Best Betting Exchange Site for 2020 in India – Livebid ..

Best Betting Exchange Site for 2020 in India – Livebid

betting exchange sites in india

A betting exchange account is a must thing to have in 2020. They provide a big variety of blessings along with lay having a bet, tremendous fee odds, and lots more…

But which are the best betting exchange sites? Let’s Find them out…

Best betting exchanges

Before deciding on your preferred best betting exchange site for 2020 in India, it’s important to take into account what you need to get from your making a bet. The betting exchanges mainly have one of a kind benefits and fit one of a kind bettors. The first-class or best betting exchanges are very subjective so simply endure this in thoughts while making a decision.

What is a betting exchange?

For those of you that aren’t sure, here’s a short introduction into betting exchanges and what they offer. A betting exchange is a platform that is online that matches gamblers looking to place opposite bets.

You can buy and sell bets at an exchange which allows you to play the part of a traditional bookmaker. These platforms are essentially eBay for the betting market. To match bet at a betting exchange, there you will need two parties. One seeking to again final results and one seeking to wager the opposite.

A betting exchange allows you to punt on the outcome of discrete events by backing and laying. You can minimize your risk of loss by matched betting. While livebid is the most popular betting exchange in India 2020, several other promising betting exchanges have gained increasing liquidity over time.

The quantity of customers backing and laying on a betting exchange determines the odds on offer for a particular bet. The better the liquidity is for a certain betting market, the more competitive the odds become. Betting exchanges charge a commission rate on winning bets and allow customers to create and build on betting markets.

That being said, how does backing and laying work? What is matched betting? Here is all you need to know:


A Back Bet manner that you again selected final results to bring about a win. For example, in case you are making a bet on Liverpool to win towards Arsenal, in an English Premier League matchup, your located guess might be countered via way of means of some other client who's punting on Liverpool to now no longer win the match.


Lay betting entails punters acting as a bookmaker themselves, offering odds to sell on a bet that they would like customers to punt on, rather than backing a bet. Lay betting, in a nutshell, involves punters offering a bet, its outcome of which they will hope does not come true during a match.

Matched Betting

Matched betting involves placing multiple bets to cover all the outcomes of a match and ensure a risk-free approach, using Free Bet promotions and bookmaker incentives. For example, if you place a Back Bet on Liverpool to win a match using a Free Bet, and a Lay Bet on Liverpool to not win a match while punting enough money to ensure that you will not incur a loss, you have placed a matched bet. You must have an account on two or more betting exchanges.

How did a betting exchange work?

One of the important things variations among making a betting exchange and a conventional bookmaker is how they make money. An exchange fees a commission on prevailing bets. As we’ll have a take a observe below, this levels from 2%-5% depending on which betting exchange site you use.

On the opposite hand, conventional bookmakers construct an earnings margin into the odds. As you may see, Livebid is the best betting exchange sites for 2020 in India.

Why use Livebid for Betting Exchange?

There are a number of great reasons why you should use Livebid, including

  • You can bet that something will or will not happen, meaning you can act as a traditional user or act as a bookmaker
  • You can choose the odds.
  • You can bet whilst an event is in progress

Aspects of a great betting exchange

So what makes a high-quality great betting exchange?

There are many ones of kind components to don't forget whilst choosing the best betting exchange. Here are a number of the belongings you ought to endure in mind:

  • Range of markets
  • Commission rate
  • Amount of liquidity
  • Value of odds
  • Customer service
  • User experience
  • Reliability

Let’s check out each of these in more detail.

Range of markets

One of the maximum critical components of having a betting exchange is the variety of markets to provide. The greater markets available, the greater possibility you need to area your bets. This is mainly the case for any matched bettors out there.

The best betting exchange needs to have a huge variety of sports activities classes and markets that means there’s continually something to guess on. Some having betting exchanges even provide markets on chess matches…

Out of the betting exchanges noted above, Livebid has the best variety of markets available. However, except you’re putting bets on uncommon markets, you won’t have a hassle with any of the top betting exchanges.

A correct rule of thumb, if livebid doesn’t provide the marketplace you’re after, no one will.

Commission rate

As I noted earlier, having a betting exchange paintings otherwise to conventional bookmakers. They price a fee on prevailing bets as a substitute than constructing an income margin into the odds. If you lose a guess at having a betting exchange, you don’t pay any fee.

The fee price is one of the key components that differentiate the maximum popular having a betting exchange. Obviously the decrease the price, the greater income you maintain on prevailing bets. Commission costs range but whatever beneath 2% is extremely good value.

Here are the modern commissions on the great having the best betting exchanges:

Amount of liquidity

Another thing which you need to bear in mind is the quantity of liquidity at a betting exchange. When I discuss with liquidity, I’m speaking about the amount of cash ready to be matched on a given marketplace. In easy terms, that is the variety of humans looking to put a bet.

The liquidity of a marketplace is proven below the chances of making a bet alternate. So in the instance below, the liquidity is £12595.

The better the liquidity the higher because it makes it less difficult to put your bets. The reputation of making a betting exchange at once ties into the quantity of liquidity in a marketplace. The extra famous the alternate is, the extra punters there are ready to put bets.

Having said that, you’re unlikely to have any problems with any of the betting exchanges mentioned above when it comes to liquidity.

Value of odds

The cost of odds is some other issue that you need to do not forget while choosing the best betting exchange site in 2020. As with all making a bet, you need to appear to take gain of the excellent odds feasible because it way extra income on triumphing bets.

Carrying on from the factor above, the percentages at a trade are without delay tormented by the number of punters putting bets. So the extra punters there are putting bets, the better cost odds you’ll receive.

Whilst odds are usually pretty comparable throughout the bulk of markets, it’s profitable checking for the excellent cost with the aid of using the usage of a system known as line shopping.

When compared to standard bookmakers, you’re probably to discover extra cost at betting exchanges because of how the systems work. They constantly provide the real marketplace.

Customer service

You must count great customer service from the best betting exchanges site. At a few factors, you’re going to run a few problems. Whether it’s a dispute over winnings or questions to do with lay betting, you want to resolve any problems right away so that you can get returned to placing your bets.

In this scenario, the greater help alternatives a having betting exchange offer the better. FAQs, stay chat and phone/email help are all capabilities a high-satisfactory having a bet alternate must offer. If required you must additionally have the ability to talk to helpful, pleasant staff with little stress.

User experience

The user experience of a betting exchange is another essential element to consider. The whole process from depositing price range into your account to putting lay bets ought to be smooth to do and absolutely strain-free. Markets and classes ought to be smooth to find whether or not you’re simply getting began out or you’re a seasoned pro.

With such a lot of punters putting bets at the circulate those days, it’s additionally essential that having betting exchanges paintings nicely on numerous gadgets and platforms.

In particular, exchanges need to work incredibly well on cellular gadgets. As you’d count on from the first-class having a best betting exchange sites, all of them provide great cellular packages making putting bets at the cross distinctly smooth.


Our very last attention with regards to selecting the best betting exchange is the reliability of the platform. It’s essential which you use reliable and truthful having betting exchanges.

When it involves delivering non-public details, you need to be100% positive you’re the use of a valid website. What’s extra you don’t need to area your bets most effective to discover they didn’t genuinely get regular at the trade.

All the betting exchanges in our listing use high-quality generation this is always up to date and maintained through super teams.

More about betting exchanges

Since their advent lowers back in 1999, betting exchanges have had a first-rate have an effect on on the making a bet industry. They provide punters a way greater flexibility and value than conventional bookmakers. They can help you change bets like you will on the inventory marketplace and can help you lock in an income earlier than an occasion has even started.

Betting exchanges have facilitated matched making a bet and are one of the key components to creating a chance lose, tax loose income online.

History of betting exchanges

The first betting exchange, Livebid, become founded in May 1999 and absolutely modified how the making a bet enterprise functioned. Since then, there had been some competition input the marketplace: Betdaq, Smarkets, and greater recently Bet connect.

Livebid stays the largest and maximum famous making betting exchange however they may be dealing with extended opposition from the likes of Smarkets and Betconnect who're introducing modern features.

Placing bets at a betting exchange

Placing your bets at a betting exchange site is quite tons the same as at a conventional bookmaker.

Simply discover the marketplace you’re seeking out and click on both the again or lay marketplace. The coloration relies upon on which making a bet change you’re using. For extra information test out the best betting exchange mentioned above.

If you’re glad about the odds, you may pass beforehand and input your stake. If you need to create your personal odds, you may alternate them for that reason and look forward to some other punters to suit your selection.

Once you’re glad together along with your bet, press verifies and you’re all done.

What to Consider While Choosing a Betting Exchange Site for 2020

The playing enterprise is converting with the instances and punters now have greater choice than ever while choosing how and in which to place their bets. While traditional bookmakers have tailored to those changes, gamers can now skip traditional routes and choose betting exchange sites that permit them to play in opposition to different gamblers.

Betting exchanges match customers with combatants who want to return effects that range from their predictions. For example, this means that if Person A thinks Tottenham will beat Arsenal and is ready to place a guess at odds of 3/1, Person B who thinks Tottenham will lose can play in opposition to Person A with the aid of using matching this guess. When the match is over, cash is transferred from the loser's account to the winner's, with the bookmaker taking a commission from the winnings. This is how betting exchange companies inclusive Livebid make their cash, letting them provide greater beneficial odds than traditional bookmakers. Users also can play the position of the bookmaker with the aid of using laying odds and buying and selling bets.

Because of the elevated marketplace fees available, exchange betting is becoming more and more famous with savvy gamblers. While Livebid is the dominant player, numerous different corporations have entered the marketplace in current years. So, what must you search for in an exchange betting website?


With the explosion of online betting exchange sites and online casino sites over the past 10 years, it’s vital to appearance out for disreputable operators who can be looking to defraud players. You have to be capable of locating this data on the foot of the internet site or on the ‘About’ page, and it’s worth analyzing the phrases and situations earlier than you sign on to a site.

Range of Bets

Nowadays bookmakers provide a massive variety of markets on all styles of sporting (and other) events, however, they may be now no longer all of the same. Consider what sports activities they provide –You need to select an issuer that suits in with the manner you want to gamble and the sports activities which you are fascinated in, so have a go searching exceptional betting exchange websites to get a concept of what’s available.


With the widespread majority of making a bet now being carried out online, technical capabilities are an important consideration for many when choosing the best betting exchange site for 2020 in India. Is the website smooth to navigate and specified in a user-pleasant way? Do they offer customer service through live chat? You should additionally make certain that the website continues an excellent stage of security, given the nature of the enterprise and the number of rogue sites that might be out there. This is going returned to the sooner factor approximately deciding on a good provider.

Payment Practices

With a good, reputable betting exchange site it has to be quick and clean to deposit and withdraw funds. Most businesses provide various payment alternatives from traditional debit and credit score card transfers to online payment offerings like Paypal and Skrill, in addition to permitting you to bet in specific currencies. There’s an outstanding deal of preference for clients when it comes to choosing a betting exchange site, however in the end you have to pick one that’s professional, fair, stable, and gives the activities and markets which you need to bet on.

Pros and Cons of Betting Exchange Trading

To summarise the above, we can list the Pros and Cons of a betting exchange. There are many great features that make the betting exchange such an enjoyable and unique gaming experience for the punter. The key advantages of betting exchanges can be fully realized when the profit-making strategy is optimized and working efficiently. If executed correctly you can make a continuous profit from betting exchange sites where the risk of losing is 0 because you have covered your back bet with a well-timed lay betting, creating a spread and keeping a small piece of profit no matter for the outcome.

You are also betting against other retail customers, which in itself is a very cool and fun thing to be a part of. It will help give you an idea as to whether or not this betting strategy is something for you to consider and get involved with to maximize your winnings.

Pros of a Betting Exchange:

  • Lay betting as well as back betting.
  • Increased profits if bets are successful.
  • A huge range of markets and selections covered.
  • Better odds.
  • Applicable for live betting.

Cons of a Betting Exchange:

  • Promotions such as odd boosters do not apply to a betting exchange.
  • Can lose high sums of funds if you lose as a lay bettor.


From the above-mentioned information you have now good knowledge of what is betting exchange?, how betting exchange works ?, why use livebid for betting exchange ?, Aspects of great betting exchange, history of betting exchange, pros and cons of betting exchange so now by going through all the above topic briefly you can choose which site to choose for best betting exchange for 2020 in India.

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