer businesses, many online betting platforms are accepting Neteller as their primary payment mode.

The betting culture in India is the most popular now than ever before. Though it has not been much respected as a thing to do because of the stereotype thinking, the young generation is welcoming it. The world of betting and companies conducting it understand this fact. There as a lot of major players are in the market as of now. But the success of a platform majorly depends on how safe is the payment gateway of the platform.

Since Neteller has emerged to be the best platform especially for betting, and the platform that supports Neteller wins the battle. One of the key features of Neteller is that it allows you to withdraw your Neteller account free at any time you want, which gives you flexibility. There are a lot of sites that have come up in this race, and surely many are promising.

Some of the best betting sites in India that accept Neteller are:


Since the past 15 years, Livebid has been offering online betting service to people all across the globe. It is one of the most used websites for betting on outdoor sports in India. Though it offers a lot of other games for betting football is the most famous sport on Livebid.

It offers 24x7 technical help for its clients and users. If you want to step into online betting and earn a lot from it, Livebid is the platform for you. Neteller is again one of the major payment getaways for this platform as well, and offers smooth transactions.

The above mentioned online betting platforms are some of the best that in terms of overall experience rating that accepts payments through Neteller. Apart from them, some other budding platforms are also there which are making their way to the list. However, the platforms mentioned here should only be used by beginner and intermediate betters. All the above information is intended to provide you with some basic knowledge about online betting and the use of Neteller for betting transactions. Being one of the most used payment gateways in the world and having done billions of dollars of transactions in the past, Neteller is definitely one of the most trusted payment gateway you can use for your betting transactions.


One of the best and the oldest betting sites in India, Betway had soon realized that accepting Neteller could give them a fair advantage ahead for their competitors. Being a long player in the Indian online betting industry, Betway offers a huge range of games including Football, Horse Racing, Cricket, Golf, Snooker, Boxing, UFC and many more. You can even play casino games like Blackjack, etc. and book online slots for you to play.

E-sports are a huge part of Betway’s offerings and even you can play a betting game on your favorite e-sports as well. Neteller is well supported by Betway which you can use with ease.


Another online betting platform that supports payments through Neteller is Bet365. Just visit the website and you’ll see for yourself how cool it is. You get your personalized dashboard as you log in, and you’ll be also be instructed how to do responsible gambling.

Bet365 offers betting for a wide range of games and sports such as American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Cycling, Golf, Horse Racing, Darts, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Table Tennis, Snooker, Soccer, Rugby, Lotto and even Motor Sports. You can also participate in Casino games such as Roulette, Three Card Brag, Baccarat, Blackjack and many more.


This is undoubtedly one of the best online gaming platforms in India. 1xbet offers a huge set of games to bet on and several payment getaways to take out your winnings. However, Neteller is the one which is the most used payment mode on 1xbet. Though it is most famous for football, you can also bet on Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton, Baseball, Beach Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Snooker as wells as Golf. You can also play casino games on this platform.

1xbet also offers live betting, through which you can play live on any game that you desire you’re your friends. You will also get 8000 INR bonus credits when you sign up for the first time. It is your platform to go if you are a beginner or want to step into the world of online betting.


Just like all the other online betting platforms in India, Sportsbet also offers you to bet on both sports and casino games. Along with all the sports games like Soccer, Table Tennis, Cricket, Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, Cycling, etc, the platform also offers betting on popular esports like LoL, CS : GO, Data 2, Overwatch, Rainbow Six and StarCraft.

Poker is one of the people’s most favorite games and Neteller is the most used payment gateway on Sportsbet. It is undoubtedly one of the most trusted platforms in India for the purpose.

Lastly, I just want to add that betting and responsible gambling is absolutely legal but can be addictive. You need to be mindful about how much you are getting into it and responsible towards your assets. If played with care, online betting and responsible gambling can turn up to be a great and fun way to invest your time and money and earn a lot in the through it.

Play Wisely!

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