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By Admin 19/Jun/2020

What are the Steps to Play Online Betting Games?

Through this blog I will try and explain all the information related to the basics of getting started with online betting.

How to Play Online Betting?

Once you are thorough with how the sports betting will work, you will be able to think further about how to play online betting games. First of all, you have to choose how and where to bet. There are several ways in which you can start playing online betting.

Telephone Betting Services-

These are available with many bookmakers, they make people play their bets all you have to do in this is make a call to the bookmaker and tell them the details of the bet that you want to play free online betting games. The bookmakers will proceed with confirming the wagers and telling you the current odds for the particular time.

Bookmaking Shops-

These are very common, you can find ample of them in the streets of the US. To place a bet in such shops, all you have to do is to go to the counter with a filled betting slip and the required cash to be paid. Again, the bookmakers will confirm the current odds and place the wagers.

Casino Sports Books-

They happen to be the same as the bookmaking shops. They are commonly found in areas like Las Vegas casinos. You can commonly find online sports books in almost all the casinos. Whereas odds and lines are kept on displaying on the screens.

Online Bookmakers

The simplest and the most convenient way to place a bet these days is to use a betting site or online bookmaker. Ever since the first sites started online at the end of the 20th century. There are several bookmakers which are being bet with by millions of the people across the globe.

The online bookmakers are incredibly easy to use and are smooth going once you have opened an account. Now you can start placing a bet just by paying the fraction of amount of which the pre-payment is required to start betting online. There are various sites available with huge options of the range of sports and the events followed by.

Tips for the Beginners:-

If you happen to be new to sports betting you can have certain tips about how you should be doing it. Tips Start with the instruction that bidding by the new bidders should be started slowly. Without being stuck into a lot wrong betting decisions, make a few for the trials.

Tip 2- goes like that one should always start with the basics- It is very important that a person should be aware of how to walk before he/she starts to run. Take enough needed time for to learn the basics steps to play online betting games, to know the basics is always a good idea.

Tip 3- says that one should always carry along realistic expectations, you just can’t dive in and say I will quite all my day jobs because I will become a master in cricket betting.

It doesn’t happen that way. The professional bettors out there are also losing a lot every day.

It is not easy to pull off living out on the terms of gambling only.

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By Admin 19/Jun/2020

Why do different sports betting site have different odds?

To have proper knowledge of sports betting you need to have a clear picture of betting odds especially of the sports betting. Here, we will try ad explain what are actually the sports betting odds ad how do they actually work, what are the roles that they play, etc.

What are odds?

Odds are basically used to make the exact calculations that tell the bookmakers about the payments that should be made to the winning wagers. Every time a bidder makes a bid with the respective bookmaker they are offered a certain odd that exactly affects the amount that they will be wining in the particular win.

Also, odds are used to make the assurance of the probable chance a certain thing or result can happen.

There is a perfect matter that has been made clear that as a bidder will expect less when betting on an outcome that is when he/she will bet on an outcome that is unlikely to happen.

For example- If we try to understand if there is a tennis match that is going on and the player that has been ranked number one in the world and he/she is paired against a player that has been ranked 98 in the world’s best players ranking.

It would not be wrong to believe that the player who has a better ranking will mostly win against the player on rank 98th, hence in such a case the better will have high betting odds on winning of the opponent and less odds on winning of the number one player.

The principle and logics behind the odds are fairly straightforward and an average person should not take much time to understand the concept.

There are usually three types of odds:-

  • American odds
  • Decimal odds
  • Fractional odds

A person to be good in the field of betting and bidding should be equally familiar with each one of them as one can face any of these formats in any type of sport betting he/she are equipping.

Hence, it will always be an edge if you are familiar with all three of them before starting to bid. For the betterment for your knowledge, I would describe all three of them here.

American Odds- They are also said Moneyline odds, it is majorly into use in the US. While putting this one would tell the bidder that there can be positive number or a negative number. The positive number is the one in which the bidder knows that how much will they win. Whereas in the negative number the bidder is told that how much will they have to put at stake to win a particular amount?

Decimal Odds- It is mainly into use in the places like Europe, Australia and Canada. In this a bidder is told that in terms of wining what amount with the decimals will a bidder win. For example if $ 1 is put at stake the wining amount if the bidder wins is will be $ 1.25.

Fractional Odds- These are the traditional odds. In this the potential profit and payments can be calculated, but the process can be more than usually tricky. Like the American odds these also show that what is a potential profit that one can make?

We always see that different bookmakers use different odds. Odds vary as per the view of the bookmakers. What the bookmaker thinks is the main possibility he changes the odds as per that. This is why there are variable odds in sports betting.

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By Admin 24/Jul/2020

Which Betting Sites Do Not Ban Winners?

In the world of bidding and betting, if you happen to be a pro at betting and not a punter you may face difficulties bidding with some of the online betting sites.

If you are a winning bettor then the bookmakers that you bid with can possibly close your betting accounts. Once your account is closed all that you can do is, cry for help maybe portray your problems on the social platforms but honestly, that is going to take you practically nowhere. Because once your bidding account is closed by the site itself, it’s closed from every end.

If you are efficient of playing really very well, trust me no bookmaker is going to re-consider to re-open your closed account but you don’t have to feel disheartened because there are several alternative sites that that would allow you to keep playing and playing and encourage you to play more if you are a “winner”.

Livebid : 

You should not be surprised knowing that doesn’t ban isn’t winning bettors and rather encourage them to bid better and better and earn the maximum that they can. Livebid has been one of my personal favourites ever since I have started bidding. It has always traded a fair play I the terms and business of betting on your favourite sport.

So, if you bet from Livebid and you also happen to be a winning bidder you do not have to worry at all that your golden account will be rugged by the best betting site and you would not be able to continue what you love doing.

Betfair exchange

It is also one of the leading betting exchange sites, and very majorly it has no problems with it’s winning bidders.

This site works on the policy that whenever you bet you bet against a person just like you. Hence, anyone who wins there is always a loser on the other side.


It is a popular name in the category of the online betting sites that doesn’t have any problem with the winning bidders at all, whatsoever. It also happens to be an alternative betting exchange for betfair which offers a handsome amount of liquidity too. And being a winning bettor you don’t have to worry about your account here too.


This site holds around 7% of the market share in the betting exchange world. While it offers a decent commission rate that may be readily accepted by many of the bidders all around. BETDAQ is very welcoming and inviting for the winners and celebrates their growth of earning.


This site allows experienced and winning sports bettors who have been restricted from the places. In this when a pro requests that they want to put forward a bet they get logged in and get a chance to bet with the newbies and betconnect takes commission for it.

Football Index

It happens to be world’s first football market and it enables traders to buy and sell their shares which they have invested in the football players while looking forward to building up a profitable scene. Bettors get to earn dividends on the good performances of a player.

So, you don’t have to worry if you are good at doing something, there are always various alternates available. Find your game and start bidding.

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By Admin 24/Jul/2020

Which are the Legal Betting Apps in India?

Cricket is considered as the national sport of India as it is very popular. Since people love the sport so much that it has been religion-like. In India, those who don’t like cricket could be regarded as odd ones as well or sider one who is in their life only. And because of this, a lot of young people don’t have the encouragement from society to get training in other sports events and competitions.

Despite the fact, sports like hockey and tennis have gained so much popularity in the past but sports like:- judo, karate, volleyball, football, basketball and squash are generally avoided by the mass of people. For there are so many online legal betting apps in India like- Betway, bet365, Royal panda, Livebid and many more but if we are talking about the one from all of these then Livebid is a comprehensive online betting service based in India that help and assist people or sport lovers get the best odds on offer from leading online bets and betting exchanges and then helps you to place a bet at the best price on the same website and on their mobile app.

They have also provided top betting free tips from the team of leading betting industry experts plus multiple of competitions, offers and promotions. That is why Livebid is here; the site has so many positive reviews of each bettor and can able you to see what they offer and what sort of odds people can expect.

There is a bit of looking around to do, but we have done the bulk of the legwork for the mass of people so they can find what you need faster. They also have details of how well the site performs, how they look after their customers and confirmation of their licenses from the gambling community.

If people ever come across online betting on cricket in India site that doesn’t offer this information exercise caution before trying to sign up and play and pace a bet. In fact, bet website has provided reviews of many sites that we are happy to comply with all regulations and hold the correct gambling licenses for the countries in which they operate accordingly.

Hence; it is always worth checking the reputation of a bet super-fast site before signing up or login-up with them. People just need to have a look and see what other bettors are saying and what they offer.

Because online betting site for cricket or a reputable one will take care to offer good communication with clients, in the form of help pages, live chat, phone numbers and encourage contact as well.

In order to make their welcome offers clear, it is very common to find them shown as bonus coupons. Sometimes a bet website will permit customers to select what bonus coupons they prefer, just an example, sports betting, casino games, slots or live casino, live betting etc. In that case, the coupons and codes they are asked to provide when you sign up varies.

These have the most current codes available on our bookmaker pages so you can easily and simply find the best deal for you. Simply like and follow the link from the page to claim your reward. As bookmakers also change the codes regularly to maintain up with bonuses and promotions they are running, so it is essential you have the most up to date codes.

An older coupon or code is likely to be obsolete and not work anymore, so keep up to date with the live betting sites. Bonus coupons can only be used by brand new bettors to the betting site, and with the requirement for bookies to make identity checks, therefore people will not be able to leave and sign up again at the same time.

Most BSF bet login sites also have offers for existing and loyal customers, and these can be in the form of VIP sections and promotions for certain events and series etc.

It was not long before the pioneering Livebid was born some time ago, and becoming the first sports betting site on the internet comparing real-time betting odds from a variety of range of online bookmakers on all major sports like- hockey, cricket, tennis and casino game.

Over the last some years they’ve built up a strong reputation for being one of the market leaders in the industry, with the truly independent service appreciated by bettors who very well know they are getting the best value from their betting.

They provide sporting bet markets on an enormous variety of sports events –if there’s a market for it, you’ll find it on Livebid as well. Their variety of range of events includes horse racing football, tennis, cricket, casino live bets plus much more.

Hence; people must realize that a sportsperson has to sacrifice a lot for his/her game. His hard work and dedication require be respecting and not ignoring by us. So, no amount of change will be successful, until they get change in the attitude.

The important change required is bringing financial support for the sportsperson. Most of the sports require sponsorship form big brands and private funding for meeting foreign travelling expenses, buying sports equipment and instruments.

The government on its part must provide deserving players with more jobs and remuneration as well. The role of sports association is very essential for the growth of sports lover site and sportsperson as well.

Transparency and clearance must be brought in the selection procedure of office bears of the association. And lastly, parents and the educational institutions must also encourage the students to excel in sports, not just in academics as well.

Since there are very some universities which provide for sports quota in higher education, the academic must be mixed with sports-related activities. Hence; new categories of reservations can be created in some universities.

When such a drastic change is brought at each and every level, one can find Indian sports person performing well in the international arena and bringing pride to the country or can win a match.

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By Admin 24/Jul/2020

What is Livebid?

Are you a sports's fan? Love a flutter on the horse races? Or do you fantasy about a spin in our popular casino games? Whatever sporting activity you’re into, Livebid will cater to your each and every betting need, promising thrills around every corner of the world. The online betting site for cricket where you and supporters of its team you love can always benefit & profits in term of capital, even if you don’t back a winner.

Livebid is a one-of-a-kind online match’s cricket betting platform, the only bookies in the world which make a bond with sports fans or sports lovers by committing to share their net profits directly with supporters.

Through our sports lover or sports fans scheme, people simply type the club when registering or login then choose your local fan partner/club/organization to get a lot of funds on a quarterly basis – hence; our team track your sporting bets and do all the hard work.

At Livebid betting industry work towards forming a genuine & strong bond with sports fans by teaming-up with trusted and accredited fans groups and betting committees, whom themselves decide where and when the funds returned back to them will be spent to help fans.

Whether that might be to help increase funds to purchase a stake in their section, buying tickets, travel or other important supporter-related issues or problems.

Therefore, winning betting at Livebid is the perfect way to support the team, mixing the thrill of a winning sporting bet or bet website with the reassurance and satisfaction of knowing that a portion of all losing bets will help profit fans of the team.

It really is very simple to understand. Back a winner and received payout faster in the traditional way, and be content that by using the online matches cricket and they will be betting with the only bookmaker that truly shares with the fans.

Avoiding the traditional, costly and outdated ways of expensive television advertising, hence; Livebid works harder to help and assist, reward and retain its members.

What's more, their highly competitive odds, plus a range of specially cater bets for the team, means that by working with fans instead of merely profiting from them, we are perfectly positioned to take the online sporting bet world by storm.

Despite the fact, when sports lover or sports fan visit our site their first consent to the privacy/cookie policy but don’t worry there’s nothing to be alarmed about it.

When visitors or sports lover or sports fan come to the Livebid website they want to provide them with the best possible end-user experience and to do that we want to see how people or sports lover or sports fan are interacting with the online betting site.

Like other betting sites we also use cookies to: track the IP address of the every visitors so we know what county they have come from, Tell us how long they have viewed some pages so we can tell how much you liked them or if you found them useful, tell which pages they have visited so we can see which are most popular pages of the site, collect information on how you’ve got to the online betting site; through a search engine, directly or from a link from another site or social network, track if it’s the first time people have used the site or if they are coming back as a return visitor, Make assure that when they sign up to the betting page your name gets added to the list and the page sent to the right email address, to check if they have signed up for any of the bookmakers we’ve recommended/reviewed.

Hence; such kind of information Livebid will never pass to a third party or any kind – we hate spam just as much as you.

Whence; let us jump on to the serious stuff – our betting industry Livebid is an online sport betting heavyweight, drawing from last some years of industry experience and boasting an impressive portfolio of brands. When you play at Livebid, people are guaranteed a fair, responsible and secure betting environment & atmosphere.

Hence; we are licensed and regulated by the globally respected UK Gambling Community who are recognized for their stringent standards. The website’s customer support team is here to make sure that your time with us is hassle-free bet and as enjoyable as much as possible.

Whether you need help with a big issue or a minor query – Livebid team is always available for their clients and sports bettors. So, whether you’re an old hand or a newbie or a newcomer, a fan of sports whether it is cric fan or casino or into your sports betting – we’re confident that Livebid will be your new favourite place to bet on sports.

As we honest and on this online betting on cricket in India website you'll find advice and get access to free, confidential help and assist by phone or online.

People can learn about how gambling works, check if you or someone you know may have a gambling issue or problem, and find tips on how to stay in control.

Join us today and get the ultimate experience in online sport betting at Livebid.

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By Admin 24/Jul/2020

Cricket Betting Online by Livebid

Millions of people place online betting on cricket in India. The main question is whether they can be peacefully withdrawing the fund such as people who do in the United Kingdom. Sporting bets and gambling is neither illegal nor legal in India, at the end of the day sports lovers or sports bettors wish was to become a millionaire by online matches cricket gambling, if that is not your case, you are just playing see-saw game of money-losing and winning.

Livebid accepts Indian citizens and currency will be INR, they would ask your KYC documents to verify your account on the website and higher limits. You can fund the account with only e-wallets like Neteller and skill, Paytm, Google pay, Phone Pay, NET Banking etc. These e-wallets require to be verified with KYC.

If all the things fell in one place, you can place your bets easily. The issues with current e-wallets are they blocked the funding of money to directly if websites are from outside India like betway, Bet365 etc. and especially when you are an Indian resident. It is tough to overcome all the hurdles and earn money as you know the house always wins.

Hence; for online sports gambling, Livebid is here and always supports their customer in placing a bet on such kind of sports platform like- cric, casino games, horse racing and tennis and much more.

Livebid is your new online sports betting platform in India with accurate & proper secure, legal, and fully regulated online betting games playable for free or for real money in India. With mobile apps for Android and iOS, daily offers, promotions, and exclusive game titles, Livebid offers superior online betting on cricket in India.

Not only cricket but they have online casino games to suit every skill level. Take a spin on the slots, double-down at the Blackjack tables, or receive the ball rolling with Roulette. Get free casino games tips and place you bet for fun or for real – but most importantly, play because you can in India.

Hence; before placing any type of bet, Livebid team provide information to help and assist people make informed decisions about their best online sports gambling. They will help you to find out more about gambling and what safer gambling means, to understand and recognize issue gambling, and show you where to go for further information, help and support should you require it later.

Livebid online betting on cricket in India is always rated highly in most reviews and we believe that people can use them in India as well.

If truth be told the personal experience with other betting sites like bet365 and betway are not that good as compare of Livebid betting platform. Therefore, they are a global betting, gaming and entertainment provider platform that brings betting to real life for millions of betting lovers or betting fans.

Whence; our aim is to be a global leader in online sports betting with the purpose is to bring excitement to life for our sports customers in a safe, responsible and ultimately sustainable gambling experience.

Accordingly, Livebid launches exciting facets and feature which helps people choose which perks they want while a bet on the Exchange.  Also, they provide exciting new functions which permit sports bettor to select the preferred package of bonuses and commission for use on the Livebid betting system.

Enhance and increase your online betting experience in a way that has not been possible before. Or alternatively, choose from the Livebid app markets already available on the site. We make sure that sports lover or betting fans surely love everything about Livebid in their pocket.

The Livebid app offers thousands of Livebid’s biggest markets, all just a tap away. Whether it is about cricket, football, tennis or any other sports betting that offers the thrill of the game, they will be able to make their move easily and quickly.

Download the Livebid app today from the App Store on your iPhone device to have access to your favorite best betting sites online session and markets wherever you are, whenever you want and place your bet with the Livebid industry and get a lot of profits in consideration of money.

Before placing a bet over here; people must read all the terms and conditions of the site and playing rules too as it will clear and easy to understand each other. As Livebid online betting platform in the field of secured online casino gaming, cric betting. Hence; they use the highest possible security measures to provide you with a safe gaming environment.

In fact, we know what you expect: the best sports bet, exclusive offers and promotions, the biggest jackpots, first-rate client service and a refreshing, open approach to online betting on sports.

So be calm and confident are we that you’ll keep coming back for more times, that we’ll even double your first deposit which means you receive twice the amount value of an online sports betting site in India action for your money.

To claim, people or bettor just have to do is create an account on the same website or app. We are user-friendly and honest, caring customer service provider’ simply in words our team lives and breathes customer care service for their support. Livebid’s aiming is to offer people or sports lovers cricket betting where everyone has a royal good time and dreams really can come true.

And last but not least that’s it we are about. Place your bet with us and get a chance to win millions of prizes.

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By Admin 19/Jun/2020

Which is the best football prediction site free?

Sports are exclusive and entertaining thus people are India like it and love it from their bottom of the heart.

In this blog, we mentioned and involved in sporting bets trying to have positive long-term outcomes. But this type of process has good and bad days both. So, each and every sports lover do have more accurate sporting bets. Considering several points such as-

•Select a tipster that offers profitable tips in the long term. Check his stats and decide he is good or bad as there are so many tipsters’ websites available in the market.

•Bet website on as lesser games as possible. Because the more events you select, the less likely to win the prizes as well.

•Check the odds' movement on every sport and compare them to different websites also. Take a look at the dropping tips and pay attention to where the odds falling.

•Have discipline in your fund's management as it’s important. At the start of the session, set a specific amount of value to spend on online betting site for cricket.

•Be calm and have some patient and also make choices depend on logic rather than emotions.

•Bettor have detailed look at each match you intend to today match rate or when they are bet. Like- team form, motivation, and absences play a role in the outcome of a sport. Before placing a bet on online betting on cricket in India, make sure you have considered the above each and every parameter of the betting sites.

•Check the Key Stats section on the right side of the betting page. We have a positive response from the end-users at Livebid betting site as it’s the best one in term of placing a bet. Bet365, Bo-dog, and Betway are also the good betting sites but Livebid at its first place.

•People just follow only a few leagues and series. This way you can have a personal view of each team and they will get to know the game better and place the bets with more confidence.

•Also, sports lover try alternative betting options which will decrease the risk of failure. Hence; there are so players remain attached only to well-famous option only. In fact, most bookmakers provide different safer bets, such as the handicaps.

•The main thing does not evaluate the match predictions using common sense. Read the match previews and use your own judgment to decide what to bet or not.

•Do not bet on low odds. So many players/ bettors bet on the famous teams to win but provide low returns. This way of sports betting gives you only a little benefit and profit. But, includes more risk than you can imagine.

•You should not rush. Make sure your sporting bet only when you feel clear-headed.

•People do not sport bet more than you can afford. Be responsible and playing of betting as a fun activity.

•Only sporting bets you know well and on which you can collect data and information.

•Do not raise your stakes after an unlucky day, therefore, take a break from online betting for a few days or a week.

•Don't believe in your friends or other ones and websites that claim to have a guaranteed profit system.

Sports betting free tips sites are great thus provide great money. Online betting sites are-betway, bet365, and royal panda and so on but Livebid provide a vast range of betting tips from match previews to predictions and odds.

It is essential to keep up to date with the latest and current information, and they have a lot of articles in all areas with footballs, horse racing, cricket, and tennis being easy to search along the top.

They also have a bet of the day as well as a daily long shot which could be a bit of fun or entertaining see you bringing in a really good win prize. Sports and races are listed in order of next up so you can see what is happening and get your sporting bets placed for your favourite match or events.

Have a look through and let us know if you have anything you would like to see that they have missed in their site. They will also provide a good range of well-known deposit and withdrawal payment gateway modes, so look for things like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Paytm, Google pay, Net banking and others.

If sports lovers only see one method and have not heard of it, it could be better to place your bets somewhere else.

Hence; new betting sites spring up all over the place, but we do urge several cautions. Despite the fact, there are so many websites caters a totally safe and responsible online gambling experience, but of course, sometimes this is not the case.

Livebid has provided reviews of many sites that they are happy to comply with all regulations and hold the correct gambling licenses for the countries in which they operate.

Because the online sports betting industry is so vast, it has become natural for websites to provide new customers or sports lovers welcome offers and promotions.

These can vary greatly in size and nature as well. If you are a sports lover or fan, then we can understand how essential it is to get the best online free betting tips. To be honest, there is no one site that has the best, but rather it tends to vary.

Be safe and place a bet and win prizes.

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By Admin 24/Jul/2020

What is the Best Site for Football Betting Tips?

There are so many things that require to be taken into consideration before starting to trust a bet website for football betting tips and put your money on their sporting bet football website.

Firstly, the main thing is that there has to be a history behind the online game betting service. Hence; if it’s on the market for less than a year, people or football lover should probably wait for a little bit before putting their trust in the same betting sites.

Secondly is there has to be a positive and clear record that goes years back, and not only a month or two. Hence; the company’s longer on the market, the more trustworthy the online game betting service is.

People or day-dreaming football match lovers have to be ensuring that the analysis they offer is professional, so that they really analyze all type of tactics, search for team news, and most significantly they have to be deep and broad knowledge on the teams and match’s leagues they are analyzing.

If truth be told, there are a lot of professionals and sports betting experts in this niche and people often fall prey to their experts’ advice, and end up losing important amounts of money.

Hence; people should choose and safely play their bets as there are a lot of football betting sites in India; some are fake and some are trustworthy. They just have to be sure about the bet-super-fast game betting sites to play their bets over there.

Football online match betting can be a little serious source of revenue if done accurately otherwise can be a budget black hole as well. One of the most reputed betting site services on the market is Livebid who has offering betting advice from a long period of time.

In fact, the site covers a broad and selected range of competitions, from cricket to casino live, but of course, they focus primarily on football betting. They don’t just provide you football betting tips, like most betting services out there; they make an in-depth and vast analysis and are always looking for value in the odds.

Check out the sporting bets advice and suggestions. As a blogger on Livebid we feel every time that we write something requires to deliver a piece of creative tips writing that can help and assist other people understand better betting and to give the reader the most useful tips for a great career in football betting.

Therefore, we always have got multiple of requests on the forum and on the net about what are the best football tips to make research for football betting, and usually, instead of a restricted chosen people tend to make long lists with tons and tons of places where to find data analysis and information.

People should find out which bookmaker has the best odds for football in this Football Odds section and who updated every month. With the advent of the Internet and the proliferation of football online betting websites we feel this might be the best time ever to be the best football bettor and the vast amount of information we can look for.

Being news or statistics make each and every day more possible to beat the bookies and be profitable. The football bettors in the past have never had all these kind of betting information available in real-time, wherever in the world, they may be, and the difference between the well-informed and experts and the uninformed user has never been as little as right now.

In fact, any average football bettor have not all the time in the world to research for bet tips, so it is really great and better to know those four-five football betting websites you want to check out before placing a bet and how to use them so that you won't spend too much time looking for the right place to gather information about the same.

There is a list of the most helpful football betting websites for odds, team/league information, players/managers statistics, previews and a lot of other important things. We decided to leave out the websites dedicated to news, as we think every league have different places where to look for information, but we plan to create another blog about it.

When you are placing a sporting bet, there is a not a lot of time to make research in most cases, so you require know where to go and what to look for to make the most of your research. For, most online football betting sites allow you to blend your experience of the game and skills to win prizes in term of money and even cash.

Livebid offers a number of sports that sports fans can enjoy and put bets on at the same time. There is no good or bad football/sports betting tips website - it is up to the people to screen and discover the gold in there.

If they would like to see the sports betting tipsters we consider as reliable and trustworthy, all available at markets.

Football betting tips are very easy and simple to find. If football lover continually checked a football league, they must have an already clear idea about the season's changes, such as which team is performing well or badly, which players are promising enough and have the potential to guide their team to win, etc.

It also helps and assists to look at on all the football write-ups you can get a hold of. In fact, by reading between the blog, you'll really find out some very important sports betting tips.

Discuss the sport with your friends as because you all share the same interest in football, there are several things you can learn from each other as well.

Happy sporting bet.

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By Admin 27/Jul/2020

Which is the Best Betting Tips Site in the World?

Livebid sporting bets are an online betting site for the cricket market that has been only permitting the rich to become even richer. Following online matches, cricket sports betting experts includes significant upfront fees in the hundreds of rupees per month and the same is a manual process.

Hence; if cricket lovers or bettors miss some recommendations or cannot locate them in your usual betting providers, you won’t recreate the performance of the experts.

World's Best Betting Tips Site :

If cricket fans or lovers are looking for the best free tipsters and their records, we Livebid team invite you to look at our online betting on cricket in the Indian website. For free cricket lovers or fans, just pay them a percentage of your profits.

It’s a recent bet for the super-fast companies, allowing anyone to automatically replicate free bets from some worlds’ best tipsters.

Top 10 Prediction Site in the World :-

With Livebid, day-dreaming cricket fans will depend on people whose principal occupation is to profit from sports online betting. Therefore, these individuals are professionals/experts who rely on data, live statistical analysis, and, more recently, in machine learning to decide where and when to sporting bet. The ones we work with have been consistently profitable and had third-parties verifying their track records before they could enter our online betting platform.

One of our experts told us he doesn’t even know the offside rule. And he has a background in mathematics and profited from sports online betting by making an algorithm that analyses the probability of over 2.5 goals in each match. If the probability is above, the one represented by the betting house odds, he will bet.

In fact, the most surprising thing is that some of them really don’t even enjoy watching sports online.

Hence; we have a strong background of mathematics or physics members to help and assist the numbers of their decision systems.

Accurate Football Prediction Website #1

In the betting company, people will see a list of sports betting professionals and experts, curated by us, and decide which ones you want to follow. For every bet they place, it will automatically place the same sporting bet for you. Then, they just have to place the sporting bets and hopefully see your bankroll increasing – we cannot guarantee that they will make profits every day, but the past performance of our algorithm suggests you will do so as well with our betting tips!

To profit from Livebid, cricket lovers or cricket fans just require subscribing and catering to both their email and phoning number. And our team will send them a daily email with the predictions recommended by the algorithm system. Email Us at :

Therefore, our team learned from our network and experience, and put their efforts into developing machine learning and big data algorithms that compute possibilities for sports betting events, offering us with value bets.

Best Prediction and Tips Site Free #2

Livebid does not pretend to be the best, but we pride ourselves in being the most honest. Its quick links for navigating around and bet super-fast facets and features are good for punters who like leaving things to the last minute. We now fully launched the Android App and iPhone app available for download that delivers the most profitable free betting tips that allow our cric fans and cric lovers to win the betting.

If you are looking for free cricket betting tips, you can check out our online match’s cricket sites for cricket betting tips. The tips you find on the portal can supplement your innate knowledge of the sport and have a glorious time playing the Fantasy Cricket League.

And if people want to get the score details and information before it is appearing on the television, then they must follow our cricket game bet tips site.

Moreover, our Livebid app, they will find cricket tips, odds, predictions, squads, and the latest news.

Betting Tips Site in the World #3

If people want to know all the information about live match scores and details, then they can follow the cricket betting tips website - Livebid which is the best cricket betting app on the App Store.

Once you have decided which online betting cricket tips site to follow add them or bookmark to your list and select the bookies you want to place your sporting bet with. Despite again we regard ourselves to use the Livebid betting site to get the best and honest cricket betting tips and the best odds on your bets.

So, we need to get you started with the today match rate and have time to win-win prizes by following our tips.

Top Prediction Tipster Site : Livebid

Here are such online cricket betting tips from our expert or and cricket professional tipsters covering the English domestic leagues, One Day Internationals Series, Test Matches, and the Top -T20 leagues globally such as the Indian Premier League.

Along with that, people can check out the upcoming cricket fixtures on the official Livebid website.

Hence; you can check out the current offers and promotions on our online betting cricket tips site. And if you are a newcomer to online cricket betting then you may be interested in our guide, which helps and assist you with more advice on cricket betting.

And also read our detailed articles and blogs related to live cricket tips through the Livebid blogs section. In fact, people can see their latest contribution to cricket blogs and recommend them as the best betting tipster. Get here the best football tips for today.

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By Admin 24/Jul/2020

Which is the Best Football Betting Tips Site ?

We cover an enormous range of leagues for our predictions at Livebid best reliable football betting site and live match tips. Some of our football tipsters specialize in specific Satta on today's markets, such as under or over goals, both teams to score. Hence; our football bet tipsters strive for consistency and show profit month after month, whereas other websites look for bigger value bets at higher odds. If football bettors are looking for football tipsters who are both profitable and consistent, then you can view them on our best football tipster Livebid sites as we offer reliable football betting tips to our day-to-day life customers, or newcomers too.

Reliable Free Football Betting Tips :

As live tips for football betting significantly raises the chances of winning and generates extensive interest in sporting bet contests. We are a reliable bookie that strives to create a long-term association with every customer. Do checkout at the tipster’s level takes to profit from the last six months, their strike percent/ rate and other stats, our site members highlight such as this month’s strike rate or winning days in a row to help & assist you to judge if people want to follow the selection or not. Our team guarantees a personal approach with your best interests in mind, easy & simple payment methods, and, what are the most important, hundred percent payouts on all winning bets.

Therefore; most popular YouTube football tips at Livebid site involved-1x2 tips which is known as win-draw-win tips, BTTS stated as both teams to score tips, Result and BTTS, Correct Score tips, First Goalscorer Tips, Total Goals tips, Goal Line tips, Half Time/Full-Time tips, Draw No Bet tips, Double Chance tips, Asian Handicap tips, Half Time Result tips, Clean Sheet tips, Win to Nil tips, Score in both halves tips, Half with most goals tips, 1st Half Goal-line tips, 1st Half Asian Handicap tips and Half Time Correct Score tips, etc.

Tippers offer free tips to attract eye-balls; they also offer a guarantee of winning to gather the attention of serious bettors.

However, there are some top-class options out there that are well worth Join Live Betting Site. The major benefit of our football betting industry is that we offer a unique opportunity to make live bets over football matches.

Do checkout at the tipster’s level stakes profit from the last six months, their strike per cent/ rate and other stats, our site members highlight such as this month’s strike rate or winning days in a row to help & assist you to judge if people want to follow the selection or not.

They are free to make an offer, but the big brother that is the platform keeps a close eye on their activities. Any tipster found to be losing his trust is removed from the list of trusted tippers. We’re creating it for our mission to come up with an extensive list of the best football betting web app - Livebid have to offer.

For every type of market and prediction, football lovers or football fans will see the number of winning tips, percent confidence, star rating and odds. Also, they will see the tip all type of comments below from our top football prediction betting site.

Hence; our site compares football other bookies by a range of such kinds of factors to come up with the top options based on what football punters exactly requires. As a punter, it’s hard to find the motivation to change bookies specifically when it seems there’s only a minor difference in the odds on offer.

13 Reliable Football Betting Prediction and Tips with Livebid

  • Match selection - The broad selection of the match’s event.
  • Reliable process - Fast and reliable football sporting bet processing.
  • Live football event - Alluring, unique opportunity to bet big on the football betting events.
  • Best payment service - Guaranteed payments on all successful sporting bets.
  • High odds - For betting online tips
  • Online Individual football match -  Every customer who wishes to place a bet on football sports.
  • Expert service - A greater level of professional tips service.
  • Customer-oriented service - Proper security and confidentiality for every customer.
  • Trustworthy site - Trustable and reliable.
  • Transparency - We have transparency.
  • Mobile betting app - Hundred percent converts virtual predication into actual money
  • Thousands of offers - Everyday offer bonuses and promotion to get the win.
  • Easy options - Easy deposits and withdrawals.

Making a football bet with our bookmaker is an enjoyable way to test your luck, get a chance and make some money. Whence; hundreds of sports betting websites offer their services to millions of sporting football fans who like to bet on football live match.

Livebid sport betting company stands out among another online bookmaker service. Although our betting company is relatively young, it has already won the trust of several hundred thousand active sports lovers and fans.

We furnish a genuine thrill from a sport, an opportunity to chat/communicate with fellow fans on our page and the chance to get advice and recommendations from professionals and sports experts. Even if you are a beginner, then there is no issue/ problem placing a sporting bet with our company.

Register for Reliable Football Betting Tips :

At Livebid- registering is very easy and fans/lovers can place a bet with one click anytime anywhere. Every day our trader's price up-down more than a hundred events, from well-known to niche.

Our bet website craters detailed rules and instructions, trustworthy online match statistics, and safe and convenient payment gateways. Therefore creating a sporting bet with us is easy.

We take sporting bets on football, tennis, cricket, and casino. Livebid’s team constantly updates and upgrade every type of information related to match outcomes so that people/fans can get results in real-time and the same broad selection of bets provided on our football bet website give each day-dreaming fans the chance to test their boldest predictions.

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By Admin 23/Jul/2020

What is the Best Betting Website?

Cricket is a win-win situation for each and every one. There are dark sides of it like Bet cricket online India but on the other hand too much glamour for youngsters hence; a coin has two sides as well. India is a cricket well- favoring country. Here people emotion attachment with cricket sport if u show any stadium during ODI or T20 mostly stadium full of audience. That’s proving how cricket is spread in Indian people’s blood and here the question is what is the best betting website, so the below point maybe help you to find your answer. India in a lot of young players play whole year but not any common people recognize them but IPL match (IPL 2020 schedule)is a way too talented player limelight through this sports league, it’s the world’s most well-known cricket league so raise our worldwide reputation, Junior players opportunity to take advice from world best players and coaches, New player get a platform to easily enter in an international team such as- Ashwin, Hardik Pandya, Rahane, Bumrah, Manish Panday, Rishabh Pant, etc...

Are you looking for the best betting sites in 2020? Then you have come to the right and exact platform, Livebid. At Livebid we run offers and bonuses, compare, review, and for your benefit. Have a look at our lists and select a favorite team that suits your fancy. Despite the fact, the greater number of sporting bets markets and products we offer at our site and is easy & simple to use, whether you’re looking for your favorite sport, online matches cricket, a live stream, bet on cricket or one of their many offers and promotions and our Livebid app is also very strong.

The live section of Livebid is feasibly where we are best. We list the current live cricket betting app in India markets and once you’ve found the one you’re interested in there is a splendid amount of live match support, meaning people will never have to place an un-educated sporting bet.

Hence; we cater very competitive value across the site but make assure to keep an eye out for the regular free bets and improve odds offers. Overall, Livebid is absolutely and great solid choices who provide all you could want from a major sports-bet.

Whence, the best cricket betting website covers so many things in terms of financial and mental too. Likely, Livebid has provided some brilliant sign up deals and promotions and once you’ve created an account they have some amazing offers for their current customers and new joiners too.

Even without the freebies, we are one of the most generous bookies around globally. We have delivered the best value on Indian Premier League bets for now and our team works hard to keep that record. With a brilliant cricket Satta online site and a huge offering, Livebid is a great bookie to add to your options and choices.

Online Cricket Betting Website - Livebid

The Livebid website is one that you can visit at any time of the day anywhere in the world. We have an extensive amount of cricket bet live markets spread across games, current affairs and even TV shows. All the odds our team offers are strongly priced, but football fans are specifically well-looked after and these prices are easy & simple to access through the well-designed bet on cricket site. In fact, our mobile app is one of the best around so cricket lover or cricket day-dreaming fans can make the most of their many bonuses wherever you are and whenever you like.

We strive to offer you the best data and information available about the only top-tier betting team, which means that out of all players, we only list the trustworthy ones on our website. Why? To make you’re betting as pleasant and easy-going as possible. Livebid blogging platform is mostly directed towards new customer’s cricket lovers betting provide for UK players.

Hence; we always strive to show up you with the best current deals and offers within all the countries we cover.

Several things people do not know about the Livebid online cricket betting website like-

  1. Tipsters can have unique deals and incentives to make you win.
  2. We always do care about the outcomes and deposits.
  3. We never copy odds.
  4. Online betting syndicates are the big winners.
  5. We do have an easy time for each and every customer.
  6. We are safe and secure about everything.
  7. We have transparency.
  8. We trust our clients and always appreciate them.
  9. Shares every news related to the current match.
  10. Also, offers blogs for learners who want to start betting (for a new bettor).
  11. Ease of payment gateway.
  12. Provide daily guidelines and accuracy.
  13. People can increase their earnings.
  14. Get a good chance to win money.

How to Deposit and Withdrawal Money in Betting Website?

Now you can learn everything how to choose a betting site and create an account and which e-wallet is best for a betting website. here I teach you how to deposit and withdraw from betting sites. Just check out below.

How to add money to cricket betting sites?

There are 3 method to deposit in cricket betting site first is credit and debit card (this method is good you don't want to disclose your card detail in gambling site and if you deposit form card then you withdrawal time is up to 7 days its too long period).

Second one is Via bank and bank wire both are similar but many problems. first, you go to a bank then you transfer and amount credit within 1 to 3 working day. 

The Third one is Digital wallet Neteller and Skrill. this is a very simple way to deposit money into the gambling site. I recommended using this one.

Now follow steps and add money in your Livebid betting account :

  • Go to Livebid betting site
  • Then click the deposit button and you are redirected to a payment page
  • Now select Neteller or Skrill option (once again I tell you to use this two only because these are the safe method)
  • Now add amount what you want to add eg $20, $50 or $100 and click submit
  • You redirect to e-wallet transaction page
  • Here you enter your login detail and click pay now
  • You have successfully added an amount in betting accounts

How to withdrawal the amount from betting sites?

There is are 3 options to withdrawal first is Bank Transfer (They will charge INR 600 and min withdrawal is 1000 INR and Max is 3000k and his process time is 2 to 10 banking days). The second is Debit and credit card (This is free but min Rs400 and max 2000k withdrawal and his working time are 1 to 5 days).

The last is an e-wallet (this is a very best option to withdrawal this is free service and min Rs 1000 and max 5000k withdrawal and max time is 12 hours and fully secure no need any verification in this process but if you choose other two option it will ask for verification.

Now follow the below steps and withdrawal your money from betting account:

  • Go to bank option in your account
  • Then click withdrawal
  • Now select withdrawal method Neteller or Skrill
  • You don't need anything when you deposit form these two wallets they automatically save your email id.
  • Then enter you amount eg Rs 1000, Rs 2000 or Rs 3000
  • Click to submit and you have successfully done

Now wait 4 to 12 hours you amount will credit in your wallet.

Another significant source people can use to research cricket betting social site. Following and like the online sports betting site ensures bettors to see how the company communicates and interacts with potential and current clients/customers, catering to them another level of trust and the necessary knowledge required to create the right decision when the time comes to select one.

Hence; we are very responsive on Telegram, you can see that we really care about our customers and want to resolve their issues in a timely and efficient & effective manner. Livebid not only provides access to INR currency for online cricket betting but also lets the bettors use Paytm for transactions of money.

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How do I get to start cricket match betting online ?

Successful online betting sites for cricket needs discipline, sound money management coupled with the capability to consistently point out the betting value. Livebid has a unique live comfort zone that shows in a separate window which is categorized by sporting bet so cricket or sports bettors can choose and customize it the way they want. There is a plentiful variety of sports provided for today match rate, BSF bet login which involve a lot of extra markets. We have also a filter where bettors or cricket lovers and fans can see which of that attractive feature in live streaming. Another special feature of Livebid’s live betting comfort is that bettors can see they are pending and settled sporting bets straightly.

Hence; Livebid cricket is a great online platform with attractive graphics and game animations that recreate real-world cricket area. Apart from cricket, here are also a great number of card games, slots, video casino and many progressive jackpots. We also offer a live casino with live dealers for Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat as well. Our end-Users can pick their favorite dealer and table from the best list of available selections.

Livebid offers great coverage, involving all the big sporting bets and events worldwide. Players or bettors will find almost every European football league or any other sports bets they are looking for, and for the major leagues, there is also coverage for lower divisions. We also offer cricket betting for specials like next manager and non-sport events like Global Awards, Celebrities betting specials, TV Show Winners and many more exciting sporting bets. In fact, their odds are usually competitive; for football odds are sometimes the best available.

Extra features of our bookies that we involve live scores statistics and results of sports. In case players need assistance there is an also section on the right-hand side with cricket betting help and assist, an FAQ, email and live chat contact.

We are in the new at Cricket Satta Baazar in order to provide a greater betting experience to its bettors or players. Our web home page connects visitors and audiences to all the day’s sporting highlights and betting offers and promotions.

Whence; there are a lot of useful and attractive tools like sports statistics, a sporting bet calculator, and results with the latest scores and results from dozens of sports and leagues around the world.

Cricket lovers or its day-dreaming die heat fans can enjoy the advantage of watching some of those sports events and concerts live through our free video service over the webpage.

Football League Series -A, and other sports like casino, tennis and are streamed live from each and every day. Despite the fact, we also cover the majority of sporting events from all over the world with a good choice of betting markets and caters competitive odds for football and horse racing in particular.

We also offer a great selection of betting specials like next football manager, political betting, betting for reality shows and much more. Due to ever-rising popularity on the Indian sub-continent, live cricket betting is regarded as the second most popular sport globally and as such gives the average bookies three hundred and sixty-five days a year in which he or she can bet on cricket online anytime anywhere in the world.

Modern-day live/ Online betting cricket is unrecognizable from its humble beginnings in southern England back in the late 16th century. Hence; the sport is still played with a bat, a ball, two sets of stumps and eleven players per side, but on cricket as a sport is forever changing as each year passes.

Traditional ball cricket played with players in white clothing on a typical long English summers afternoon looks like a far cry away from the big-bash, bold nature of the ever-popular Twenty20 series smash-a-ton that is the Indian Premier League with its bright and attractive flashing lights, a white ball, colored clothing, cheerleaders and players being sold to franchises for millions of dollars a season.

Hence; at Livebid- people can start live betting anytime according to them. Considering thing is that- What cricket tournaments can cricket lover bet on? Firstly we require differentiating between domestic and international cricket series.

Let us start off focusing on the international side of the sport. As explained above, there are such recognized formats of the sport that are played out between Full and Associate member nations which is governed by the International Cricket Council as well.

Such as- Betting On Test Cricket, Betting On One Day Cricket, Betting On T20 Cricket, and Other Cricket Formats.

At Livebid- is a short and sweet list with the steps people require to complete in order to be able to start betting on cricket online:

  1. Firstly select a betting site and create a betting account.

  2. Then choose a deposit option and create an account.

  3. The third one is deposit funds/money in the same betting account.

  4. Last but not least learn about betting Odds and place cricket sporting bets.

Hence; if people want to be successful sports, online cricket bettor, then understanding the probability expressed in cricket betting odds is very critical. Put into simple words, people increase their chances of being a profitable long term cricket bettor, if they understand the probabilities expressed in betting odds and know how to convert odds to their implied possibility.

The key to successful Online cricket betting is in creating more accurate assessments of a given outcome’s likelihood than those have shown in bookmaker betting odds. If you do this consistently, you will be betting value and cricket staking strategies, read our blogs and articles and place your sporting bets with us.

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