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By Admin 04/Aug/2020

What Are Some Good and Free Sports Betting Sites in India?

There are vast amounts of betting sites to choose from when you're looking to place online cricket betting. You can select any good and free sports betting sites in India. However, it is not as simple as it may sound. There are a lot of things you need to consider before picking a site. Those factors decide which sites you should consider to place bets online. There are sites that are user friendly for the customers in India. They accept Indian National Rupees as currency for transactions. After looking at so many factors that are important in choosing sites which are good and reliable for cricket betting are, bet365, betway, and many more. But out of them, the site that is my favorite is

All these sites are licensed, trustworthy, safe, and secure. They also have good customer help rankings. The best feature about is that it offers PayTM and bank transfer as money transactions medium. It also accepts funds in INR. They also offer many betting options on different sports which include cricket, football, etc. Many sites help their customers by helping and guiding them to place bets if they are beginners. 

There are a plethora of sites available free sports betting sites in India that offer lucrative offers to the customers such as Betway, Bet365, Royal Panda, livebid and many more but out of them, all livebid is the best. They also help them whenever the customers are in need.

The above-listed sites cover all the aspects which have been talked above and are the most reliable site for betting. These sites cover matches starting from small leagues to big large scale tournaments. For them, nothing is more important than their customer's safety and they won't keep it on the sake of some credits.

If you want to enjoy betting on Livebid, you can trust any of them. But as I already stated above, go with livebid as it is the most reliable and trustworthy site with excellent past performance. It covers almost every sport across the world. It stands second to none in regards to events coverage all different leagues of sports. It has also got the best video streaming for most of the sports.

Here are some good and free sports betting sites in India : has got customer care supports which typically replies within minutes 24*7. It also provides customers with a wide range of markets within the sports. Good sports betting sites in India for live betting odds on market are a little questionable at times which look unfair but it's never too short on underdogs. One can always find value bets since they provide a wide range of markets which is an opportunity for bettors.

Other than, Betway is one good platform for placing online bets. They are very user friendly and great for beginners. They have a huge selection of odds on cricket and other sports. Another site for free and safe online betting is leovegas. They have a huge selection of odds on cricket and other sports. They have a huge selection of casino betting in Indian games and they are user friendly as well with good sports betting sites in India.

One another good platform fit online betting is Bet365. They have convenient deposit options for Indian players as they accept funds in Indian National Rupees along with many other payment methods such as bank transfer, PayPal, credit card, the debit card just like They have a great selection of casino games with free sports betting sites in India. Bet365 provides free Live Streaming for all customers.

No matter what sites you choose, it is very important to go with a licensed one. You can go with any of the good and free sports betting sites in India.

But why not start with the best. Register on free and good sports betting site - Livebid and start getting right away.

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Betting Site in India: Guide for Best Online Betting in 2020

There are a number of different ways to place wagers on sporting events. These include using bookmaking shops or telephone betting services. Since the development of the internet, sports betting online has become incredibly popular. Indeed, the most common way for people to bet on sports today is via the web.

There are literally hundreds of sports betting sites where you can place your wagers online. Most of the traditionally large bookmakers and sportsbooks operate sites, and there have also been many new companies enter the marketplace too. Using these sites is far and away the most convenient way to bet on sports, and offers several other advantages too. And it’s really easy to get started. You just need to choose a site, set up an account and deposit some funds. Then you’re ready to go.

Not everyone is familiar with how online sports betting works though, despite its popularity. With this in mind, we have compiled this comprehensive guide to online sports betting. It features some useful and interesting articles, which we’ve listed below, and a step by step guide to getting started. There are also some helpful tips for betting online, and details of our recommended sites.

A Step by Step Guide - How to Start Betting Online

We’ve already mentioned how placing your bets online is easy. It is, in fact, the easiest way to bet – by quite some distance. There are many sports betting sites on the web and they are mostly really simple to use. With the more recent development of mobile betting sites, you can even place wagers using your smartphone or other mobile devices.

However, there are still many people who are reluctant to give online sports betting a try. This is often simply because they don’t really know how to get started. If this sounds like you, the following step by step guide should help you through the process.

Choose a Reliable Betting Site

Example: Livebid

Once you have decided to try online sports betting, the very first thing you need to do is choose which site to use. You could be forgiven for thinking this is the easy part, but it really isn’t. The sheer number of sites available means it is something of a challenge to pick one that is right for you.

You could simply pick one at random of course, but this is not a good approach. Most sites are perfectly safe and trustworthy, but they are not all of the same standards. You really want to choose one of the best, and also make sure that it’s suitable for your own needs. This means putting some thought into the decision of where to bet.

Here are some of the questions you should try to answer before making this decision.

  • Is the site reputable?
  • Does it cover all the sports you want to bet on?
  • Are your preferred deposit options available?
  • Can you deposit and bet in your local currency?
  • Do the minimum or maximum deposits/stakes suit your bankroll?
  • Can you bet on your mobile device?
  • What are the bonuses and rewards?
  • Is live betting available?
  • Are the odds and lines competitive?

There are not the only questions to ask, but they cover the biggest factors that you might want to take into account. Not all of these factors will apply of course, depending on your preferences, but most of them are worth considering. Perhaps the easiest way to select a site is simply to take a look at our recommended sports betting sites. We have ranked the leading sites in several different categories, including the following.

We’ve ranked the best sites by region too. This is because the right site for an Indian, for example, might not be the right site for an American. We’ve also written detailed reviews of all the sites that we recommend, so you can find out exactly what they all have to offer before selecting one to join. You view all our rankings and all our reviews on the following pages.

Open An Account

Having chosen where to bet, the next step is to open an account. This is neither difficult nor time-consuming. All you have to do is visit the homepage of the site you want to join, and look for a button or link that says “join now” or something similar.

Most sites display these buttons and links in obvious spots, so they’re not hard to find. Having clicked on the button or link, you’ll be taken to a signup page.

Here you’ll have to enter a few personal details. Typically, the following will be required.

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Home Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address

You may also have to choose a username and password, although these are automatically generated at some sites. If you do have to choose them, please make sure that they are hard to guess. It’s unlikely that someone will gain unauthorized access to your account, but you don’t want to make it easy for any potential hackers.

Make a Deposit

With an account opened you’re almost ready to start betting. There’s one more step to go through, and that’s depositing some funds. Again, this is an easy process. Look for a button or link that says “cashier”, “deposit funds”, “my account”, or something along those lines.

There will usually be a choice of methods for making a deposit, such as the following.

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • E-wallets (Paytm, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, etc.)
  • Money Transfer (Western Union etc.)
  • Bank Wire
  • Check

To make a deposit, you simply have to select which method you want to use and then enter the relevant details. Funds will typically be transferred for immediate use. When making an initial deposit at a site, remember to check if there’s a signup bonus available.

There may be an extra step or two you have to take to claim it, such as entering a bonus code, for example, so be sure to follow any instructions carefully.

Enjoy Betting and Start Earning

You can start placing wagers now that you have a fully funded betting account. As with all the other steps in this guide, this is usually very straightforward. Most sites display a list of different sports, and clicking on each sport will bring up a list of the currently available betting markets. The selections for each market will be displayed along with their odds.

Also Know : The Most Reliable Site for Betting

Once you’ve made a selection, it will be added to the betting slip. You must then enter the amount you wish to stake and confirm the bet. The appropriate amount of funds will be deducted from your account at that point. Successful wagers will be paid out automatically, straight into your betting account.

Advice & Tips for Online Betting in India

The following tips and tips will help to ensure that you have a positive online betting experience in India. None of them will guarantee you win any money of course, as there simply are no guarantees in that regard, but they can improve your overall chances. Perhaps more importantly, they’ll simply help you to enjoy yourself.

Set a Budget

This piece of advice is extremely important and applies to all forms of gambling whether online or offline. It’s possibly easier to get carried away when gambling online though, so the setting of a budget really is vital. The actual size of the budget doesn’t matter per se, but it should absolutely be an amount that you can afford to lose. It’s obviously also important to then stick to the set budget. We offer some advice on the best ways to do this in our article on managing your money in Indian sports betting.

Compare Odds & Lines

You should always be looking to get the best possible value from your wagers, and that means finding the best possible odds and lines. This is easy to do online, as sites advertise the odds and lines they offer for all their betting markets. So all you need to do is shop around, and find the best option for each wager you want to place. This is one reason why it’s advisable to have accounts at more than one betting site.

Read the Rules

The rules relating to most wagers are relatively straightforward, but they can vary a little from one site to the next. You should always be fully aware of all the rules for any wagers that you place so that you know exactly what will happen in any given outcome. If you don’t know the rules, then it’s not really possible to determine whether a wager is worth placing or not. It’s also important to read the terms and conditions relating to a bonus or promotional offer. Many an online bettor has missed out some extra value simply by not completely understanding the terms of a bonus or promotion. That’s not a mistake you want to make.

Try Live Betting

Another big advantage of betting online in India is that it provides the opportunity to try live betting or in-play betting. This is where you can place wagers on events while they are actually taking place, rather than beforehand. Live betting is enormous fun, very exciting, and offers even more chances for making some money.

Withdraw Some Winnings

If all goes according to plan then you should find that there are some winnings in your online account at some point. It’s usually advisable to withdraw at least some of them when this is the case. There’s nothing wrong with using profits to grow your bankroll too, but it’s nice to actually have something to show for your success. Don’t withdraw everything and spent it all straightaway though. There may be times where you hit a bad patch, and results don’t go your way. It’s nice to have a bit of extra money to fall back on when this is the case.

Look Out for Special Offers

Many sports betting sites frequently run special offers and promotions. These can come in a variety of different forms, such as enhanced odds or cashback on certain wagers for example. They are well worth looking out for, as they often provide some worthwhile extra value. Sites generally give you the option to subscribe to a newsletter, or to receive regular updates regarding special offers and promotions. Make sure that you take this option, as it’s the easiest way to keep track of what’s available and avoid missing out.

Why Choose: Livebid as to Best Online Betting Site in India

We are the most popular sports betting site when online betting lovers look at the homepage of our betting sites, they may notice is that the screen is very narrow. It doesn’t enlarge all the way to the border of the screen like most other online betting sites. This is due to the fact that Livebid is highly mobile optimized.

  • They have really put multiple efforts into becoming the number one online mobile gambling provider in the world and India. However, they know very well that a lot of online sports betting lovers or people are playing on a mobile phone or a tablet, so they are trying to appeal specifically to these people. If you prefer to play on a computer, that still works totally fine as well. This involves several variants of the online sports betting match as well as some IPL matches, world cup matches, etc.
  • And last but not least, we have the VIP section too. Playing in the best Indian VIP section sports betting site is an incredibly amazing experience, but the stakes are higher, so people have to be aware of that before they put a lot of money on the betting as well.
  • We definitely recommend that you try it out once and enjoy betting. The VIP section provides one of the most authentic online sports betting experiences on the market.
  • This pretty much covers all the sports that you can find in the vast our online betting, however, we highly recommend that you go and check it out for yourself, in order to see just how massive it is.
  • To give you a flying attractive start, we even have exclusive online sports betting welcome bonus that you can make use of. Moreover, the online betting a hundred percent deposit bonus provided at our site is enough to get any sports bettor or player started. Hence; to claim the bonus, use our bonus code. Besides the welcome bonus offer details and information.
  • If you scroll down at our site, people can find more information on the bonus terms that are associated or connected with the offer and discount. Do not worry, we also offer our unbiased opinion on the bonus quality.
  • Whether you’re a passionate sports bettor or a casual one, a high roller or somebody who likes to place a small online bet once in a while, the bonus offer and discounts fit all profiles of sports bettors.
  • If you open an account with us you can get a 50% matched deposit bonus of up to 2000-3000/- Indian rupees. Simply create a deposit using our promo code which is shown in the site and then to activate this bonus offer. Then, live sporting bet your deposit amount on singles or combos with odds of minimum.
  • When cricket lovers logs in to the Livebid - online sports betting account, you can access all the top cricket markets quickly and easily via the top events and promotions section on the left-hand side as well as the right one. At the time of writing,


Finally, through our blog, you must have found the Guide of how to choose the Best Online Sports Betting Sites in India. Remember this website, it should be mentioned that the Indian Sports betting market is under constant development with no sign of slowing down.

From our experts' Best betting guide for online casino games 2020. So if this inspires you and you want to enjoy a piece of it.

Place multiple sports bets at a Single Online Sports Betting Platform:- Sign Up Now!

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Livebid : The Most Reliable Site for Betting

OK, so you might have guessed Livebid the most reliable site for betting. In the interest of privacy, we shall remain a mystery of a trusted betting site!

What we can tell you is we've been a fan of sport all my life, and had my share of ups and downs betting on anything that races, runs, or has balls, quite! During the many trials and tribulations of my betting life, we have picked up many great tips and systems along the way.

Having become something of a connoisseur of the theory and mathematics of sports betting we have formulated many interesting strategies, and over time we will share them with you. We will also give you my thoughts on any new ideas to discover along the way of the sports betting.

Most Reliable Site for Betting - Livebid

The Livebid website was developed to open my thoughts to the world as well as publishing high-quality articles, news with the most reliable betting site that may make you more profitable on your own betting journeys.

Betting, a natural source of income where one can place bets and win money sitting at home. Surely, it comes with a lot of risks and issues. When a person thinks of creating a betting account online, many questions arise in his mind, which is, of course, the best betting sites in India.

The biggest concern is if the site is authentic or licensed? And such doubts keep arising in your mind which keeps you in dilemma. If you are looking for a site to place bets, which is both safe and licensed with an excellent past record, there’s no better option than livebid.

Livebid is the best and the safest site for an online most reliable site for betting. I believe it is the most reliable betting site, you should think of most trusted betting sites on. If you’re concerned about the security of online most trusted betting sites, this site will alarm you by its working. Login on the Livebid for the most loyal website and the security of its users is its first and foremost priority. It offers various chances to its customers to pour their trust in it.

Here, on livebid you can bet on almost every sport of your interest. Whether it is the most popular one which is cricket, or some another one, livebid has it all. Just choose a favorite sport and bet. gives various attractive offers to its customers which helps them place free bets and win extra money.  Not only this, since, but the convenience of its customers is also their first priority, livebid accepts payment through PayTM and bank transfers.

Whenever the question of its security will arise, livebid will always be there to provide its customers with the best of their services. The general question that arises in the minds of people if the site will ever misguide you which would leave you losing your money, but livebid always stays loyal to their customers and would never want to lose their customers for certain matches of tricks on the most reliable betting website.

In betting you either win money or lose it which is okay up to the extent that you lose your money along with your personal information. So, always assures the best security to protect the identity of all its bidders. There is no fear of losing it if you are betting on livebid, because we are the most trusted betting sites in India.

The registration on livebid is also quite easy. You just need to follow a few simple steps and you’re all set to bet ad win money. Since livebid is an Indian site, it also accepts funds in Indian Currency and is very convenient to use.

If any help watch YouTube videos. Follow us on Facebook for daily updates on betting.

One more feature of livebid is that its account segment on the site enables you to keep an eye on your funds. You can easily transfer funds and withdraw them anytime you want through sources like Netteler. If you want to Sign Up on the free largest reliable betting site, there’s nothing which you should worry about, be it your funds, any practice, your security, or anything.

Just relax and bid happily without any extra pressure on

If you are on, you are in safe hands.

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Is the Registration on Livebid Difficult?

Livebid as known is the best site for online betting, one fact that people generally are not aware of is its registration process. But this is not true at all registration on livebid is very simple and there’s no rocket science involved. There’s a myth that the registration on sites like is quite hectic, time-consuming, and lengthy. 

To make an account just registration on livebid :-

To start with, you will need to click on the registration link and click on the Join Now OR Register option.

You just need to follow a few steps, and you are there :

After clicking the option, you need to fill up your information such as name, your email address, your physical address, date of birth, any document which verifies that you’re 18+, your country along with any username of your choice and a password. Registration on livebid is so easy. 

After it, you can opt for a security question of your own choice which can be anything of your preference like ‘what is the name of my high school?’ or ‘what is my favorite food?’ or anything. It is done to verify your security which is done to ensure your own safety. You can also get qualified for availing offers such as free bets through the registration link only.

If any problem in opening a betting account check : How Do I Get Livebid Account?

You will also get an option to fill up the details of your credit card but you don’t need to fill them unless you have registered yourself up or you want to deposit some funds. You can go through the terms and conditions or how livebid works on the registration link itself.

Related Post : Is It Possible to Bid From India?

There you can also know about the minimum funds which are required to place bets on livebid and some other necessary information required. After filing the information, just click on Join Now or Submit. And you are all set to go the best online betting account registration.

Since now you are done with your submission of the registration form you can now deposit funds to place any bet. Now you need to specify your payment mode if you haven’t filled up your credit card details in the registration form.

Registration for Online Betting on Livebid : accepts many payment options that you can choose to make payments and for your funds as per your convenience. Now that you are all set to place bets on livebid as you are done filling up your details and registering yourself, you are all set to try your luck and win money.

Know More : Methods of Payment at Livebid 

There are certain rules that you will need to follow to avail or qualify for a free bet. You have to maintain a minimum amount in your account to place bets and later on avail free bets.

If you want to keep track of the amount of money in your livebid account or want to check on your funds you can click on the account option on the site itself. Through this option, you can not only regulate your funds in your account but you can also deposit money anytime.

You want to opening a betting world account anytime as per your wish. Register now at :

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Can Anyone Make a Living Through Sports Betting by Earning on Livebid? is one of the largest and the best reliable sites in the Indian subcontinent. It offers multiple ways to make a living sports betting with a profit and make money on many or almost every sport which includes cricket, football, horse racing, and many more. If you are planning to register yourself on livebid for online betting, you will find it the most profitable betting site. You can avail yourself of many offers which it keeps offering time and again and get bet refunds. The game of online betting is a lot of skills and a bit of luck, but once you start using livebid you will find that luck is with you every time when making a living sports betting.

There are a few steps that you need to follow before entering the livebid world. You can register on betting site and open a betting account up with any of the payment choices, be it any card that you have. It also gives you an option to transfer funds through the most common ways which are bank transfer and PayTM.

Make A Living Sports Betting Return : 

Livebid keeps offering you various attractive offers which can help you win a huge amount of money. Online betting on games is a direct source of income where you can earn money sitting at home. There is a problem with many sites that they accept only a few particular currencies which leaves their customers ending up with losing more money in betting due to the currency conversions. Here at livebid you don’t have to worry about that since this is not the case here.

Since nothing worth having comes without any cost, earning money here also requires something. All you need to do is invest a bit and make a living sports betting, you can win huge sums of money in a single game. There is nothing such as rocket science in making a living sports betting on Livebid.

Registering yourself in betting platform up on livebid comes with minus risk. The registration process is quite simple and not at all hectic. Livebid keeps notifying its customers whenever a new match or league comes up.

Also Check : Can I bet and win real money

You can combine your money with some teams and other bidders and can guarantee your win and win money at zero risks. Earning money at livebid is quite or rather very easy than other sources and sites.

Now that there is a great atmosphere for sports. A lot of people are getting involved in this industry nowadays. There are numerous events and matches which keep getting organized at various scales, there are abundant chances of placing bets and winning money.

Opportunity for making a living sports betting :

The main concern that arises is of safety and security. Livebid is a licensed online sports site for betting in various national and international matches in a wide variety of sports where you can choose any sport of your choice and place bets.

It provides various services that make it the most popular and reliable betting site among bidders. Neither you lose your money here due to failure of the site nor there is any problem in getting the money you have won when make a living sports betting online.

If you are bidding through, just know that you are bidding with the best site to earn an income and that you are bidding with the best.

Livebid never compromises on its customers’ personal identity and money.

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By Admin 19/Jun/2020

Betting App for Big Bash and Bangladesh Premier League?

Those who are fans of sports surely know about big bash and Bangladesh premiere league. Big bash is the counterpart of the Indian Premiere League and Bangladesh Premier league is one of the top 10 watched leagues in the world.  The league is based in Australia and is also held for women. There are various sites which place bets for both the leagues. There are a total of 8 teams that participate in this league. Given the importance and scale of these leagues, betting on these leagues is something to look forward to.  Some of them are betway, bodog and

Though all sites are good and convenient for betting online but livebid is the best of them all. It is very customer friendly. The registration is quite easy which can be done by following a few simple steps.

Livebid is the safest and most reliable site of all. If one is looking forward to place online bets the first concern arises is of safety and security. It is very secure and keeps its customers’ safety and convenience as its first priority.

We covers almost every sport which are both national and international. Big Bash League and Bangladesh Premiere League are few of them.  One can easily register himself up on it and make money. The reason that supports the fact that it is the most convenient site for online betting is the feature that it accepts payments through various modes which are very easy to use and are being used by a lot population. 

If there’s a doubt arising in your mind regarding anything before registering yourself on, which obviously is, very genuine, the legitimacy of the site will always be there to solve them. There are obviously many sites which are there where you can place bets online, but gives you various offers which will make you eligible to place free bets and win money.

There are also some sites which are not safe enough. They can keep the security of their customers on sake, but works on its some principles. It won’t ever take them for granted and keep them on sake just for some credits and extra benefits. The security of their customers’ personal details and their money is bigger and more important for more than anything.

There are various other sites that too engage their customers and the bidders exceptional chances to pour in their trust they have into them and keep that trust stuck forever. accepts various currencies for bidding and various modes for payments too such as PayTM and bank transfer which are very easy to use.  One can easily deposit funds in their account and place an online bets. If you are in some doubt or want to keep check on the funds in your account, you can easily do so by going to its account tab on the betting site. You can also withdraw money anytime you want.

Livebid is the most convenient, easy and loyal site for online betting. It is the best site for international sports and matches which include Big Bash League.

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Can I Bet and Win Real Money?

With thousands of online matches cricket matches available to bet and win real money online, players can easily find themselves unintentionally playing sports with good returns. Livebid, Betway, Bet365, Royal Panda, Unibet etc. are such sites that help players or cric lovers find the best bonuses and rewards, and the top games to play. Their expert reviews team recommends the best real money live betting site and the ones to avoid, and where to find the best gaming experience.

Win Real Money Online Free by Betting :

The best place in India as the rules on betting there are very liberal if you are betting online. Despite this, yes anybody can bet over a live betting match and win a lot of money too. There is no big issue to place a bet and the same it does base on where you live though and your access to bookmakers and betting exchanges as well. This is where Livebid highlights entire the current promotions that they are running, managing, and keeping.

As we land on the front page of Livebid, the main point we notice is how neat and organized everything is. The color scheme is very pleasant and soothing to look at. And the attention is now diverted to the center of the screen where we have a promotion slider, offers and discounts codes.

Hence; we have got some really amazing promotions going on, which we will take a closer look at later. One thing we notice is that all the prices are denominated in Indian Rupees.

Easy Bet and Win Real Money Online :

We start to wonder what currencies are accepted here at our site, but as they scroll down the page, the answer becomes clear: there is a small banner which shows that Indian rupees are accepted over here so it is betting on sport is quite easy and simple. It looks like the live betting site has just started to accept rupees very recently. Such betting site provides all the modern games and functions that cricket lovers or cricket fans expect from a state of the art betting site. The platform is minimalistic and easy & simple to navigate, it’s reliable and it works every time.

Check Now : How Do I Get Livebid Account?

As bookies players, we are of course very happy with this development. We are perhaps one of the better online betting sites for Indian players. Not only do we provide a large area of online cricket betting and horse racing, but they also permit you to stream many matches live. This is the best appealing feature that many Indian players would enjoy.

No matter what kind of sport or game they are looking for, it can most likely be found on live betting sites. In addition, they offer live sports with a very low barrier to entry. They can start playing live bet with as little as a hundred rupees too. Online betting on cricket in India has a point only if the real money is involved. In order to enjoy the betting product at live betting sites, people will have to make a deposit at some point in time.

Best Real Money Gambling :

This is a unique kind of game that permits people to bet on the outcome of one or several matches, and if they win, they split the jackpot with all the other winners. Of course, they also allow you to deposit rupees, making it easy and cheap for them to use Livebid as the main online betting site in India who deals in Indian Rupees (INR).

Moreover, people can also see a list of the currencies which are accepted at the live betting sites involves - PayPal, Neteller, Phone Pay, Skrill, Credit cards, Net banking, etc. Below you can find the full list of deposit and withdrawal options as well. Know method of payment at Livebid.

Even if they like to claim the welcome discount or offer, they will have to deposit with your credit/debit card, or by using the services of the online banking payment provider. Live sport bets customer base spans across continents. And it’s stated for extended payment options.

Win real money by betting at Livebid and withdraw your money as fast from other betting sites :

  1. Get sports betting offer when Signup on Livebid
  2. Use offer for betting in sports and casino games
  3. Watch Live match and bet on them
  4. Play and win real cash 
  5. Earn money online and withdraw 

Despite, in a better experience, even bookmakers usually have a lot of a loyalty or VIP program that keeps the punters to win real money and more. They’re rather common at online live cricket gambling companies because it’s their only way of showing their appreciation and their gratitude to their customers.

Although online betting games are very different from online sports betting, punters deserve loyalty rewards as well. The main thing’s certain; there are random daily picks that will get the mind off of thinking about an Livebid VIP scheme for betting expect random free bets as well!

Besides live cricket game streaming, such live betting sites offer this interesting appealing feature that can come in handy. In another word, placing a bet is not that bad and hard, people just go with the flow of match series.

It offers visual information for the hot spots on the pitch. And enjoy their winnings as online live bet and win real cash is extremely famous amongst avid punters or daydreaming cric lovers or fans that are always on the lookout for easy and best betting opportunities.

Hence; we’ll help and assist you to make your money and game-play go further. With that said, we will now have a look at our online live betting website and platform and go through all the sports and promotions they offer step by step visit our site livebid.

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Best Betting Sites Using PayTM and Bank Transfer | Livebid

Online betting is something very popular in the world right now. Want to bet online check this blog: Best sites for betting sites using PayTM and bank transfer. It is a direct source of money where you can place bets and win. Earlier, fewer people used to get involved in it but now a large percentage of the population uses and places your bets by using PayTM and bank transfer. The reason why it wasn't much popular and fewer people used to bet online was the payment mode.

Generally, sites would accept international transaction methods which of course not everybody was aware of. People had this constant fear of facing loss due to the international currency conversions system and would not want to get involved with issues of such transactions. But nowhere is the such as Livebid which not only is quite favorable as this depends but so use modes of transactions such as PayTM and bank transfer keeping their customer's convenience as their first preference. These funds can be withdrawn anytime using Neteller.

What happens with an online betting site using international currency and other modes of payments is that

  1. It is not always convenient for the bidders.
  2. There is this constant fear of losing more money because of international currency conversion.
  3. Payment withdrawal and deposit is your wish with PayTM or Bank transfer use. 

Best Betting Site that Using PayTM and Bank Transfer : makes sure its customers don't face such issues and can bid happily. Livebid accepts transactions with Paytm and Bank transfers making online betting for customers very feasible. Since each and everyone here is now acquainted with online money transfer using PayTM and online banking systems, they can easily transfer money and deposit funds.

Betting Site that Using PayTM :

Now a day's everybody uses PayTM and knows the online banking transfer (IMPS), it is very convenient for them to transfer funds and place bets. This is a licensed site which excellent past performances. The security of its customers has always been its first priority.

Also Know : How Do I Get Livebid Account?

Livebid never compromises with its ethics and principles. One such principle of it is to ensure it's the customer's convenience. It has never and it will never keep their security for betting sites using PayTM and bank transfer. For any problem in opening an account check Faq Page now. 

What it wants is the customers bid happily without any complications, it gives the customers a benefit of using Paytm and bank transfer for the money transactions to place bets. Since, not all the customers or bidders can use international payment methods, Livebid accepts payments and transactions through Paytm and bank transfer as well.

Betting Site that Using Bank Transfer :

What better than using Paytm and such methods for money transactions which are not at all complicated and transfer your money instantly. There's no one today who doesn't know how to operate it. Betting sites that using bank transfer. It is as simple as calculating 2+2.

There's also one benefit of using this which is you can transfer money or transactions will be done in INR only. Get online sports betting account free Sign Up Now today. accepts INR for transactions and funds for placing bets. Since there's always a fear of money loss due to international currency conversions. Withdraw your amount in by using PayTM and bank transfer. Since livebid accepts Indian currency (INR), it is very favorable for the customers here in India. is the best site for online betting in India with PayTM & bank transfer service.

What else better than betting online with livebid.

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ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in Australia 2020 (Cricket Betting News) - Livebid

Welcome to Livebid cricket betting website. Get the latest cricket scores, news, videos, from around the world, and stay up to date with our live cricket betting news. ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in Australia 2020 cricket live breakout you can watch live on our platform.

We have one of the largest collections of online cricket betting games on the web. If you love online cricket games there is a game for you here at free online cricket games. ICC Men’s T20 World Cup points table breakout that created a broadcast opening record on a star sports network.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) confirmed the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in Australia 2020 has been postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

We have the best platform to watch live match games with live betting on game service in a single platform. Our strong viewership from regional markets is increase betting on games. You can also watch the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in Australia 2020 points table breakout the latest information.

Cricket Betting News :

A the meeting of the IBC Board (the commercial subsidiary of the ICC), windows for the next three ICC men’s events were also agreed to bring clarity to the calendar and give the sport the best possible opportunity over the next three years to recover from the disruption caused by COVID-19.

The windows for the Men’s events are:

  • ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 will be held October – November 2021 with the final on 14 November 2021
  • ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 will be held October – November 2022 with the final on 13 November 2022
  • ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 will be held in India October – November 2023 with the final on 26 November 2023

The IBC Board agreed to continue to monitor the rapidly changing situation and assess all the information available in order to make a considered decision on future hosts to ensure the sport is able to stage safe and successful global events in 2021 and 2022.

The IBC Board will also continue to evaluate the situation in relation to being able to stage the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2021 in New Zealand in February next year. In the meantime, planning for this event continues as scheduled.

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in Australia 2020 :

According to the Managing Director - Steve Elworthy, ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, Managing Director, Steve Elworthy added: "We have undertaken a comprehensive and complex contingency planning exercise and through this process, our number one priority has been to protect the health and safety of everyone involved in the sport.

“The decision to postpone the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup was taken after careful consideration of all of the options available to us and gives us the best possible opportunity of delivering two safe and successful T20 World Cups for fans around the world.

“Our members now have the clarity they need around event windows to enable them to reschedule lost bilateral and domestic cricket. Moving the Men’s Cricket World Cup to a later window is a critical element of this and gives us a better chance of maintaining the integrity of the qualification process. This additional time will be used to reschedule games that might be lost because of the pandemic ensuring qualification can be decided on the field of play.

“Throughout this process, we have worked closely with our key stakeholders including governments, Members, broadcasters, partners, and medical experts to enable us to reach a collective decision for the good of the game and our fans. I would like to thank everyone involved for their commitment to a safe return to cricket.”

News source:-

Live betting at livebid sports games experience for fans during the ongoing ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in Australia 2020.

Point table ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in Australia 2020 breakout better than Prithvi Shaw, a bit like Brian Lara, a bit like Kane Williamson. World cup cricket standings breakout that’s according to India legend Sourav Ganguly, who spoke to India. High praise indeed, and it’s not hard to see why Ganguly thinks so.


With Hyderabad setting Punjab a lofty 337 to win, they would have been hopeful of wrapping up the game rather quickly. India world cup breakout, but Gill had other ideas. 148 runs at nearly a run a ball meant his innings took Punjab desperately close to forcing an unlikely win. This World Cup has seen, on average, more runs being scored, continuing the trend of incremental addition.

Cricket fanatic is best for cricket world cup standings favorite thing becomes the national on our betting games. We are hosted the best online betting sites ICC Cricket World cup this summer. As part of the biggest opening invite for India’s first match again. Live score ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in Australia 2020 match Breakout.

Have fun and please visit again soon and live bet on sports games!

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Online Bookie Sports Betting Games to Deal with Livebid

At the big online sports betting company, we are passionate about providing sport betting games, earning well, and increase your income health with bookie sports betting games. We want to support you live on your individual journey and help you to easily game mania sport betting your daily income in online sports betting games. The Livebid is far more than just another sports bookie website – It’s a statement about where you are right track or platform and where you want to go in the future.  The people that choose Livebid Company that are ready for sports betting and game service provider easily live life to the fullest of the fun.

Bookie Sports Betting Games Online :

Our online bookie sports betting games are ready to embrace every moment and dream bigger with each new day. Gaming market in search of profitable solutions we offer to the clients. Our bookie sports live game with multi-platform instant messaging help with a user base of 89+ people plays bookie sports betting games worldwide.

Check Video:- How to Sign up on livebid online bookie sports betting games?

Let's understand what is bookie - According to Investopedia, The term bookie is short or slang for "bookmaker." A bookie is someone who facilitates gambling, most commonly on gambling events. A bookie sets odds, accepts, and places bets, and pays out winnings on behalf of other people.

If you want to read more related to the sports betting simulation game with the history of online games then we suggest you go at Wikipedia, and learn operational procedures of games, sports betting game rules, legality, internet gambling with all range of events.

Bookie Sports Betting Games :

Online gambling is illegal in India. Although the government stance on betting has made less strict in some of the states. In recent years, there are still strict restrictions for scientific games sports betting on the maximum amount.

Read Our Blog:- Is Gambling on Online Betting Site in India Legal?

Legally illegal, but you can bet online in India. “According to the Public Gambling Act (1867), all kinds of gambling in India are illegal,” said Vikrant Pachnanda, a Delhi high court advocate and managing editor of India Law Journal, a periodical that expresses views on topical legal issues. Source:- Hindustantimes

Livebid online bookie sports betting game business is to produce a hot game. Sports betting games today a remains challenge to find in the market. We launched the online gaming series of live sport betting games android for new users. 

By launching a sports betting game of thrones that are both fun and socially responsible, India has the strength to face increasing external competition on the perfect sports bookie deal with Livebid.

Addition Information:-  Which are the Legal Betting Apps in India?

Livebid sports betting game predictions have resulted in foreign companies entering the country's market and occupying a place. Users want mybookie sports news by tapping on our blog portfolio, and this move is an important step in upgrading its game tips for live bookie sports betting games.

It is reported that our professional betting experts to the bookie sports agent spend millions of dollars on foreign every year only for getting the best tips. Many sports bookies companies do not bear these costs and provide wrong information to the clients/users.

We are regulated many of sports bookie betting game free that, secure and pro feature controlled online by our industry. Our gaming industry is best for investing money online at live games.

According to our sports bookie information experts, the operations are managed by the top companies. After reading this blog in your mind you got a point how should I become a local bookie? Want to bet online if you have sports betting account then login and enjoy the game.

We add content for bookie sports betting games to deal with Livebid about using our live betting platform to gamble in India. Follow us on Facebook.

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Is It Possible to Bid From India?

Online betting is now a day one more source of getting your natural income to bid livebid in the Indian site. It is becoming quite popular in the whole wide world. Though earlier it it possible bid livebid from India, in the world of the 21st century, it is getting quite popular here too. Placing an online bid on sports is not at all complicated and scary. All you need to do is find a trustworthy site where you can bid without any mental pressure. Livebid is one such site. It is the best online betting site in India. You can register here anytime and place bets and win money. The fact that it is an Indian betting site adds cherry to the cake and proves to be very friendly for its customers here in India.

Along with the fact that livebid is an Indian site, the thing that makes it more preferable for the Indian bidders is that it uses Indian payment sites for money transaction. The problem that lies with some international bidding site is they use some international modes for payment which make them less secure for the Indian customers in terms of getting caught by the government here in India.

People are generally in a dilemma of using the best sites and moreover they look for their convenience, bidding sites with free bids Livebid makes it an easy choice for the customers by offering them the option of depositing the funds in Indian Currency (INR) which can be deposited easily and can be withdrawn anytime with the options such as Neteller.

One another problem or one another major concern which can't be compromised at any cost is the security of personal identity and of financial information. Genuine bidding site in India understands that and uses the best and the latest technology to protect their customers from both  India and the rest of the world.

Yes, Possible to bid Livebid from India has a major category of sports where the customers can bet on their favorite sport or any sport of their choice. The most favorite game in India is cricket and covers a wide range of matches to wager bid livebid from India. It covers both domestic and international matches where the customers can bid on easily. Players can access their profile on their Mac or Windows systems.

They can also use tablets or mobile phones to download the livebid app and play. Their registration takes a few minutes. It also includes a verification process that ensures that their account is protected all the time. Not only sports livebid covers other major games also. 

Signup on genuine bidding website livebid to bet online from India. that it is difficult to deposit money and withdraw money on betting sites. Some get worried because sometimes the cross-currency conversions can't be tested all the time. And moreover, not all the sites accept funds in Indian currency. Livebid not only provides this option but also makes sure that the money remains safe.

So, now the Indian consumers can also make bets without any fear of getting trapped as livebid is there to serve them with its best of the services like - bid livebid from India.

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How Do I Get Livebid Account?

Livebid is one of the safest sites for online betting, one can easily trust this site. But, most of the users ask for how do I get livebid account. In this post we can know livebid along with ensuring safety, this site not only one of the most reliable online betting site but also provides you various offers. One can easily register here and make money by placing bets and winning them. One can avail free bets on livebid. Making an account here on livebid is not at all hectic and quite easy.

You just need to follow some steps and after that, you are all set to place bets and win money :

  • To start with, you will need to click on the registration link and click on the Join Now/Register option.
  • On clicking the option, you need to fill up your information such as name, your email address, your physical address, date of birth, any document which verifies that you’re 18+, your country along with any username of your choice and a password.
  • You can also choose a security question such as “What was the name of my primary school?” It is done to make your account more secure verify your identity later.
  • You can also get qualified for availing offers such as free online bets through the registration link only.
  • You will also get an option to fill up the details of your credit card but you don’t need to fill them unless you have registered yourself up or you want to deposit some funds.
  • In the registration form itself, you can read the terms and conditions so that you can know about the working of livebid or the minimum funds you need to maintain in the account or you can know about other necessary information.
  • On the completion of the form, you can click on options as Join now or submit.
  • Now you are done with your submission of the registration form you can now deposit funds to place any bet.
  • Now you need to specify your payment mode if you haven’t filled up your credit card details in the registration form.

Check YouTube video for opening a livebid betting account in India.

Livebid accepts many payment options that you can choose to make payments, check here method of payment options and for your funds as per your convenience. Now that you have filled up all the details and have entered the payment mode you are all set to place bets up to the funds in your account.

There are some rules that you need to follow in order to make use of or qualify for a free bet. There should be a minimum amount of funds in your account to place a bet and later on avail offers and place free bets.

If you want to keep track of the amount of money in your account or want to check on your funds you can click on the livebid account option on the site itself. Through this option, you can not only regulate your funds in your account but you can also deposit money anytime you want or you can withdraw the funds also anytime as per your wish.

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Is Betting on Livebid Safe? Know More Interesting Facts

There’s no denying in the fact that online betting involves a lot of risks as it involves money and security. People think many times before placing an online bet is betting on livebid safe? There’s a risk of losing money and not getting the winning money. They think that online betting sites simply can’t be trusted And there's also a reason you should. Over time a lot of sites have been caught who have been found disappearing with customer’s money safe, not paying the winners, not paying the withdrawal on time, and many more. It's about people and therefore looking for a betting website is very important for those involved in online betting which is safe and reliable and has a license.

Safe Betting on Livebid :

Livebid is one such brand. It is the most reliable betting site in our country. One can easily register here and win many bets. The system is here -

  • Livebid is very friendly and has unmatched safety.
  • Enjoy the quality of service and 200+ games on the site.
  • Livebid is a choice of many since it covers all the sports and imparts free and fair match projections.
  • Past events and performances offers no scope for any mistake.
  • Livebid is expertise and analysis over 15 years in the betting industry.
  • Livebid not only does that but also gives its customers attractive offers.

It is important for you to go with the sites which charge you brightly. It is a very trustworthy and secure betting site in India. Whenever a question or doubt arises about security, it would always be there to provide you the best of the services.

You can go through the site and study thoroughly about it before investing your money in it and then proceed. Livebid offers many chances and reasons for their customers to trust them and keep that trust stuck forever.

If you win money in betting or you lose it to where you lose your money along with your personal information. So, livebid always assures the best security to protect the identity of all its bidders. There is no fear of losing it if you are betting on livebid safe.

Even if this leaves you a bit unsatisfied you can visit the page of livebid and look for the authenticity of the site by reviewing its license and the past performances of the site. And for the beginning, you can start betting with small amounts.

According to betting security experts -

Livebid is the safest site for online betting. It not only gives you amazing offers but also leaves them satisfied and nearly assured return guidance. 

The general question that arises in the minds of people if the site will ever misguide you which would leave you losing your money, but "livebid always stays loyal to their customers" and would never want to lose their customers for certain matches of tricks. If you want to bet, bet with the best, bet with livebid.

Livebid safe betting has its customer’s faith from the very beginning and it is one major factor that keeps it going and growing.

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Easy Betting Cards Games Online Free | Livebid

This search engine became available to web users to offers its members the opportunity to earn money online with fast way, without irrelevant search results other sites produce. Visitors can enjoy the convenience of searching free easy betting cards games online for terms quickly and easily using a computer from any location. Livebid card games on line pulls their search results from some of the best engines, all on one page. no more sorting the ads from the content, and filtering out spam in a confusing and complicated search environment. Live Card games this search engine keeps it fast and powerful, yet still remains simple.

In addition, the listings are sorted by the search engine in order of relevance, according to its particular algorithm. You can present your data well and help your visitors find what they are looking for by keeping search results in mind when you edit your pages. Note that these improvements work for both local and World Wide Web search tools: the work you do will make your pages appear better in any search results.

The titles are the main element in a result listing, so always title your pages carefully. Give a little context as well as the card game betting lines specific topic of the page, and always make sure the spelling is correct. We look forward to working with you and taking your card games online free website on the top of Google search page - Livebid. Please feel free to contact us with your questions, or for any other reason Check Faq Page.

Many sites, including ecommerce catalog sites, online news, and even entertainment sites, are now generated dynamically from databases. These databases generally have their own search sport games free functions, Which might seem to take the place of easy card games full-text. but that's not always the case.

Sign up Livebid - The players and the dealer are each dealt two cards without going over, with the goal of reaching 21. Up to 21, the player can draw as many cards as he / she wants. Giving you the ultimate experience of gaming. That's why we provide a full on-line demo version of our software with an online card betting platform.

It is identical to the real-money version so, that you can get the true feel of our betting platform before playing for money. You can share the fun and excitement of the gaming experience.

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Best Online Site for NBA Games - Win in 2020 Season

Welcome to - the web's most comprehensive site related to the best online site for NBA games! At this website, we provide information for sports betting games like - NBA Games. In addition to information on live betting for winning in 2020, you can find the most detailed web sites related to sports betting, and cricket betting.

Livebid has the most useful sites for live betting games on the web. Phoenician basketball is easily the best online site for NBA games we have ever seen. The Phoenician has the best of everything!! best graphics, best customer support, best games, safest banking, instant payouts, etc.  

No need to look any further this one has it all.

How to Select the Best Online Site for Live Bet?

Selecting the online sports betting game partly personal preference and partly a matter of common-sense safeguards with one's funds. The basic safeguards require that the casino be honest, fair, reliable, within reach of the law or otherwise amenable to dispute resolution and enforcement, and financially sound.

Every site worth gambling site at has its rules of operation, especially for financial transactions, clearly spelled out at the site. You need to read these rules carefully. There are significant differences in the rules from one casino to the next.

Without a firm basis to rely upon the sports game for honesty and fairness, the appeal of the online games in terms of aesthetics, entertainment, challenge, and profit means nothing.

How Many Types of Games Can I Play Online?

Any game that you can play in a land-based can be played online including cricket, NBA games Online, basketball, horse riding, tennis, football, all types of slot machines game, you name the game, we can play it online NBA games.

What is the Best Online Site for Winning in NBA Games?

At all sports games listed here, the games are always fair, game and payout audits are conducted by regulatory bodies and independent companies. Remember that with all live site for NBA games has a natural advantage known as the "House Advantage". You can get all the sports games listed at this site - Livebid, the payouts, and game odds are like those in India. Playing online NBA games is truly enjoy having India come to you. The biggest difference is the welcome bonuses that you can collect online.

If you selected an online mode of playing NBA games you first have to sign up Livebid that is free. After sign up you can go to a betting page or a guest account (Play for free) or a real account and try your luck at some real money gaming. All the sports games that you can find listed here have high-security measures in place and process millions of dollars of players' transactions every year. 

Below are the online site for NBA games on the Internet - livebid. Click on the websites of live NBA betting games. You can also play with your own unique style!

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Sports Betting Live Odds and Internet Gambling

Gambling is generally accepted in most places in the world although some places have more strict rules other than sports betting live and internet gambling. In India for example, gambling is banned under national law with some exceptions. The Indian government like many have realized how profitable government-run lotteries and things of that nature can be and that is where the exceptions are made.

The other exceptions there are many of the lottery, machines which are like cricket, football, pinball machines or slot machines and many other public sports lotteries. At live sports betting & Internet casino games, we provide advanced techniques for winning in today's gambling casinos.

Sports betting & Internet games provide the best online gambling details available on our site - livebid. We offer live gambling information that includes cutting edge methodology for all gamblers regardless of skill level. Easy and understandable Information that not only takes out the "mystery" out of a casino, horse race, tennis, cricket, and other sport games they also supply with how to play with an advantage for all live sports betting and internet gambling. 

We use the most up-to-date internet technology for live sports gambling to bring you sports games just like you would play in the live stadium. Win real money, real fast. You will get your payouts instantly transferred to your credit card or account.

Online sports betting is the best bet now check out cricket, tennis, and football odds for your favorite team players. Your fantasy betting account will immediately be funded with $100,000 in fantasy sports betting dollars if you playing online sports betting and internet gambling games.

All you have to do is follow these 5 simple steps to bet online for free.

  • Go to Livebid and Sign up
  • Fill all of the required information like email, mobile no., name, and user ID.
  • Then login by user ID remember this information
  • Play for real money and for fun at an internet sports gambling site.
  • Log into your free online betting account and start making wagers with $100,000 in fantasy betting money to WIN great cash and prizes!

We have one of the highest payouts of any sports betting site on the World Wide Web. Please JOIN US NOW or look around and see what we offer.

Good luck and let the games begin!

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Free Online Sports Betting Tips | Live Sports Tip of the Day

Start winning today by following our free online sports betting tips! It is impossible to guarantee a win with every bet you’ll ever make. Even master betters get it wrong some of the time. However, we have a research team dedicated to finding up-to-the-minute information on all your favorite picks in a number of sports games. The team, which features specialists for each sport, provides tips based on the gaming data.

They get the early price values before the odds drop, which will help you stand a chance to win more money. They also provide thorough details with every tip to help you understand their picks.

The easiest platform to get yourself registered on Livebid, to bid from, and to enjoy the trail of bidding and betting. Signing up on livebid. We offer tips on a variety of leagues and competitions, including the Big Bash League, Champion league, as well as the IPL, Grand Slam also. We also cover other major cricket leagues all over the world, including the T-20, ODI, Test matches and Cricket World Cup. You will have a wide data-backed selection of tips to choose from.

Livebid encourages interaction. You get free sports betting any tips. This could help you clear any doubt, and make the right bet. Even though you bets may fail for all, trust us to help you win! Our research-based picks are the product of a thorough analysis of every bit of statistic and information available!

If you’re looking for the top live betting tips with good technical analysis, you’ve come to the right place! You can easily find only the best sports guide for online betting - right here! You can follow our tips with all available free bets.

Online casinos have literally taken the world wide web by storm. This is because we are starting to see the many benefits associated with playing online betting games. It has quickly become a favorite past time for lack of people.

Start winning today by following our free sports betting tips! We at live betting tips provider in football matches, cricket, horse racing, tennis, and other sports. Our network of professional tipsters enables us to be a leading service to provide bettors with quality sports betting tips ensuring stable winnings from sports betting faq.

You can monitor our success at our 'Results' page where our complete balance can be seen. Our free betting tips are being sent from time to time directly to your email immediately after their release.

Our aim is to show you how a great investment sports betting can be in case of betting with the right advisor. Livebid online sports betting offer a unique service based on great tips in combination with the right money stakes to place with the right bookmakers.

This combination ensures us long-term positive balance, thus making our betting the best investment we know.

Tips are delivered free of charge for a limited time, so subscribe to the tips now!

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Top 7 Cricket Betting Tips : 99% Accurate Match Prediction

Cricket in the county championship is very different from the football premier league. Here you can get the top 7 cricket betting tips only really expect one of three or four teams to win the money, but here you have nine who will fancy their chances at the start of the cricket game.

There are the following top 7 cricket betting tips:-

Cricket Batting Tip No.1.

Of all the tips, this is the most important and most ignored when a batter is out of form in top cricket betting tips!

  • The object of your attention is the ball, watch the cricket ball as if you have put a laser beam on it … don’t look for the ball … watch it and remind yourself to watch it.

  • As the bowler enters the crease put your laser beam focus on the ball in the bowler's hand, from there you will track it all the way.

Cricket Batting Tip No.2.

  • Set your head slightly forward in your stance and set your Positive Intent to score. Head forward and still.

  • Batting is about Intent, the goal is to score runs off each ball and bets.

  • The only decision you have is to not score.

  • You want your energy to go and watch YouTube live video.

Cricket Batting Tip No.3.

  • Look at space, not at the fielders.

  • Look at a space on the field and realize areas that you can score cricket runs.

Cricket Batting Tip No.4.

  • The journey it takes to a hundred runs one ball at a time.

  • Set small goals for seven cricket betting tips using.

  • Manage your cricket betting innings.

  • Be fully present with each ball.

Cricket Batting Tip No.5.

  • Know how to get off-strike

  • Know where your singles and rotation areas are so you can get off strike easily and effectively.

  • Practice this in the nets, over and over.

Cricket Batting Tip No.6.

  • Play to your strengths

  • If you are a cricket betting player use these 5 tips…

  • Front foot player… play to it

  • Back foot player … play to it.

Cricket Batting Tip No.7.

  • Loss of form

  • If you have a dip in form, stay calm, go back to basics.

  • Write down your game plan, remind yourself of your strategy, and the structure of your innings.

  • In practice, get someone to throw to your favorite shot so that you can get the feel of playing your number one stroke.

  • Sign Up and practice hitting it till you are executing it well.

Here is the best way to create a cricket betting account :


Then work through your next favorite and your next favorite. Get positive chemistry and emotions flowing back into your game.

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What are the Some Good and Free Sports Betting Site in India?

India as an emerging hub for a good sports betting site in India. Most of the sites which are new in the business fail on the various parameters that the bidders expect them to perform on. When they boast to offer free bids, they lack safety. When they offer too exciting a joining bonus, they ask for too much as their bid share. The bidders of the game are certainly not very willing to give a heavy fraction of their earning to the bookmaker. Hence, Livebid - site has maintained its reputation and position in the best online cricket betting site due to the extensive range of betting options that it offers. Apart from this, it has the safest and the quickest payout which makes it the most desirable site for online cricket betting.

You do not have to think twice while making your guess over the projections offered by the experts who critically analyze the betting data before and during the match so that you do not lose track of calculations and all your decisions are based on figures fascinations.

Talking particularly of some of the good online betting site you are likely to find a dozen or so. As we are devised and trained to suggest nothing but the best, is the only suggestion that runs undisputedly. Any good online cricket betting site can offer live rates of the Satta bazaar, but the key in online betting is not the information of the figures or trends but of how they change.

The second most important factor for anybody to consider is the safety of the transaction that he is making. Failure to withdraw is the worst thing that can happen and hence sites with the quickest payout must be selected. The legitimacy of the site can be identified by reading its terms and conditions and ensuring that it has a license. Every good sports betting site in India would have an easy consumer interface but only the best act will have multiple security checks and would also suggest you minute points like changing passwords after every session.

Talking of the word free here, nothing of such superior quality can come without a price. Free is a term often used to lure amateur bidders who are easily influenced.

Livebid in the current scenario tops the list best site for sports betting because it offers a completely flawless, safe and quick interface to its uses. It does not fool the bidders with latent charges. The online Indian good sports betting site market is emerging and still has some legal battles to be fought unless you are at the right place for bidding.

Apart from you are not likely to find any other website which can offer you such a safe and exquisite betting experience. So whenever you gear up to best next, make sure it's the best and the safest and most suitable for your pockets.

Bid it right with

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By Admin 25/Jul/2020

Is There Any Free Sports Betting Website in India?

When you place your bid, you are just expecting a natural income coming your way. Only jolt you would expect is the site is paid. And this is where all the dreams shatter. Why would be pay somewhere where we plan to earn? At, the betting ecosystem is altogether organic free and has unmatched safety.

Talking particularly of the Indian subcontinent the bidders are always ardent to earn more and certainly not happy when the sites are paid. They are attracted to joining bonus and other incentives.

Now the word free sports betting has a catch -

You are most likely to get yourself into troubles if you do not clearly understand this. Free here maybe that the website it does not ask for any joining amount, or it may state it as the site requires you to have a certain minimum balance in your betting wallet or account to place bet and conduct transactions. To have the best online cricket betting experience you must be ready to pay a for the parameters which cannot come in free at any cost.

All the live cricket betting site, save, always have latent terms and conditions, which nullifies all the discounts that they have initially offered and you may also sometime end up spending more than you would have if the deal was straight.

While placing bets on dynamic sports like- cricket, football, etc, you have to be very careful of not being misguided. It is quite often noticed that when invited for free or offered a very heavy discount on bets, the online cricket betting sites misguide the bidders to churn out the money they have exempted initially.

While surfing through the list of bet on cricket in India you are surely to come across a few terms like free bet bonus, no lose bet, free bets, etc. Just keep away from such sites as only thing they could offer would be a fraud. you have to be very discreet with the selection of site, the type of sport that you wish to bet on and rating of the site for that particular sport. is an obvious choice for many because it covers all the major sports events for all the sports and imparts free and fair match projections.

Their expertise in the analysis of the current performance and past performances offers no scope for mistakes.

  1. They are quite a few free online cricket betting websites in India to cater to the large population with a varied taste for bidding.
  2. The individual has to know that any quality service cannot be completely free of cost.
  3. So rather than looking for free online cricket betting site, look for the online cricket betting sites that brightly charge you.

Remember money is always a flow, if it doesn't go it doesn't come. At, we ensure that your inflow in multiple times what you give away.

So, bid it right, bid it high, bid it safe, bid it with the best, bid it at livebid.

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