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Best Online Casino Games For Real Money - Livebid

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Casinos are a great way to spend some wonderful times, test your luck out and even win a lot of money. I’m pretty sure that you have online seen a casino in movies. You must have gotten really fascinated seeing all the tables, cards, slot machines, coins and a whole lot of money involved in it. To be honest, it is really fascinating. Casinos just attract people like a magnet and give everyone a fair chance of winning some money.

There is a saying regarding casinos, “The house always wins”.

The casino platform itself is the called the house, and yes it indeed always wins. No matter which players win or lose whatever amount, the house always wins. Now you might think that how is this possible!

Let me tell you. The players sit on a table to play a game. A table is managed by a dealer who plays the turns of the game. The players place bets on the tables on one of the many possible outcomes of the game. As the players play bets, the dealer produces the dealings and plays the turn in such a manner that there is a cut of the house in it. Also, when the game ends, the dealer distributes the winning among the winning players and in the process of doing so, he takes the house in the advantage.

This is how the house always wins. But this is also not the whole story. This changes from game to game. Only the operating casinos and the casino dealers know the real picture. There is a whole lot more happening under the table that we don’t know about.

Online Popular Casino Games :

Casinos are ever so popular now than ever before. People travel thousands of miles to cities like Las Vegas in the United States of America and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to play and win. But not anymore. Casinos betting in India the market now is Livebid. With the globalization of the internet, every person with a smart phone or a computer has access to casinos now.

There are some amazing platforms on the internet in the form of websites and mobile applications that allow you to play online casino games, bet on various sports and win big.

And yes, online casinos work on real money. Like many other shopping and payments platforms, an online casino also asks for deposits and gives you winning in real money. Most online casinos support a lot of popular payment gateways that help in safe and quick money transfers.

Just like real casinos have a lot of tables that have dealers that let you play different types of games, online casinos also offer you a huge set of games to bet on. These games are carefully selected to give you the best experience of betting. If you visit a casino frequently, you might know that certain games are more interesting and rewarding and hence more popular than others.

Some of the Most Popular Games in Online Casinos are :-


Slots are the easiest to play and one of the most popular games in the world of Gambling. It just works of pure luck. You must have seen whose big machines in movies in which you insert coins and pull a lever. That is a slot machine. There are 3 rolls will different symbols on it that roll as you pull the lever. If all the 3 rollers produce similar symbols when the roll stops, you win. It is this simple. Of course there is a lot more to it as well, but this is what it is basically.

Similar to slot machines are online slots. The website programs the game in such a manner that it works exactly like a real slot machine. Online slots are very popular and you can win a lot of real money with progressive jackpots available.


Roulette is one of the oldest and the signature casino game for a majority of people. It works of luck and your analytics. You might have seen the large rotating wheel kept on the table with different numbers on its circumference. That is a Roulette. You just choose a number that you think will come up in the next roll of the wheel. Bet on the number with the dealer. The dealer then rotates the Roulette with a ball in it. If the ball lands in your choose number, you win. Roulette is this simple. There are also further concepts to Roulette, but all in all, it is a very easy and rewarding casino game.

Similar to real Roulette is online Roulette. The website programs the game in such a manner that it works exactly like a real Roulette table. Online Roulette is an easy to play and very popular game on online casinos. Roulettes are available in 3 types of online casinos, namely American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette. You can easily play them and win big.


Card games are a very popular segment of games in casinos. They are not only a whole lot more interesting, but are also very rewarding to the people who know how to play them. One of the most popular card games is Blackjack. Though it is also one of the simplest card games, it can be very strategic in nature. You cannot win Blackjack just by luck for a long time. There are a lot of techniques involved in playing that give players an edge over luck. This game is so interesting, it will run in your mind all the time.

Similar to real Blackjack, websites have designed online Blackjack on their online casinos. It works just as a real Blackjack game would except that the dealer is now a computer program. Blackjack is now available in many variants so that you never get bored playing it.

Video Poker

Another very popular card game is the ever so famous Poker. And just as the real Poker, Video poker is very famous in online casinos. Video poker is almost like real poker just some tweaks here and there. It involves comparatively complex tactics and strategies. You will not be able to do anything in this game if you do not understand the game properly. Those who do, win loads and loads of money.

Video Poker is the online version of the traditional Poker games. The websites design the game so as to provide you with amazing gaming experience. These are the 4 most popular online casino games for real money that you can play. Apart from them, many other games like Keno, Craps, Sci Bo, Baccarat, Poker, Caribbean Stud, Pai Go and a lot more are very popular in the online casino community. Some of the best online casinos offer the best of these games to its users in the best forms.

One of the best online casinos that offer all these games and a lot more is Livebid. The website offers you the best of everything. Livebid provides you with a personalized dashboard where you can place your bets and see real time performance statistics. It has a well-organized user interface and simplistic graphics that allows you to understand everything on the website and gives a great user experience.

Payment Gateway and Offer on Casino Games :

Livebid offers all types of casino games and sports for you to bet on. It also supports almost every safe and popular payment gateway including PhonePay, PayTM, Google Pay, BHIM UPI, Skrill, Neteller and even the Blockchain based cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. It also supports bank transfers by Mastercard, Visa card, NEFT and IMPS.

It has smooth and effortless user experience and you will not face any problem while betting. And even if you do, they have a 24x7 customer care and in-screen chat bot that will help you to solve all your problems in no time. If you are a beginner and want to step into the world of online casinos and sports betting, Livebid is the perfect platform for you.

There are also a lot of other online casino website and mobile application that give you a great experience in all terms. Some of the best online casinos include Royal Panda, LeoVegas, Bet365, 1xbet, Betway, Genesis Casino, 22bet and a lot more. All these websites offer top-class games, offers and gaming experiences. Now the best online casinos are in your hands.

At last, I just want to add that online casino gambling and betting can be very addictive. You need to take proper guidance and know your limitations before starting to gamble and bet online.

If played LIVEBID mindfully, online casinos are a great way to play some exciting games and win some great rewards. SIGN UP Now!

Play Wisely!

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