6 Tips for Beginners to Start Sports Betting | Livebid ..

6 Tips for Beginners to Start Sports Betting | Livebid

6 tips for beginners to start sports betting online

Betting is an age old activity. Ever since the inception of modern civilization, humans have been betting on a lot of things. This seems to be engraved in our souls. We just love the uncertainty and dopamine that gets released when we bet and gamble. Sports are one of the major things on which we have been betting. Sports are loved by all and are perfect for people to bet on.

Sports betting is a very crowded market now. Traditionally, online sports betting was conducted only in a closed community with a limited number of people or over phone call before, but with the boom of the internet everything is going online now, and so has sports betting. Online betting is a major thing now and is accessible to everyone, so it has become a very crowded space.

Online gambling is great for people who are interested in betting and want to enter into this world but do not get opportunities to do so. You don’t even need to be in touch with anyone in the community, just sign up into a platform, submit your email Id and mobile number, and you will be good to go. It is this easy.

But, before stepping into the world of online sports betting, you need to keep certain things in mind.

Here are my 6 tips for beginners to start sports betting online.

Gain adequate knowledge

The first and the foremost tip for anyone who wants to start online sports betting is get informed about it. Needless to say, it is the first step of doing anything for that matter.

Though betting from its core works on some very basic concepts, online sports betting can be a complex game to understand especially for beginners. The concept is simple. Two or more players or betting parties come together to bet on different possible outcomes of a game, and the one that has the actual outcome in its favour, wins. But, this simple concept involves a lot of core sports terminologies and tactics that can only be understood with thorough study and adequate knowledge.

Choose the right platform

I cannot emphasize this enough how important a role the platform on which you are betting plays in your journey. The platform is the single most important thing that can make you shine or let you down in this competitive world. Many major companies saw the potential and have stepped into the world of online / live sports betting by launching some great platforms in the form of websites and mobile applications. Most of these platforms have now evolved drastically in terms of technology and speed, thanks to the immense competition that these platforms are facing.

While choosing the best platform to start your betting career, you need to take care of three things :-

Safety- Needless to say, safety is the most important when it comes to basically anything that involves money. You need to choose a platform that offers the safest money transactions with the most popular payment gateways to ensure a secure and smooth flow of money.

Versatility- Everyone loves to have options and you would too when you step in the world of online sports betting. You need to choose a platform that offers a huge variety of sports and other games to bet on and win big.

Ease of accessibility- What good a platform can do for you if you cannot access it properly! You need to choose a platform that has a well-designed user interface, easily understandable operations and soluble data representations to ensure a flawless betting experience.

Apart from these three factors, one factor that is also equally important is trustworthiness. A platform will only be trustworthy if it has the above three factors in place. One of the best online sports betting platforms in the market right now is Livebid.

Livebid has brought a revolution in the world of online sports betting. Not only it is absolutely amazing in the three factors that I mentioned above, but it is also fast and fun. Livebid offers a huge set of sports and games for its users to bet on including Tennis, Cricket, Soccer and Horse-racing, etc. It also accepts payments through some of the most popular and safest payment gateways that exist in the market, as of now. Using Livebid is a flawless experience and you are not likely to come across any troubles while using it. Even if you face some minor issues, Livebid has 24*7 customer care and live chat bot to take care of all your issues instantly.

If you are a beginner and want to start online sports betting with limited experience and knowledge, Livebid is the best platform for you.

Apart from Livebid there are also a lot of other great online sports betting platforms that offer top-notch services to its users. Some of the best names in the market include Lucky Days, Royal Panda, Pure Casino, Betway, Melbet Casino, LeoVegas, 1xbet, Sportsbet, Bet365, 22bet, Genesis Casino, JeetWin, Criczy, Seven Jackpots, etc. Check out these online sports betting platforms and choose wisely the platform that suits you best.

Research before betting

If you are already interested in betting in sports, then you must already have some knowledge about the sport you want to bet on. But a little more is always helpful, especially when there is money involved. Betting is not just a game of luck, the one who knows more, wins more.

As you decide which sport and game to bet on, you must research thoroughly about it. The research should involve how the teams on which you are placing precious money have been performing in past games, what are the outside factors that can influence the outcomes of the game and what are the betting odds of different outcomes. You must also study how the other players have been strategizing their winning bets in the past and how the bookmaker has been setting the betting odds. And then, of course, luck plays the rest of the role.

Take real-time updates

Remember, as a kid, you would repeatedly take updates about the situation of the game you were following? Just like that, you also need to take real time updates about the bets you have placed on your favourite game. Many online sports betting platforms, including Livebid offer you your personalized dashboard where you can get real time statistics about all of your bets.

You can even personalize your dashboard to show you only the most essential data that you want to see. Real time updates not only help you to see how your bet is performing but also helps you make decisions about your future bets.

Start small

If you are so much interested in online sports betting, you must have already bet on a small scale with your friends. How much was that bet worth? I am sure it was really small.

Just like betting was new for you at that time and you had bet small for the first time, you must also remember that online sports betting will be new for you. You will not know about it enough to bet a big amount for the first time. It is highly recommended to start your online sports betting journey with small bets, understanding the game with time, gaining some experience and then raising your bets after learning from those experiences. Just follow this master tip and I am sure you will be able to earn a lot in your online sports betting journey.

Play wisely

You must have already heard that betting is addictive.

Trust me, it is true!

When you bet, a hormone called dopamine gets released in your brain. Dopamine is the same hormone that gets released when you drink, smoke or do drugs. It is highly addictive, no wonder people have been doing it for centuries.

Before starting your online sports betting journey, you must acquire adequate knowledge, take proper guidance and have control over your emotions. Logical thinking, proper research and mindful decisions are the best practices you can follow to flourish in your online sports betting career.

Here are my six best tips for beginners who are interested in betting and want to start online sports betting seriously. I can assure you that following the above 6 tips will not only save you from losing your hard-earned money but will also help you in winning a lot more. Register Now : LIVEBID for sports betting.

Play Wisely and Win!

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