Best Betting Site for Cricket in India (2020)

Cricket betting is an innovative art as well as it has many fans in India. Before placing a cricket bet on a cricket betting variant feature, sportspersons must look into few facets. Among the most essential of these factors, is whether a cricket match in query is being played at Home, or Away. Cricket has caught the imagination of millions of people around the world for cricket betting. The growth in cricket betting is primary to none. From Test cricket match to the Indian Premier League,

Livebid who is the best betting site for cricket all major sportsbook platform has all the markets that required to make the cricket betting experience the best one.

Cricket Betting in India

Cricket and India are extremely close to each other, although it may not be the country's national sport, it's the country's most popular sport cricket. In India, the meaning of cricket as a game is one-dimensional, in India cricket is a religion, it is something each Indian truly encounters, it is a feeling. Cricket and cricketers have a nearby association with the enthusiastic side of the individuals, similar to Football are to Brazil, Cricket is to India and Tennis is to China.

Betting online on a cricket match is now more rewarding than ever and ever. You no longer have to just have to cheer on your favorite team but now you can back them with the confidence of having Livebid behind you with our top online mobile cricket betting site. All you have to do is come up with your sport cricket bet about the result of the match or the next delivery via our mobile cricket betting sites.

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What cricket has given the nation of decent variety is snapshots of progress, euphoria, and gigantic pride. Given the nation's game come to, it resembles most different games, used to turn cash as well. On a professional level betting on cricket in India may not be very popular but it does exist. Some cricket has given the nation of assorted variety is snapshots of accomplishment, happiness, and monstrous pride.

Best Cricket Betting Website in India - Livebid

Livebid is one of the leading online cricket betting site in India. The betting site was founded in 2012 and in 08 years of time it has earned its place as a reputed Indian website. Its cricket crazed users from India to place bets on their favorite cricket matches.

You are just a tap away from one of the world’s leading cricket betting site. Here at Livebid, we have put each through our cricket betting test and have come up with a top-ten-list that is assured to create your sport cricket betting experience fun, enjoyable and more significantly a memorable as well. Be it cricket spread betting, Our bookmakers or betting exchanges where you can back and lay against each other on a given segment, there are a lot of ways to make your cricket betting experience a favorable.

"Livebid offers the best betting cricket odds available on the market at any cost!

Our Cricket betting bookmakers and P2P means person to person betting website are growing at a rate of knots it has been so easy & simple to bet on sports. Be it from the comfort of your own home, out and about or even at a live online cricket sport there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get a bet on. From betting apps to desktop web, you are only a few steps away from getting your next batsman out, who will hit the most 6s as well as everything in between. Here Livebid has for you such pointers so sports betting people do not require going anywhere as we are the best betting platform on cricket. Few things to consider with an array of cricket betting sites available nowadays, selecting one out of them becomes a difficult task sometimes.

Some of the well-known tournaments such as the Indian Premier League, the Caribbean Premier League, and the Twenty20 Big Bash are available to place bets upon. Cricket enthusiasts can also bet on certain ongoing international matches, in addition to franchise-based leagues.

Why Best Cricket Betting Site in 2020 - Livebid

The cricket betting selection at Livebid is vast. However, we make up for it by offering the best cricket betting odds on the market. Another thing that really sets livebid apart from the rivalry is their extraordinary cricket live betting platform. They offer a live betting platform and live match streaming videos that are more modern and more intuitive than any other betting website.

"Livebid offers India's best cricket betting odds, we are certain you're going to have a great time playing live cricket betting on Livebid!

Cricket Betting Site Livebid Features:-

This is why we have created your task simpler & easier by offering you with the list of the best cricket betting site with a big offer. While compiling the list, we kept a variety of innovative facets into consideration like:-

1. Welcome offers:-

Welcome offers are one of the great chunks of a sport Livebid betting site, and this is what helps you get started, specifically if you are a first-time end-user. Thus, ensuring that your selection sports betting platform provides you with lucrative bonuses or welcome discounts offers so that you can place the bets on the go.

"On the off chance that you decide to wager on your PC, workstation, cell phone or tablet, Livebid offers you all that you have to put down your cricket wagers in a sheltered and secure condition."

2. Best Cricket Odds:-

When it comes to placing a cricket bet, it all comes down to how high odds the odds are. Livebid cricket betting site which caters you with competitive sports betting odds will raise your chances of winnings considerably. The finest way here is to join the Livebid best cricket betting site that provides the best high-odds for a cricket match. That’s why you will find it so easy to navigate your way around, no matter which device you are using, which makes your betting experience more convenient while allowing you will place your bets faster – crucial with live cricket betting when it counts every second!

"The most ideal path here is to visit Livebid - the best Indian cricket wagering stage offering the best chances for a cricket match-up. Also, choose to try multiple bets online and see which live betting odds after placing a bet."

3. Commissions:-

Livebid sports betting app has so many betting options like casinos and betting options marketplaces charge a commission on placing a bet. Although the commission charged by the online betting site is negligible when compared to physical sport betting options, you should still assure that your chosen sport betting market platform charges the least possible commission. This will assist you to take the maximum winnings back home as well.

4. Live Cricket betting:-

Sports fans might not have seen this coming but getting to platform live betting on sport is a pleasure that you must experience for at least once. However, not all sport betting sites will allow you to do so. But Livebid sports betting app will highly recommend you to go for betting which permits you to place your bets live. This is because of a few reasons. First, you get to have the finest awesome experience. Second, you also get a chance to take benefits of fluctuating high-odds. Additionally, to enable that your chosen website supports live betting & have online live streaming, it is also important to cross-check that the site is fast enough to lock your sports bet at the optimal time on an important cricket match just like an Indian premier league.

"The most ideal path here is to visit Livebid - the best Indian cricket wagering stage offering the best chances for a cricket match-up. Wherever you can bet on what you want, when you want. From match winner to top batsman/bowler, the choice is yours at Livebid platform."

5. Mobile betting on the cricket-

Our betting site - mobile betting on cricket. All that you would need is a smart-phone and an active internet connection. Without any doubt say that the compatibility of the selected sport cricket website with a mobile device is a must. You might be traveling or away from the computer and you still want to place bets on cricket. In events, we Livebid mobile betting app will permit you to make the most out of your time. We Livebid the best betting site for cricket support mobile betting on the sport. All that you would require is a smartphone and an active internet connection.

"At Livebid, you can get a protected wagering experience concentrated on Indian betters, so you can appreciate all the extraordinary things that a cricket wagering site can convey."

6. End-User Interface:-

If you have tried your hands on a plateful of sports betting websites, you will agree with us that multiple these kinds of platforms really act as an eyesore. Too much weird color combination coupled with the ever-slow speed of the sports website further makes betting tough as well. But Livebid will highly recommend you to choose us as the best betting platform which is not only nicely innovatively layout but which also flaunts simple & easy navigation. We are ensuring that the website loads within seconds so that you can lock your cricket bet faster. Further, if you like to place bets on mobile, we are also available on mobile- friendly-site.

"Finding a sheltered and legitimate wagering website among the hundreds accessible online isn't simple, however, you can have confidence that Livebid is a thoroughly secure spot where you can get yourself."

7. Transparency:-

The least you would ever expect from sports betting websites is that you cannot withdraw the money because you haven’t met certain betting requirements. And when you ask them about the wagering requirements, deposit options, these requirements are either realistically impossible to get, or they do not cater to you with a clear answer as well. Thus, it is important to get to know that your selection sports betting platform is completely transparent, well-reputed, and follows the best security, privacy and game betting policies.

" With Livebid, you can wager on all the most recent IPL games, including Indian Test, ODI, and T20 matches, Ashes, the Premier League of the Caribbean and different competitions from all over the world."

8. Customer support:-

Facing a flaw or mishap or the amount is withdrawn is not reflecting in your account? Or is your fund account suspended? There could be n number of reasons that you might require to contact the customer care support service. This is why it really makes sense as to why you should choose a Livebid betting platform that provides round the clock customer care support system for our regular or newbie.

“This is why it makes sense to choose a betting platform which provides customer support at any time around the clock. You can deposit and withdraw funds, and remember, using a variety of payment methods.”

9. Security:-

Undoubtedly, security is really important, and this is the primary aspect that people must focus on while selecting a sports betting website. Make assure that the online bookmaker has any kind of certificate. Such a certificate indicated that the platform has well-designed encryption advanced techniques in place that will protect the data of the end-users. Since you will be sharing your critical financial information with the betting platform, checking that the website is certificate enabled is mandatory. Hence; Livebid is fully encrypted with all your information and details.

"Livebid is a standout amongst other wagering sites in India that lets you wager utilizing rupees."

Choose Livebid Cricket Betting Website:-

Livebid Cricket betting is extremely well-popular among punters from all globally. Several magnificent and marvelous tournaments and cricket series take place every calendar year, leading to the unearthing of new cricketing heroes, and the rise of sports legends. If you are looking to join the cricket betting site look no further just read on to learn about the best cricket betting sites. Moreover, Cricket is the most famous well-liked sport in India and comes with a vast following. Over the years, online cricket gambling has gathered momentum, and there are thousands of Indians who are partaking in online cricket live gambling. To put it into perspective, of the millions of customers on Bet365, Betway and Royal Panda one of the best online Cricket betting sites out there as well.

The Indian Cricket Team is among the best in the world in all formats of the game, and it is of no surprise that the richest T20 league in world cricket – The Indian Premier League – Is of particular interest when it comes to online cricket betting. While gambling is not legal in India, there are no rules in place with respect to online cricket betting in particular – Online cricket betting is not frowned upon until you are caught.

The website’s prior navigation bar having of options to access the website’s live scores, match series, which teams are playing, and Stats sections, among other options. Livebid stats area section is the most comprehensive out there. We cater and offers detailed statistics with respect to cricket sports teams, the formats of the entire game, domestic tournaments, T-20 cricket, trophy/ world cup records, individual records, player statistics, career rewards and records, records by ground platform, records by calendar month or year, and records by calendar decade. Livebid website’s statistics segment or a part is the best, and an invaluable asset when it comes to making a sports cricket betting strategy. Livebid comes with an amazing and superior app for Android and iOS end-users. People can choose to follow Livebid cricket betting app on social media as well through YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Hence; we do also come with an option to live stream cricket matches and series. You must perform your due diligence each and every time, when placing a cricket bet with us and Go through detailed cricket statistics, and the latest cricket news & information as well.

While Cricket Betting Websites like Betway, Bet365, and Dafabet cater cricket statistics, visiting and creating use of websites dedicated to cricket is advised. Websites like Livebid are among the best in the cricket gambling industry business, and offer superb and sublime insights into player and team statistics, records, important news, and outcomes, among other statistical insights too. Making use of these sports statistics, and create a sports cricket betting strategy accordingly. Sportsperson must keep in mind the cricket betting tips mentioned in due course of this blog, and practice a safe brand – Livebid of betting at all times. Cricket is becoming immensely popular in India specifically from the starting years. Because the sports are enjoyed by each and everyone in the country, whether it is the upper high class or the medium earners. Whenever there is a cricket event or occasion, capable people reach the stadium and others watch it over the live telecast either on television, mobile phones or websites. Like the game, its betting is also reaching a considerable high-height. All thanks to the rising number of Android and iPhone tablets and smartphones.

Does Livebid Accept Indian Rupees?

Yes, Livebid cricket betting site accepts deposits and withdrawals in Indian Rupees. The amount can be transferred with a host of options such as PhonePay, PayTM, Google Pay, VISA Card, MasterCard, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, or E-Payments. All of these payment methods are free from any processing fee charges as well at our platform.

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There have been some recent changes in the laws by the Indian Government and that has led to the blockage of direct transfer of funds from your account to the website, but this can be overcome by the use of PhonePay, PayTM Or Google Pay.

In the event that you need to evaluate the extraordinary online cricket wagering experience, at that point you can set up a record with us and wager on the web.

Livebid - Best Indian Cricket Betting Sites in 2020:-

Sports cricket is one the best option to start betting online even if you start with low deposits you can start at 1000 Rs, also and find the value and you can keep up to date and advise in terms of the offer, service, and promotions from the best-rated cricket betting site. Indian cricket has captured the imagination of billions of people worldwide for India cricket betting.

Livebid is the best cricket sport betting website when it comes to getting information for cricket betting analysis. As soon as you open its website, you will be redirected to a homepage that looks like the below-mentioned image. As can be seen from the above-mentioned image, at the left-hand side of the screen are present the various kind of match series’ that are currently in action, and those that are to take place in due course of the year. As soon as when you tap on any of these options, you will be redirected to a screen upon which you can gauge the various fixtures of the series in question, and related to the latest trending information regarding sports match.

It has perforated new countries, apart from the 10 test-playing nations. Viewers from all parts of India throng to the stadiums or sit in front of their TVs or via live streaming to watch cricket matches across all three formats of cricket –One Day and T20, Test Cricket, Indian Premier Leagues (IPL), etc.

Online Betting Platform - Livebid

Betting on Indian cricket matches is a massive business now. To make it big, everyone wants to dip their hand in that stream of money. With technology advancement including live streaming and live betting, it's become very easy to do that. Players would now be able to put down their wagers from online at their home utilizing either their tablets or mobiles-telephones on any of the best online Indian cricket wagering locales.

At the center of Livebid’s website homepage, sports person will look out the latest trending news with respect to ongoing series, cricket team news, and injury news, among other insights into the world of booming cricket. At the right-hand side of the screen, you will get out the Top news headlines for an ongoing day. If you look at the top of the website homepage, you will see live match updates, and scorecards, with respect to ongoing, and recently concluded all the cricket matches.

Aside from cricket, Livebid has a wide range of sports and casino games for gambling enthusiasts to place their bets online at the platform.

Livebid also offers to bet on a range of different sports, such as:

  • Cricket Betting
  • Horse racing
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Casino
  • E-sports
  • Basketball

Livebid is available on a host of platforms such as Windows PCs, Mac Computers, and Mobile Devices. In addition to this, Livebid is also available as a betting app so that the users can make the most of this and bet from any location in India. All of these facilities are primarily provided to the new users to reduce the complications.

Livebid platforms allow you to bet on oddest of the things like - six sixes in an over or player of the match to a player who has not performed at all in the recent past. You can wager over savvy, run astute, wicket insightful, 6 over shrewd, batsman astute, ball astute, last wagers, in general, run wagers, likewise wager various on your preferred games.

Livebid Cricket Betting Reviews:-

The team at Livebid is led by a group of cricket journalists, die-hard supporters, and avoid betting enthusiasts who have spent a significant amount of time in finding the best among India's best online cricket betting sites. So, let's come to know Livebid betting reviews; most of the clients give our of 5, is 4 or 5 and overall reviews are 4.7. 100% safe and secure, betting platform.

It has been tried completely, from time to time, to guarantee a predominant wagering experience for our crowd at on the web. Maybe not exactly as noteworthy as both of our top wagering sites in India, Livebid still speaks to an extraordinary choice for anybody hoping to bets on cricket.

While a portion of the lesser T-20 matches does just have chances offered on the match result showcase, numerous matches do likewise a decent scope of different alternatives for wagers. Those incorporate having the option to wager on if a century will be scored in the match.

Comparison of best cricket betting odds:-

From numerous points of view, Livebid resembles a one-stop-search for everything identified with cricket wagering. We offer a bit of the cricket odds live that invigorated constantly, second-by-second, to ensure that you don't miss the pivotal opening. You have a sharp eye, you can even recognize the space for trade and get yourself a distinct shot achievement!

To burrow further, there are a couple of parameters that decide these live Satta-rates for cricket matches. Basically in light of the fact that group India has a better record over the guests at home.

Whatever might be the situation, you will locate the most ideal chances online for any cricket coordinate, directly here at Livebid as it were.

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