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Best QTgames Betting Platform - Play QTgames on livebid

What is QTGames?

In a casino game, QTGames is a small game that plays user live with mobile phones. At casino games, they will be able to play great games online at Livebid platform, earn bonuses and get good service. For starters, its over 200+ QTgames are run with the Gaming platform, which delivers some captivating sounds and 3D graphics.

QTGames can be played instantly online or installed on the player's computer. When looking for games, players will find Baccarat, Three gems, Book of Merlin, Irish love, Blackjack, Kongs Temple, Irish Reels, Poker, Gaelic Gold, Crusader and others in the Table Games.

The most popular video casino games section has Jacks or Better, 7 Stud Poker, Midas Golden Touch, Pink Elephants, Sword of Khan, Beat the Beats, Riders of the storms, and others; and there are plenty of Real Series Slots games.

There are also roulette, craps and specialty games, such as magic sevens, keno, bonus bingo, and others. There's no way a gambler won't find something they really enjoy here. Livebid casino delivers on the bonuses as well sign up now and start betting at QTGames.

What is the Process of the Sign Up in QTgames?

There is also the chance of being invited into the casino VIP Club in QT games, where members benefit from exclusive bonuses, personal managers and other perks.

So, here of the process of the sign up in QTgames:

  1. ? Go to Chrome and open
  2. ? Type Google then hit enter button
  3. ? Next step I that fill require details in the sign-up form
  4. ? Type your Username, Password, Email ID, & Mobile Number
  5. ? After fill up, all of the required details click on the sign-up button
  6. ? Get OTP on your mobile number and email Id that you fill in your details
  7. ? Fill up OTP on the given option then hit enter button

Welcome to Livebid betting platform, Enjoy betting!

Start betting after filling up a minimum amount of the betting platform. There are following of the option in deposit money in the betting account:

  • Bitcoin payment service
  • Netteller Payment gateway
  • Skrill payment
  • Google Pay
  • IMPS Banking service
  • PhonePay
  • PayTM Fast Payment Service

Note : In the fast money withdrawal process Livebid charge some of the amounts.

Users who have any questions related to the Payment service see the Faq page all can contact customer service via live chat, email or phone all day, every day.

Best Sports Betting in QTgames

Quite a few are people that go right into a venture without adequate preparation. They are sometimes coerced to the technique through the immediate gains that have been noticed or advertised in many types to convince him that it’s a cool venture in QTgames betting.

To understand from your word QTgames go the roadmap for that certain venture. Inside the identical vein, sports activities betting small business is no exception. There really should be considered a crystal clear-reduce as to no matter whether it is actually meant for the entertaining of it or real enterprise for every single demand unique method for betting in QTgames.

Your expectations will constantly urge you on, this must be equally matched by how much time and effort that you simply put in video games. The next QTgames casino merchandise to get deemed right here is the quantity that you are able to place into the Livebid.

Your initial casino bet in QTgmaes may possibly land you in any from the over classes. This amount needs to be handled as investment funds which will improve by means of revenue additions and reduce by way of losses and withdrawals.

Casino betting isn’t a sprint but marathon in all of the small games in a single platform at a QTgames in Livebid. It is not what you make immediately that matters but your final goal is to make a profit given a specified time normally more than a period. You’ll fall short when you attempt to make this venture a get rich overnight a single.

In a single casino game over 200+ games, and in other section also there is another section in a betting platform that have other categories of the games that are full of the reliable and enjoyable in a single QTgames platform at Livebid.

What Types of QTgames are there?

This can be since you are most likely to know the QTgames types but as time goes on to people start betting with their own smartphones at home. It’s essential to come out with a QTgames strategy to revenue more than every single period for betting. I’ll recommend right here which you go with a mentor which can be a sports activities book which has been ready to withstand the test of time.

Watch Livebid YouTube sports live for more information related to the QTgames is a really entertaining activity. However, for some people who are thinking beyond getting themselves amused is the possibility of earning in a game while watching their favorite team giving their best shot in order to win a lot?

Come to know how many types of the QTgames in Livebid platform :

  • All Casino
  • Slot Games
  • Table Games
  • Instant Win Games
  • Scratch Card Games
  • Virtual Sports

So, what you think to want to play QTgames online with your phones.

Is QTgames betting a form of gambling?

Profit is the major aim of sports bettors. As if they only want amusement, then they can do so by simply watching the QTgame. Most often than not, when it comes to betting on any sports, it is the house that is in favor of the betting forms. So this is gambling what the sports bettor should think about as well as those playing in casino slot machines and other gambling games.

Also in QTgames betting, there is only a slightly higher betting odds or return of investment. One needs to calculate his possibility of winning to get even the most minimal profit return and to make use of every available resource as an aid in sports betting like the dependable sportsbook.

What Does 200+ meaning in QTgames Betting?

A sportsbook is a material used in QTgames betting that displays the amount of money in lines at Livebid website. It also has spreadsheets of the games, the major tool utilized by the sports bettor in placing bets and stakes for every team, may it be the winner or the loser of the games.

200+ meaning in QTgames is over 200 games in a platform like if you choose casino games then there are over 200 games in a casino, If you choose slot casino games then also this has 200 games or more than 200 games in a particular category.

In any kind of sports, a bettor may choose to put his wager on, it should be the QTgames odds to keep in mind, sportsbook but only keeps a record of what money has bet wagered and the teams to choose from.

What was the First QTgames on Livebid?

The first game of the QTgames on Livebid betting platform is a casino. All casino positive and negative games represent the money lines in QTgames. The number refers to what the bettor needs to wager to win a thousand dollars while the number refers to what and how much the better would win if a hundred dollars is staked on. And fund the number of people using them.

Is QTgames Download for Android?

Yes, you can download QTgames application from the Livebid platform. And start betting in QTgames. The more common answer is usually that they have no idea how to QTgames betting app is download from the ordinary internet, more and more people want to play and win from this game.

QTgames betting only takes a few of the time to winnings in the games since sports function more in the QTgames betting markets. You will always walk away at the end of the day with a larger profit playing in a QTgames instead of a sportsbook.

Start winning in QTgames, Sign up Livebid now!

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Casino Betting in India: (Guide for Online Casino Games 2020)

Choosing an online casino can be hard for people who just want to pick 1 and stick with it. But, casino betting in India you can choose online and play from anywhere with your smartphone. Betting in casino game guide for beginners we write for our players. Players play casino games and bet live in a casino. Indian casino betting website in 2020. If you want to bet online in any of the casino games then you must read first this blog. In this blog you can find the history of casino game in India; the advantage of online casino, laws, and regulations of online casino games, right casino betting application for playing casino games, casino gambling rules, casino betting guide for beginners, and finally know how to play casino games online? So, what you think starts reading and then after place a bet in Livebid casino games.

Introduction Casino Betting in India

Casino betting begins at the age of the Mahabharata. Shakuni Mama plays a game with Yudhishthira. Top of the online casino India betting website for playing in a real. An Indian gambling website that you need for playing a casino game. Finding the best online casino in Indian rupees is some time in trouble but, an Indian gambling site for the casino is Livebid in the top range of list of casino betting. Best casino gaming environment with all of the sports games. Generally some of the website in India that offers online casino betting in India. Play casino online at the live betting platform.

Today, most of the casino betting players play the game online with own computer, tablets, and mobile phones. The most popular, secure, and enjoyable casino gaming experience you can get on your phone in 2020. In a real money casino game gambling in India start in 1995 with a monopoly Internet service. First Indian casino legal state is Goa. Casino gambling is not allowed in all of the states in India. Indian Governmental betting laws protect all of the casino game licenses and funding.

History of Online Casino in India:

Gambling should be fun! Casino gambling has existed from history in India: from Ramayana & Mahabharata started in 7300’s BC and some of the epic external was found in 430BC. In India betting and gambling play citizens according to his/her skills under the Public Gambling Act 1867.

There are 15 legal casinos in a few states for playing online casino games and across 8 cities in India. Total online casino games legal in India are poker, slots machine, and many other games.

In Goa & Sikkim state approx users play 77 tables’ games and over 120 casino games with the slot machines. So, let's come to the next topic of the history of online casino gambling in India.

Online Gambling in India:

The history of casinos and the advantages of the best online casino in India. Premises or a particular business or area that offers what is known as games of chance are called casinos. The casino is an Italian word meaning “little home”, which seem both appropriate and accurate since some players definitely feel right at home at gambling establishments. Live casino games involving gambling with money have been popular throughout the ages but they have almost always been under the control of some form of higher authority for betting.

First online casino developed in 1994 (related casinos history). It is the best online gambling for security reasons. Many of the online casino gambling sites in India.

The reason for this is to ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy this pastime without overdoing it and suffering from it any losses and winning in casinos are not affected. The key feature is to have fun when betting or gambling.

Did you know: Online casino gambling (betting) is in its infancy in India.

Laws and Regulations of Online Casino Games:

When online gambling grew in popularity in 18th century Italy, governments were already trying to control the casino houses by closing them down and placing them under sanction or banning them. The technology is always improving companies in online casino games then governments provide some of the rules and regulations for the casino.

Today, the situation of the casino market is quite different although the industry is still controlled by laws and regulations at national and international levels.

From Italy to Las Vegas Casino:

An important time in the history of casinos was when Las Vegas casino online legalized gambling in the 1930s in the United States. Ever since any city has become a symbol of (best online casino betting in Indian) gambling and the casinos market. But nowadays, you do not have to trek all the way to Nevada’s desert heat and bright neon lights to enjoy a game of blackjack or baccarat, online casino bet in Las Vegas.

Benefits of Mobile in Casino Betting:

The top of the mobile casino site in India is Livebid; like games poker, TeenPatti, baccarat, bingo, ludo, and roulette. Gambling on mobile platforms is easy to access all over the world. Because most of the players use mobile device also prefer the mobile phone for betting. Play casino online game at live sports betting platform.

In research, 78% of the people use mobile phones in a day and spend over 8 hours on time in a week at own mobile phones. Most of the live casino online makers make an app of the betting for players to bet online in India.

Mobile casino game is based on software and application. The best mobile betting app for sports games you can download at Livebid.

Advantages of Online Casino:

There are following the advantages of online casinos (casino betting strategies).

Find Your Favorite Casino Game Online With Your Bookmakers

With such a wide range of platforms for online betting provides you are on the way, it is far easier for players to find the games that they prefer to play casino games online. Whether it be baccarat, poker, slots or classic roulette and others, players can find their game faster and easier online.

Many live gambling sites also offer free spins and bonuses in their welcome bonus packages which you can pick and choose from.

Play With Responsibly and Focus On Casino Game

Gambling and betting is more fun and definition if done responsibly. The key to that is to take an online casino for what it is, a form of amusement and not a source of income.

One way of thinking about it is to never count on recouping your online bets or expecting to score a big jackpot – that is up to chance.

Use Common Sense and Casino Betting Tricks

Wins are simply bonuses and offer in the world of gambling and the best way to play is in moderation and by using common sense. And have patience At the end of the day, this is what will make it far more fun to play. Live casino online is awesome free casino games.

Many online casino companies also make it easier and efficient for their players to control their own play, and this isn’t done for their own winning but to ensure that the gambling market remains sustainable and long-lasting.

Choose Right Casino Betting Application

Many of the casino companies registered in these countries thus offer tax-free winnings for their players within the European Union. What is fun to note is that many of the companies operating in the Indian casino? And which are considered among the worlds foremost, have been founded by Swedes.

Casino Betting Guide for Beginners:

Online sports betting and casino betting all of the bettings in a single platform. Here we provide a unique casino betting guide for newbie and use the information when you play casino games online at any of the platforms. So, come to start the betting guide with a lot of enjoyable tips and tricks.

1. Live Casino Betting Odds

Casino gambling option always depends on the betting odds of the game because all of the betting games played by the Internet and some of the Bookmakers provide casino odds and casino betting strategies for the game to his/her VIP clients. Many of the variety of games available on the Internet for the casino games. You have a choice to select multiple games from your betting apps.

Some of the casino betting odds depend upon your betting skills; if you use the right odds for right betting games then definitely you win in a casino game. If you are a serious sports bettor then you need to know all of the minor points of the casino betting game.

2. Online Casino Gambling Rules

There are following of the casino betting rules as below:-

# Bookmaker Rules: Some of the betting services providers have own rules, like -

  • All of the betting payments done for the required games before starting the game, As a minimum balance in your betting account.
  • Change the game rules at any time.
  • Any time remove your account if you using multiple accounts for placing your bets.
  • Betting money created after 12 or 24 hours in your account.
  • Bookmakers canceled any of the changed by the users.
  • Casino betting bookmakers change or adjust any time betting that been accepted for upcoming bets.

# Casino Games Rules: Many of the casino game has different rules when playing games like poker have different and Teen Patti card game have different rules. So, know the right rules for the right games.

# Betting Limit: Some of the betting companies set a minimum and maximum betting limits for the casino games. If you are using Livebid sports betting platform then you deposit the minimum amount of 5000 Rs. once and start placing your first bet. There are no limits for maximum betting in online casino games, but first, you verify your account then you can deposit the maximum amount.

# Rules for Casino Bonus: Many of the casino service providers offer a lot of bonuses for the first time when you use that coupon then many times show the coupon does not exist. This is fraud be aware related to bad bonus and coupon offers. But if some of the company offers for deposit 10000 Rs. in your betting account for placing a bet and 20%extra bonus for a welcome bonus that you choose.

# Good Connection of Internet If Play Online Casino: Internet connection is very important for online playing casino games from any of the locations. If you are not playing the online game then don't worry about the Internet connection.

# Government Rule for Casino Gambling: This is very important for casino betting in India. If you do not follow government rule for placing your bets and using a bad way for earning money online from casino betting. You must be 18+ for placing a bet in casino games.

Seriously Pay Attention to Above Rules: If you are beginners in casino betting then you can know all of the facts about the casino gambling. We know reading is some difficult to you but trust if you read all of the posts then you become a master of the casino games.

3. More Practice Make Perfect in Casino

If you are direct playing games without the practice of the casino games online with payments. Then, you lost your money from your betting account. So, play a demo of the casino games lives at all of the time to make perfect. Many new players have less of the knowledge of casinos but, start betting live at the bookmaker's platform. We aware you if, you are not perfect in casino games then you first try free of the casino for a demo purpose.

In a single bet, you can win or lose not know and your account will be empty for a click. First, become an expert level then try at live casino game on the Indian website. Daily learn related to the casino games also, aware of the latest casino market news.

How to Play Casino Games Online?

First, you choose online casino games because you can play anywhere, anytime from any of the locations; but you have a good Internet connection for playing live casinos. So, here we mention all of the important tips for how to play casino games online check below:

#1 Choose Best Casino Betting Platform

If you want to play online casino gamete hen first choose good casino betting website where you want to play casino game live. Make sure which one you choose casino betting or casino gambling site has a require a betting license or not. You can go through a license using the Indian betting website. Also, check a reliable, enjoyable, and reputation platform for casino betting website.

#2 Sign Up Casino Betting Site

Some of the information required for sign up casino betting website in India. Like - User name, Email ID, Mobile number, Password, PAN details, and profile picture of a user, etc...

After sign up in the Indian casino betting site, you can verify your mobile number and Email ID then log in to your casino account with a valid user ID and password.

#3 Choose Your Payment Deposit Method and Offers

If you choose Livebid then there are many of the payment methods for deposit at a platform like - PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePay, Netteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, And Internet Banking (IMPS), etc...

Finally, use your coupon code for betting offer in casino games for the first time and really you can get 2500/- Rs. bonus.

So, what you think?? Want to place a bet in Indian casino game then start with us.

#4 Choose Your Casino Game

When the login process completed then pick up the best casino game from given games then the select game and use betting odds of the casino games and casino betting strategy for playing casino games. The online casino that you choose, it is a good game for earning money online.

Here are the following best Indian casino game list below as you can choose one game or multiple games and place live bets - list of casino games in India:-

  • Poker (Best rated casino game in India)
  • Rummy(Bookmakers favorite casino game)
  • Teenpatti (VIP players play casino in India)
  • Blackjack (Top-rated Gambling in casino game)
  • Baccarat (Top selection casino game for beginners)
  • Roulette (Best mobile casino game)
  • Ludo (Best Bonus in casino game)
  • Bingo (Chance of winning a game in the casino)
  • Slot Machine (Best video casino game in 3D)

#5 Learn Casino Betting Strategy

Casino strategy is very important for any of the online casino Indian games, because when you start a live casino game then all of the winning points in your hand. Read more of the sportsbook for gaining more of the knowledge also, select your Indian casino game idol for winning a lot of the money and follow his/her strategy. Casino betting guide is best for you to learn a lot and aware of the casino mistakes.

Play and Enjoy Casino Betting at Livebid:

The most important thing it may not be possible to completely replicate the magic of many betting experiences in India with together of online casino India betting, it is far more accessible now than ever before as mobile phones and tablets have revolutionized the market. Indian casinos have a lot of the fun and experience that you get on our website. You can learn and earn in a single platform.

In parallel with the development of society, the various forms of online sports betting have grown and evolved too. In recent years, the Indian online casino market has been completely revolutionized with new platforms and continues to grow at an explosive rate.

Here you will find the latest offers from the online casino betting in India from various sites as well as information about the games you can play online. You have come to the right place in the casino gambling platform.


Finally, through our blog, you must have found the idea of how to choose the best casino site online in India. Remember this website, it should be mentioned that the Indian casino betting market is under constant development with no sign of slowing down. Casino gambling India and live casino gambling is best for new users. From our experts' best betting guide for online casino games 2020. So if this inspires you and you want to enjoy a piece of it.

Place multiple bets at a Single Online Casino Betting Platform: Sign Up Now!

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IPL Cricket Betting Tips & Predictions (Guide for 2020 IPL)

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is an expert Twenty20 cricket alliance in India challenged every year by establishment groups speaking to Indian urban areas. The alliance, established by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is booked for April and May of each year. The title patron of IPL is Vivo Electronics, therefore, the group is authoritatively known as the Vivo Indian Premier League. IPL is the biggest league of T20 cricket and the glory of the IPL is on everyone. The number 13 edition of IPL is going to start from April 15 this year. The first match of IPL will be played between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. There are 8 teams participating in the IPL. The final match of IPL 2020 will be played at Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium. This blog is a complete guide for 2020 IPL cricket betting tips and predictions.

Overview Of IPL Betting Online

IPL has gained popularity very fast by offering standard matches that have brought fans within Indian from all over the globe. Due to the popularity of IPL, cricket betting is easily accessible online in the IPL event. There are lots of quality bookmarkers that accept Indian Rupees as well as Indian bettors. Since the Indian premium league has developed into a global phenomenon with a big world interest, you will find IPL betting at several internet bookmarkers.

IPL 2020 Players Auctions

An action-packed day in Kolkata saw 62 players being auctioned the Indian Premier League. with franchises combining to spend Rs 140.30 Cr. that included 29 overseas players. Here are a few of the highlights from the auction and selling rate of players.

Pat Cummins was expected to attract a lower amount but KKR brought the Pat Cummins in 15.5 Cr. Pat Cummins became the most expensive overseas player in the history of the IPL auction.

Glen Maxwell, who was released by Delhi Daredevils, Attracted a Rs 10.5 Cr bid from Kings IX Punjab. becoming the second-most expensive buy of the day.

South African all-rounder Chris Morris was the next big purchase, As from a base price of Rs 1.5 Crore. He went to RCB for Rs 10 Crore.

Some More Expensive Players Were:-

  • Sheldon Cottrell – Kings XI Punjab- 8.5 Crore
  • Nathan Coulter-Nile – Mumbai Indians- 8 Crore
  • Shimron Hetmyer – Delhi Capitals- 7.75 Crore
  • Sam Curran – Chennai Super Kings- 7.20 Crore
  • Eoin Morgan – Kolkata Knight Riders- 5.25 Crore
  • Marcus Stoinis – Delhi Capitals- 4.80 Crore

Unsold Players Name in IPL 2020

While some players found many takers, there were some big names who didn’t attract any bids from franchises. Newzealand Destructive Opener Martin Guptil who was the first name on the auction table found no takers and went unsold in the next phase as well, As did Tim Southee. Indian and Australian All Rounder's Yusuf Pathan and Ben Cutting. From west indies players, Evin lewis and Carlos Brathwaite remain unsold.

IPL 2020 Schedule

Are you on the lookout of the Indian Premier League 2020? Well, the T20 championship is one of the most glamorous events in the country with iconic national and international players adorning the teams and the celebrity team owners. The BCCI along with the Governing Council of the IPL 13 edition has released the IPL 2020 Schedule this year from March 29th but due to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) matches have been suspended till 15th April. The event is going to last for a period of 57 days with 60 matches being played including the Qualifiers, Eliminator match and Final. So, don’t forget to book your IPL Tickets as soon as possible.

IPL 2020 Full Schedule & Time Table





April 16

Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings

8:00 PM


April 17

Delhi Capitals vs Kings XI Punjab

8:00 PM


April 18

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight Riders

8:00 PM


April 19

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Mumbai Indians

8:00 PM


April 20

Chennai Super Kings vs Rajasthan Royals

8:00 PM


April 21

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Delhi Capitals

8:00 PM


April 22

Kings XI Punjab vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

8:00 PM


April 23

Mumbai Indians vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

4:00 PM


April 23

Rajasthan Royals vs Delhi Capitals

8:00 PM


April 24

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Chennai Super Kings

8:00 PM


April 25

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

8:00 PM


April 26

Kings XI Punjab vs Mumbai Indians

8:00 PM


April 27

Rajasthan Royals vs Kolkata Knight Riders

8:00 PM


April 28

Delhi Capitals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

8:00 PM


April 29

Chennai Super Kings vs Kings XI Punjab

8:00 PM


April 30

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Rajasthan Royals

4:00 PM


April 30

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Mumbai Indians

8:00 PM


May 1

Delhi Capitals vs Chennai Super Kings

8:00 PM


May 2

Kings XI Punjab vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

8:00 PM


May 3

Mumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals

8:00 PM


May 4

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kolkata Knight Riders

8:00 PM


May 5

Kings XI Punjab vs Chennai Super Kings

8:00 PM


May 6

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Rajasthan Royals

8:00 PM


May 8

Delhi Capitals vs Kolkata Knight Riders

4:00 PM


May 8

Chennai Super Kings vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

8:00 PM


May 9

Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab

8:00 PM


May 10

Rajasthan Royals vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

8:00 PM


May 11

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Delhi Capitals

8:00 PM


May 12

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Kings XI Punjab

8:00 PM


May 13

Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians

8:00 PM


May 14

Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

8:00 PM


May 15

Kings XI Punjab vs Kolkata Knight Riders

4:00 PM


May 15

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Delhi Capitals

8:00 PM


May 16

Chennai Super Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

8:00 PM


May 17

Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders

8:00 PM


May 18

Rajasthan Royals vs Kings XI Punjab

8:00 PM


May 19

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Chennai Super Kings

8:00 PM


May 20

Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Capitals

8:00 PM


May 21

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals

8:00 PM


May 22

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kings XI Punjab

4:00 PM


May 22

Delhi Capitals vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

8:00 PM


May 23

Rajasthan Royals vs Chennai Super Kings

8:00 PM


May 24

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

8:00 PM


May 25

Delhi Capitals vs Mumbai Indians

8:00 PM


May 26

Chennai Super Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders

8:00 PM


May 27

Kings XI Punjab vs Rajasthan Royals

8:00 PM


May 28

Mumbai Indians vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

8:00 PM


May 29

Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Capitals

4:00 PM


May 29

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

8:00 PM


May 30

Rajasthan Royals vs Mumbai Indians

8:00 PM


May 31

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kings XI Punjab

8:00 PM


June 1

Delhi Capitals vs Rajasthan Royals

8:00 PM


June 2

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Chennai Super Kings

8:00 PM


June 3

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

8:00 PM


June 4

Kings XI Punjab vs Delhi Capitals

8:00 PM


June 5

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians

8:00 PM


IPL 2020 Live Match Streaming & Broadcasters TV Channel Lists

After IPL 2020 Schedule is Announced by BCCI . Everyone is Eagerly Waiting For the Official Broadcaster of Live Streaming Channels for 13th Indian Premier League Season. Everyone is Not able to See the Match in Stadium. So, For the Viewers in India there is a Local List For IPL TV Online Broadcasters.




Star Sports 1, Star Sports 1 HD, Star Sports Select 1 & Star Sports Select 1 HD (in English Commentary), Star Sports 1 Hindi & Star Sports 1 Hindi HD (in Hindi Commentary), Star Sports 1 Tamil, Suvarna Plus Kannada, Jalsha Movies (Bengali), Maa Movies (Telugu)




Geo Immense






Star sports activities Broadcast All IPL Match stay on-line



Unique Zealand

Sky Sport



Sri Lanka

Carlton Sports activities Group

Hong Kong


Coronary heart East and North Africa


United States

ESPN, Willow TV


StarHub, Singtel, Eleven sports activities


United Kingdom

Sky Sports activities


Star sports activities



How To Bet On IPL in 2020:-

In addition to watching the IPL, betting on the live IPL will also be done with the same exits. As the IPL is a big cricket league, betting on IPL is also done in large quantities. People win huge amounts of money in IPL betting.

1. Choose and Register with The Best IPL Betting Site

First of all, you have to choose and register with a Sportsbook. In which you can place an IPL bet online. There are a lot of sportsbooks in the market. But you need to choose the best betting site from them. According to the market and users review, we are the best sportsbook for online IPL cricket betting on the internet. We are the most trusted and established sports betting site.

2. Select A Betting Amount Size

In this step, you have to choose how much amount you want to bet. According to the available betting options on the website, you will have to select a certain amount of money. The larger the amount you put, the bigger the winnings you get, but the risk is also higher.

3. Deposit into Bookmaker

In this step, you have to submit the betting amount to the bookmaker. Betting Site provides multiple options to submit the amount. Such as Paytm, PayPal, Neteller, Bitcoins, Google Pay, Phone Pay, Debit card, Credit card, etc. All these options are safe and trusted. As well it will save you time.

4. Now Place Your Bet

This is the most important step. In this, You have to choose which team and player to bet on. Or if you play a session, how can it be played? In this, you have to know some terms like IPL odds, betting amount.

5. Wait Until The Result Come

After placing the bet, you will have to wait for the result to come. If you have placed a bet on the team winning name then you will have to wait for the entire match to end and if you are playing a session then you will have to wait for less. If you win then it is a good thing and if you lose then you should keep calm and try for next bet.

6. Withdraw Your Winning Amount

Now it's your turn to get your winning amount. So you will get an option to withdraw money within the website itself, from which you can easily withdraw your winning amount.

Benefits Of Online Betting in IPL

1. Bet From Anywhere

The advantage of betting online in IPL is that you can place bets from any corner of the world from home. All you need is that the internet and a good sports betting site, and you can enjoy IPL matches with great ease and enjoy IPL betting also and can make money.

2. Easy And Secure

This is the great advantage of online betting on IPL that you can place bets very easily. And online IPL betting is absolutely secure and your information is also private. You just have to see that the betting site you are betting on is licensed or not.

3. Variable Betting Options

In online IPL betting, You get many types of betting options with which you can enjoy betting according to your choice. If you want, you can place a bet on the match-winning team or if you want, you can play a session in which you can bet on one over and you can also bet on one ball.

4. Easy Withdrawal

In online betting, you can easily transfer your winning money into your account. And your winning money comes in your wallet in very little time, which you can transfer.

5. Big Tournament

IPL is the biggest tournament of the Twenty20 cricket After The Twenty20 Cricket World Cup. Due to which you can win a huge amount of money by betting. This tournament lasts for about 2 months, So you get lots of opportunities to earn money and if you lose in the beginning then you get a lot of opportunities to recover your lost money till the end.

6. Get Better Odds

With online IPL betting, you get better odds, which makes your winning even bigger. The best online sports betting site you choose, the better winning odds you get.

7. Bonus And Rewards

Online IPL betting gives you bookmakers' through bonuses and rewards, which is very beneficial for you. If you are a new user on the website who wants to place a bet then you definitely get a bonus and reward.

Best IPL 2020 Betting Tips

To bet on IPL 2020 some tips and strategies you may need to know:

1. Choose Best IPL Betting Site

The first and foremost tip is that you have to choose a good online IPL betting site so that you can do IPL betting easily and securely. A good sports betting site is the first reason for your win. Choose online sports betting site from few candidate sports betting sites online by comparing their free bonus, payout, online or phone support, stats tracking, fastness of payout, etc. Remember to choose an experienced, reliable and reputable online sports betting site to put your bet.

2. Depending IPL Betting Rate

Depending on the amount of betting money on the evaluation of winning percentage. Normally, if the winning percentage is high, the rates will be low; and the rates will be higher if the winning percentage is low. Don't try to be at the highest rate.

3. Deposit Smartly

Deposit smartly to obtain the maximum free bonus using the available payment method.

4. Fix Your Betting Limit

The most important thing is that you should fix one of your betting amounts. In the betting limit, you should decide how much amount you want to bet in IPL matches and do not go out of that limit. For this, you need to be calm.

5. Bet in Professional Way

If you want to earn money systematically in betting, then you have to play in a little professional manner. You have to understand the game, which team and players are in form. Weather conditions and pitch reports also have to be understood. Only then you should decide to bet.

6. Check Playing Strategies of The Teams

You should understand the methods and strategies of the team by using your mind. You must be confident that the players take the game seriously. This ensures that no match-fixing will be necessary. You will be confident about this instantly.

7. Bet On Selected Matches

You do not have to bet on all the matches of IPL. You can place a bet on some selected matches in which you are confident that this team can win. This also gives you time to create strategies to place bets on the next matches.

8. Choose The Best Betting Tipster

If you still feel that you cannot follow all these points then you should choose a site that provides the best sports betting tips and from there you can get IPL betting tips and perditions for every match of IPL. For this, you have to give a certain amount and you can get IPL betting tips.

Download Livebid App For Online IPL Betting

Livebid's founders made it their mission to provide you with the most possible, and best possible, betting sites. They presented the opportunity for you to bet your way, whether that’s live or in-play, on any of the world’s top sporting action.

Over a million people have already downloaded livebid app from our website, and now you can join them. That means you can take Our app with you on your Android device and bet on all your favorite sports markets.

Whether it’s IPL or Cricket, Football, tennis or any other sport. You’ll be able to bet quickly and easily with just a couple of taps.

Download the app today from the Our website Platform and bet your way, on the go.


It is not wrong to be called the IPL is the biggest T20 cricket league. Because of the IPL cricket league seen in the whole world after the Cricket World Cup. And it gives you an opportunity to earn a lot of money through betting. All you need is a good IPL cricket betting site, then we are here for you. So do IPL Betting online and earn money.

Place multiple bets at a Single betting platform: Sign Up Now!

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How to bet in

With world cruising at a pace impossible to catch for many, one is always likely to look for one-stop-shop for all the needs. The only issue reported is that multi-dimension has brought upon compromise on the quality.

In the race of India’s best online cricket betting sites, live is undoubtedly the chart leader. The online Satta bazaar fail to serve the quality that delivers impeccably. The site has all to offer what a bidder may aspire for.

The ease of bidding and security of amounts has made it the most reliable online sports betting site.

The very simple sign-up with very few yet essential details like user name, email address, contact number, and fully secured encrypted password is asked for. Once it is done, you have crossed the doorway to the world of betting. At points, joining a bonus is also offered so you do not have to start from scratch and can make some money without actually investing much.

Once you have logged in, you are always free to change your password which is the trick used by many bidders to keep away from any breach.

The first step towards your bid would the balance you wish to start with. The easy money deposit allows you to focus on your bids properly. Once you are all loaded to place the bid, choose the game you wish to bid upon. The site is always willing to offer its assistance. It allows you to study statistics yourself and reach a conclusion to determine the odds of your bid. Then, it also has it very close to accurate analyzed predictions which helps the new joiners to establish well into the field till they can actually make their own projections as accurately.

You must also be very careful with the terms used in betting for each sport. Basketball, cricket, football, or casino have altogether different terminology and one must be well aware of them all.

Once you have selected your sport, decide if you want to place a singular bet or go on as the game progress. If you wish to adhere to progression, check out the projected dynamics of your game. The statistics from the experts of are more than reliable.

Stating example of basketball, say you wish to play point spread, then you should know the previous odds of the two teams on the court, if not, then follow the expert.

Live is best in line for a reason, trust the best, and bid it right.

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By Admin 02/Mar/2020

Sports Betting Terminology - Sports Betting Glossary | Livebid

Hey, look here, the most important sports betting terminology and glossary for understanding the terms of betting. We mention in this article most of the useful betting words and phrases to help in betting.

If you want to bet online on any betting website, then no need any of the advanced degrees in betting. You may like to use this betting terminology and sports glossary as a reference tool for when you see unknown betting terms like - any words or phrases.

A Guide for Sports Betting Terminology & Glossary:

You want to understand the languages of gambling terms. So, come to know all the sports terminologies: -

Action: This refers to having a bet on a particular sporting event. For Example; the bookmaker saw a lot of activity on the game. Numerous amateur bettors want to have "action" on a game.

Angles: This refers to any betting trends that might be associated to an upcoming event. On the off chance that a specific "angle" hangs out in the incapacitating procedure, the bettor may have more trust in the bet.

AOPR: This is an abbreviation for Average Opponent Power Rating (AOPR). Sports bettors use power appraisals to gauge the nature of a specific betting line.

ATS: ATS: This is a shortened form for Against The Spread (ATS). An ATS record quantifies how successful a group is at covering the point spread. Terminology for a sports games.

Bad Beat: A term that bettors refer to when betting is lost in a difficult manner. Disputable directing calls or basic turnovers/blunders are among the components that can prompt a terrible beat.

Beard: This refers to somebody that places betting for another person to conceal the real bettor's identity. A "beard" enables the professional sports gambler to bet without being noticed by the bookmaker.

Bet: This refers to placing a certain amount of money on the outcome of a sporting event. These bets are controlled by the point spreads and odds that are set by the bookmaker for each game.

Bet Limit: This refers to the amount of money that the bookmaker will accept on each event. Sportsbooks will have house limits for each game. Generally, limits will be higher for point spread or side bets than for over/under or total (sports betting terminology).

Book: This refers to a person or establishment that accepts betting on sports events. The term "book" can be associated with an online sports betting operation, a legal casino in the state of India or an illegal bookmaking business.

Bookie: A slang term for book. More often than not, "bookie" is utilized in reference to an illicit or neighborhood bookmaker rather than a India or any online bookmaker.

Bookmaker: Another term for book or bookie.

Buck: In the sports betting community, buck is a term used to indicate a betting of $100. The bets of ten "bucks" would like to $1,000.

Chalk: A term that is used to indicate the team or individual that is favored to win in a particular sporting event. Because many novice bettors like to betting on favored teams, they are often known as "chalk" players.

Circled: This refers to an event that has reduced betting limits. Games can be circled due to injuries, suspensions or extreme weather conditions. Most circled games are reduced by half the regular limit.

Cover: A term that is used to describe the team that wins against the point spread. Sports betting terminology for beginners.

Dime: In the sports betting community, dime is a term used to indicate a betting of $1,000. A betting of five "dimes" would compare to $5,000.

Dime Line: This refers to a money line betting format. At the point when a dime line is utilized, there is a ten-cent value distinction between the most loved and long shot. This system is most commonly used in baseball.

Dog: A slang term for the word underdog. In a sports betting line, the "dog" is the team that is not favored to win a game.

Early Money: This term refers to the initial betting action that occurs when a point spread is first posted on a game. A large portion of the early cash originates from elite athletics bettors (professional sports bettors). With early money betting, bettors can potentially take advantage of some soft odds before the numbers become more settled.

Edge: This term refers to a situation when a bettor has a supposed advantage over the bookmaker on a particular game. Sports betting terms for newbie.

Even Money: When this betting circumstance happens, the bettor doesn't need to lay any juice. Usually, the team that is drawing less betting action in a game will be moved down to even money odds in an attempt to balance out the betting for the two sides.

Exotic: These are non-standard bets that are different than the more common point spread and over/under betting. A few instances of "exotic" betting are parlays and mysteries of sports betting glossary.

Fade: In the sports betting community, this term refers to a conflicting betting against another player's action. When a high percentage of bettors are on one side for a particular game, some players will feel compelled to "fade" the other side.

Favorite: This term refers to a team that is expected to win a particular sporting event.

First Half Bet: This refers to a betting that is determined by the halftime score in a game.

Franklin: This is a term used to portray $100 money. The origin is based on Benjamin Franklin's picture being used on a $100 bill.

Gamble: To betting or bet an amount of money on the outcome of sporting betting terms.

Halftime Bet: A betting that is placed on the second half of a sporting event. At halftime, the bookmaker will post a new set of odds for just the second half of the game and any overtime periods that might be played in the contest.

Handicap: This refers to the process of breaking down and analyzing a point spread before placing a betting. Best sports betting dictionary for betting in India.

Handicapper: A term used to describe an individual that analyzes betting odds. Most of the time, a "handicapper" is known as someone that sells picks or betting advice to the public.

Handle: This refers to the total amount of money that a bookmaker has accepted on a particular game or event. The term "handle" is often used when a large amount of bets are accepted on a marquee sports event, like the Super Bowl.

Hook: A slang term that implies a half-point in a betting spread. For example, "six and a hook" would be utilized to describe a 6.5-point spread.

If Bet: This refers to a betting that can only be placed if another separate bet is successful. For example, a Monday night football betting will only be allowed if the bettor won his bet on the Sunday night game. All of the betting terminology for sports game.

Juice: This refers to the commission that bookmakers gain on losing betting. For most point spread bets, the "juice" is 10%. If a bettor wins, it included in the payout.

Laying: A term that is used to describe a betting that is placed on the favorite. When supporting a favorite, the bettor will "lay" or give points to the opposing side of sports betting.

Lines-maker: A term for someone that sets odds on sporting events. A lines maker may not necessarily book action. Many lines makers will sell betting odds to Sportsbook operations.

Long-shot: A term that is used to describe a team that is unlikely to win a sports event. For example, a club that won a championship right after a losing season would usually be viewed as a successful "long-shot" squad.

Middle: This occurs when successful bets are placed on each side of a sporting event. If there are big adjustments in a point spread, a bettor has the opportunity to get favorable odds on each side to "middle" the bookmaker with the right outcome.

Money Line: This is a betting line that is used for determining the winner of a sports event. For a cash arrange or straight bet, there are no focuses engaged with the chances.

Odds: These are the betting lines that are used for a sports event.

Odds-maker: Another term that refers to someone that sets odds on sports events.

Off the Board: This refers to a situation when betting is closed on a game. When a game is off the board, there is usually an uncertain situation involving a key player or some potential weather conditions that could dramatically affect the contest. Most of the time, a contest will be off the board for only a temporary period.

Opening Line: This refers to the initial point spread that is released by the bookmaker. Many professional sports bettors will target opening lines to gain some favorable betting before the odds settle in.

Online Sportsbook: A sports betting operation that offers betting services through the Internet.

Over: This occurs when the score exceeds the betting total for a sports event.

Over/Under: In the sports betting community, this term is used to refer to the betting total for a sports event. A player can bet that the score will go over the posted aggregate or under the figure.

Parlay: This is a type of betting that features two or more bets on a single ticket. While the payout odds on a parlay are more favorable than a single betting, the bettor cannot lose any of the plays on a parlay ticket for the bet to win.

Parlay Card: This is a unique form of parlay betting. While regular parlays are played from the regular lineup of betting events, a parlay card contains fixed numbers that aren't adjusted once the initial card is made available for betting. The majority of parlay card betting are placed on football games.

Past Post: This is a term that refers to any betting that is placed after a sporting event has started. A past post occurs most often in horse racing due to the frequency of bets that are placed right before the start of the event (Betting Terminology).

Pick: When neither team is favored in a point spread, the game is listed as a pick. In this situation, the bettor will simply "pick" which team will win the game. Sports betting terms explained for choosing odds.

Press: In the games betting network, this term alludes to a bettor that starts to bet more forcefully than typical. Most of the time, this occurs when the player is eagerly trying to recoup some lost bets.

Point Spread: A sort of betting line that includes a focused assignment for each side. For a point spread, the favored team will have a handicap of minus points while the underdog squad will receive the corresponding number of points to arrive at a balanced spread.

Price & Value: This term is utilized to reference the specific chances on a game or occasion.

Prop Bets: These are unique betting that isn't related to the standard point spread or money line bets on teams. Most proposition (prop) bets are matchup betting that are focused on the outcomes of individual players in a game.

Puck Line: This term is utilized for a one of a kind sort of hockey betting. When a puck line is used, the favored team is installed at -1.5 goals while the underdog club is listed at +1.5 goals.

Puppy: This is another term used to describe a team that is not expected to win a sports event.

Push: This occurs when a score will fall exactly on the point spread or total for a game. When there is a push, the bettor receives a refund on his betting.

Revenge: A common handicapping angle that is used by bettors. A sports betting will occur in certain rematch contests like a cricket on the same two teams. In the theory, the club that lost the previous matchup will be more inspired by the potential for "revenge" than the other squad.

Reverse: This is an if bet variation that involves two separate betting using the same two clubs - betting terminology in sports.

Rundown: This term is used to reference the schedule of games and events that a bettor can select from at a Sportsbook.

Run Line: A type of baseball betting that is similar to the puck line in hockey. With the run puck line, the supported group (- 1.5 runs) must win the game by in any event two runs while the dark horse squad (+1.5 runs) must win the challenges.

Sharp: A term used to reference a professional or savvy sports bettor. When the odds on a particular game are discussed in betting circles, it is fairly common for players to inquire about where the "sharp" money is going on a game.

Shill: An individual that promotes a business under the premises of not being directly associated with the company. In reality, the "shill" is being paid to promote the organization.

Smart Money: This refers to bets on an event that is placed by professional or sharp sports bettors.

Sportsbook: This refers to a business or establishment that accepts betting on sports events (sports betting terms for dummies).

Square: This term is used to describe novice or public sports bettors. Most "square" bettors aren't very successful. By and large, these sorts of players will betting on top choices.

Spread Betting: A type of sports betting where the amount the bettor wins or loses in the live game. It is determined by the margin of the betting money on the game. The value of a specified outcome varies because of the betting odds from the expected value.

Steam: This occurs when there is brisk action on one particular side of a betting line. A "steam" play will make the changes quickly move.

Stiff: This refers to an individual that avoids paying off gambling debts. These people are frequently connected with neighborhood bookmaking tasks.

Straight Up: This is another term that is used to reference a money line in betting. There are no focuses engaged with a straight-up sports betting line online.

Syndicate: These are a group of professional bettors that join together to betting on sports events. With additional intellectual and financial resources pooled together, many gambling "syndicates" have done quite well over the years.

Systems: These are betting formulas that players reference before making a bet. A betting "system" is generally attached to a lot of factual parameters.

Teaser: This form of betting consists of two or more bets on a single ticket. At the point when this sort of betting is put, the bettor can "bother" or add focuses to every one of the groups that are chosen in the bet. Like a parlay, none of the bets on the ticket can lose for the betting to be successful.

Total Bets: These are odds related to the number of points that two teams combine to score in a game. A total is also known as an over/under betting; understanding sports betting terminology.

Trends: This refers to a pattern of results that teams might develop that are related to betting outcomes. Many bettors will follow these "trends" when betting is placed.

Treble: A betting consisting of three words of separate selections in the games.

Under: This occurs when the combined number of points in a game is less than the posted total.

Underdog: This refers to the team that is not expected to win a particular sports event.

Upset: This occurs when an underdog team defeats a favored opponent in a game.

Vig: A betting word that abbreviation of vigorish, sports betting cover for new users.

Vigorish: This is a commission that bookmakers charge to bettors on point spread and total betting. For the most part, the vigorish or "juice" will be 10% on this kind of bets.

Value Bet: A betting where the theoretical knowledge likely use for winning the betting odds that bookmakers suggest.

Wager: This refers to a bet on the outcome of a sports event, sports betting terminology explained.

Wiseguy: This is an individual that is known to be a smart or savvy sports bettor. Most "wise-guys" are professional bettors.


Finally, you understanding sports betting terminology & glossary for placing a bet in any betting platform. Sports betting glossary of terms is very necessary in gambling. In this article we mention all of the most important sports betting terms for dummies.

Place multiple bets at a Single betting platform : Sign Up Now!

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Bet in Real Time with Live Platform

Internet betting appeared in the 90-ies of the XX century. Sports betting in the internet appeared together with the development of the www net in the mid 90-ies and starting bet in real time at Internet. At the beginning due to several difficulties of technological attitude (not many people had access to internet) online betting was not so hugely demanded.

Only after some time, when internet has become massively available in our houses, people were able to discern an interesting type of spending leisure while setting bets on sports.

Real Time with Live Bet Website:

Internet made it possible to bet in real time any moment without the necessity to leave home. Moreover part of sporting events can be watched on bookmaker site with the help of so called live streams.

At the beginning players were negatively set to internet betting."

Why? The reason is simple to real time bet at Livebid– ground receiving points were of an enormous demand.

Moreover potential players, not yet in acquaintance with the internet, could not understand difficult mechanisms of money transferring with the help of the internet.

Reads More :  Sports Betting with Bookmaker's || Advantages of Online Sports Betting

India's sports players feared to deposit money into internet bookmakers due to the fear of losing it. Another important argument for gaming at ground bookmakers was that such bet used to make mistakes while setting odds and players could earn on it.

Together with development of the internet the information flow also developed and number of such mistakes decreased.

Bet in Real Time with Modern site:

Modern internet betting is experiencing a real boom. Online real-time bet with live platforms try to be better than others creating new offers for players with the aim of attracting the maximum number of users.

One offer high odds (Livebid Sports - Livebid bookmaker review), other amazing betting offer and other fantastic welcome bonuses.

There also are such which operate only on local markets, offering their players possibility to bet on favorite sports even when they perform in the lowest leagues.

Undoubtedly we also need to mention the benefit which gaming at internet bookmakers brings, namely:

  1. Possibility to play 24/7
  2. The best offer in contrast to ground bookmakers
  3. Attractive odds for the game
  4. Indian betting website
  5. Bets which you can set during the whole match
  6. Bookmaker bonuses and promotions
  7. Benefit, freedom, you need not stay in a queue
  8. Safety and reliability, full money payout site
  9. Accept many payment gateways

On the web, you can easily find at best online betting site with a wide range of sports bets and attractive bonuses for new customers. Get here all of the Faq of betting information.

If you want to bet on sports, then sign up today now!


Sign Up Livebid??

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By Admin 24/Feb/2020

Online Sports Betting with Bookmaker's Choice

As it turns out from the offline game, online sports are just as popular as the traditional variety of this entertainment - over 55% of internet users try betting with bookmakers choice their luck there. It's understandable, online betting platforms allow you to easily and quickly get cash without getting up from the computer. You can place bets at breakfast or reading a newspaper, all you need is a computer with internet and a few more at your disposal.

What a convenience! Besides comfort and convenience, online betting also has advantages such as better odds than ground bookmakers and the ability to place live bets. Therefore, online betting with bookmakers has already prepared for this occasion attractive promotions and attractions that can encourage tipsters to bet on the results of sports competition in Livebid.

On the Internet, we can easily find at least online bookmakers with a wide range of bets and attractive bonuses for new customers. The most popular website - online bet with bookmakers choice: Livebid.

Each of the above offers different limits and promotions, and the selection is so huge that everyone will surely find the right service for betting.

Sports Betting with Bookmaker's Choice:

You don't know which betting platform to register? In that case, it's good that you've come here. There is a huge selection of professional bookmakers on the network, it's hard to decide which one is right for you. Don't worry, we'll be happy to help you choose.

The most important thing you should pay attention to is the offer. What types and how beneficial promotions can a particular betting platform offer?

· Does it allow you to bet only on the results of matches or also the number of goals scored?

· Does it offer simple, block and accumulated bets?

· How high are (if any) cash-backs?

The next, very important issue is the transfer limits because bookmakers set limits individually on players who generate higher turnover. The available payment methods and professional customer service are also important.

Read More: What is the best betting website? | Get to start with cricket betting

Once you have chosen a given betting platform with bookmaker choice, don't forget to check the reviews on it on online discussion & forums.

Personally, we recommend betting sites that we most often use: Livebid. They have a wide range of bets, interesting promotions, and low margins.

Online Sports Betting with Betting Bonuses:

Most online bookmakers, to encourage Internet users to bet, offer them very beneficial promotions, the so-called bonuses. In Livebid - betting with bookmakers choice; you know the most interesting types of such bonuses provides also you can sign-up now.


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By Admin 14/Feb/2020

The Advantages of Online Sports Betting : Life Time Words

With everything digitalizing, sports betting is not something that can be compromised in the race. Advancements in technology have made online cricket betting more accessible and diversified to the online bidders. There are quite a few reasons, why online betting offers more advantages. Here are a few that you must know.

The first and very obvious reason is the ease and convenience that the online betting offers. Say, one fine morning you decide to make a few extra bucks for the weekend party. The quickest way is definitely to bid. Get to start with cricket betting, But as it is probably snowing outside or it’s scorching sun, you can’t actually go out to bid. Luckily the fiber optics are in perfect shape and there you are.

You turn on the laptop or PC, and click-click, you are all set to bid. Life can’t get better and easier.

Know More:- Method of Payment in Betting

The most crucial question asked, and which most of the time remains unanswered is of the safety of the bidder’s money. Livebid, the best online cricket betting in India, has always kept its front clear on this and has never refrained to answer obvious questions like if the personal bank details would be asked for” Or what if the site turns down the winners or refuses or delays the winning? Otherwise what worse than site closing down altogether.

Here is what livebid has to say.

One, bidding is a serious business even for the bookmakers and hence they aren’t going anywhere. Even if due to any ill fate they have to, they can’t. They are under legal regulations and obviously will lose their license in case of any breach.

Of the delays or cancellations in the winning share, you have to first make sure what is the payout policy. Livebid - Online sports betting, has rightfully been reported to have the best payout with no delays and a lion’s share in the winning for the bidders.

Taking into consideration the personal details asked for, well. It's completely safe with the sites and you can always choose not to give all the information asked. Though there are always some mandatory fields for authentication and payment.

Betting offers:- Click Here

The biggest advantage is that when the bidding business gets online, the odds and lines are better.

It is known by most of the bidders that better the odds, the potential returns are higher too. Also, there can be a significant difference in returns of BETTING at LIVEBID site, hence choose wisely.

Taking the best advice for live sports betting, the experts suggest that the initial joining bonus is what is attracting and keeping together the bidders. You are likely to find the best and the most effective joining bonus at livebid.

Lastly, the variety that online betting offers cannot be matched by any bookmaker offline. They might be specialized in a sport or two but can’t handle the diversity available.

So, summing it up, online betting is safe, advantageous and certainly has a better variety. Hence. Bid without fear, bid with livebid.


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Sports Betting Guide: How to Bet on Sports?

Sports betting is a really diverse field with multiple aspects to take care of sports on web. Apart from the technicalities involved, there are a few things, basic, if you are planning to win a big shot in online sports betting. The best online cricket betting site, has a lot to offer to its new unseasoned bidders. Here are a few tips from the experts of betting so that you earn more than expected and lose less than affordable while placing your online sports bet.

First thing first, select a reputed online sports betting site. This is the most crucial step as a wrong selection here would mean a certain loss while bidding.

As of the suggestions for the above, always read the bidding policy. You should always look for the reviews available online for the particular site and also check for its status in the list of best online sports betting site. If it’s not in the top 3, it probably has questionable credentials.

Next important aspect is to understand the terminology of betting. This helps you to decide what type of bet you are willing to place. For example, to place a point spread, you have to balance the odds of each team winning.

For ensuring that you win this type of bet you will have to assess the performance of each of the teams right from the start of the tournament. Make a clear vision about the underdogs as they may sometimes tun the tables around.

If you wish to place a bet on money spread, you must know that you are betting on who will win the game outright. For this again, the key lies in keeping a vigil on the point spread.

The next type of bid is called total and you might have heard of it as over/under. Here the bookmaker gives a number and you decide if the teams would be able to combine their score as over or under the given figure.

Decimal counts are yet another type. Here the figures are taken in positives only and you bet in bitcoins.

It is important to note that sites like - livebid are pretty transparent but not all in the business follow so.  Hence, acquire as much knowledge as you can about h betting site you chose.

Apart from the betting terminology, you must also be very thorough about the game itself.

The Best Betting Site for Indian Players at Livebid.

Here is pro advice. Always start betting with small amounts. This not only diversities your risk but also makes sure you do not lose plenty in a single bid.

To make sure that you are going well and your bank balance is not fast deflating, keep track of your performance. Livebid - Sports Betting Website has an exclusive feature for this where you can monitor the areas where you are making mistakes and then you can improve on them.

You may also try hands at fun fantasy leagues. They won’t be rewarding but will be preparatory or you.

Having understood it all. Join in and earn, with the best online cricket betting site, livebid.


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By Admin 13/Feb/2020

Sport Betting as an Investment in Cricket | Livebid

The online cricket betting, or any other sports betting in that sense has become a full fledged source of income for many bidders. The reliance has increased due the ease of bidding as the chances to earn in multiple folds against an investment. As it is far more rewarding than conventional sources of income, it has to be very smartly invested in. It is hence very important to note that investment in online cricket match must only be a product of your discretion as the prime purpose of bidding is flash cash and fun.

Before we start on how and when to start sports betting as an investment, we have to digest a fact that in sports betting, like any other investment is not a sure thing. Your preference must be to exploit small edges and you must focus on compound returns in the long run. If you have a rate of over 55%, consider yourself a pro or at least assume that you are in the right direction.

Read More:- What is the best betting website?

To make this easier if you are getting a return of 10%, you are doing fairly well. You must understand that investing in any sports must be done if the site has fairly trustworthy credits and has proven to be of benefits to you more often than not. From the experts of  best online cricket betting site, like, you will always have to be cautious about the scale of investment.

If by any chance you are choosing to bid on a sports site except Livebid, make sure what cut of winning they are keeping. Some sites can gulp up to 10%, which makes you an obvious loser even before you start. To beat this “vig” or “juice” as it is termed, you have to be analytically pretty strong.

Sign up now for Online betting.

It will be of great help if you have a good understanding of Bayesian probability. Here comes the important thing. Livebid allows you to have a crystal clear bankroll management. Safe betting is the key to get returns from online sports betting. You can use strategies like matched betting and arbitrage.

Make sure you have a future vision and take betting as seriously as you take any other business. Keep records of what works for you and what doesn’t. While investing on Livebid - "Cricket betting Website", your money would grow exponentially, and the initial investment would be covered in almost no time. As told about earlier, the matched betting and arbitraged are safer and profits attained from them can work as start-up capital for the initial investment.

Know More:- Indian Local Betting Site for Placing a bet on Cricket

It might take many conventional thinkers time to absorb but returns from investing in sports betting are far more satisfying than any other means.

According to livebid, once you have gained confidence over your betting skills, you may turn that into a full-time investment where your knowledge is your asset. So, just break free and invest on online betting site and you would realize as this to the finest step you could have ever taken.

Have a happy bid with livebid.


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Best Indian Rupees Bookmaker and Indian Betting Site

The Indian market for betting is fast growing and with its rapid pace, the need for online betting sites which allows the bidder to bet in Indian rupees is also on the rise. Having Indian currency to bid on has quite a few advantages to offer. One, the online site can attract a magnificent Indian market. Two, the bidders do not have to invest their time and brain in conversion of dollars and euros which in long run help them enhance their bidding performance. Third, it's an excellent means to keep a count on the number of bidders belonging to Indian nationality.

The best online cricket betting site - livebid, too offers the bidders to bid in Indian rupees and this is one of the major reasons why this site is the first choice of many bidders from India. Here it is very important to note that most forms of bidding and betting in India is not legally regulated and hence you are not likely to find a licensed bookmaker. Even if you do, make sure he is not operating illegally. Though the online betting industry is not under legal regulation, it is still a multi-million -dollar business, which makes it crystal clear that there is a huge potential in the country.

Here is something you are less likely to be informed of by any other online sports betting site. Most of the sites that permit to bid in Indian rupees, except, are not actually Indian. They are just sites which are operating cross border markets with Indian currency as a bidding option. Stating some examples, Royal Panda and 18Bet are some of the sites supporting INR.

Read More:- Methods of Payment at Livebid

One important thing that has to be brought to the notice is if the bidder finds the joining bonus in currency other than INR, its alright. You are not losing anything as you will receive that in currency equivalent in your account. Also, to know if the site is a prominent user of INR look for the sports that it specialized to bid. Most of the sites would be very active with cricket. This is because it’s the most popular sport of the nation and is widely viewed. Though the livebid bets; online cricket betting site offers multi-sport bidding, it has a special edge in cricket betting.

There are always confusion as of what is the minimum deposit that one needs to have to bid in INR. Well, it differs from one site to another, but as of punters' experience and feedback, they prove it that livebid has the most flexible deposits schemes. You may fall for a bookmaker who would extend bidding for you by introducing you to a currency exchange site. Do not let yourself get into this as they would ask for a certain percentage for the exchange. Hence, always opt for the site with the currency converter.

Whenever you explore the best online sports betting site, you’ll find as the ultimate end result. So, stop exploring and start bidding, with livebid.


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By Admin 11/Feb/2020

Can Anyone Become Rich by Sports Betting?

Yes, one can make huge amounts of money through online betting and can get rich. But before that you need to know what actually does online betting mean and how does it work? Online betting is the most exciting and fastest ways to both enjoy sports and win money. It has been in existence from hundreds of years. Today as it has increased dramatically in many societies and parts of the word, all thanks to the internet.

Livebid - Sports’ betting is offered for almost every sport depending on the popularity of the sport.  The most popular ones being Cricket, football, Hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball and boxing. Some betting sites also include sports which are less or not so popular.

Betting surely comes up with some terms and conditions and one needs to have skills to win money through it. The live section of Livebid is feasibly where we are best. To make you’re betting as pleasant and easy-going as possible.

Know More:- Best Betting Site for Indian Players

You should take care of some points before registering yourself up for sports betting. First and the foremost thing to be taken care of is the site you are going use for betting and are going to make your account on. The site should be licensed and should have well past experience graph. There is less risk with such sites and they are accountable to their customers. One example of such sites is

Next thing you should take in consideration is the sport you are choosing to bet on. You must have a deep knowledge about that sport and its players. Minute details help you know your market better and prepare you for placing a good bets. Next thing you should know is not always your favorite player will win. It might happen that the best player of the game can even lose it. So, think twice before placing bet on a player.

Choose a site accordingly. You can go for as it is the most trust worthy site for placing bets. This site also gives you special offers and you can also place free bets on livebid. You can start with the least amount you want and then can move further with the sums of money as per your wish. Once you start winning, you will start getting more offers and will be paid large sums of money. You can go with the offers of your wish and can win money which will be much more than your investment. Best betting tips site in the world.

The most factor which decides your luck in the game of betting is the site you choose for it. You should choose the best site. According to the facts, is the most trust worthy, safe and secure site for placing online bets. Your money and identity both are safe with and you won’t fall prey to fraud practices.

Livebid keeps giving many offers to its customers on time and again. Also, the customers don’t face any problem in withdrawing their winning money. Livebid immediately transfers the money you have won to your account.

One can easily make money and get rich through sports betting. All you need to do is learn some skills and bet with livebid.


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Cricket Betting Site in India for Beginners at Livebid

There are many different sports betting site out there but on this page it’s our aim to compare them and determine which is the best betting website truly like - Livebid. The bet you can place on cricket easily so, if you want to place a bet online then the best possible for earning money to make powerful business. As always, we like to make sure that you have all of the information you could possibly need when deciding on the best betting website for any sports.

Cricket Betting in India

Cricket and India are extremely close to each other, although it may not be the country's national sport, it's the country's most popular sport cricket. In India, the meaning of cricket as a game is one-dimensional, in India cricket is a religion, it is something each Indian truly encounters, it is a feeling. Cricket and cricketers have a nearby association with the enthusiastic side of the individuals, similar to Football is to Brazil, Cricket is to India and Tennis is to China.

Click Here to Know More :- Cricket betting in India - Livebid withdrawal request

What cricket has given the nation of decent variety is snapshots of progress, euphoria, and gigantic pride. Given the nation's game come to, it resembles most different games, used to turn cash as well. On a professional level betting on cricket in India may not be very popular but it does exist. Some cricket has given the nation of assorted variety is snapshots of accomplishment, happiness, and monstrous pride.

Best Cricket Betting Website - Livebid

Livebid is one of the leading online cricket betting sites in India. The betting site was founded in 2012 and in 08 years of time it has earned its place as a reputed Indian website. Its cricket crazed users from India to place bets on their favorite cricket matches.

"Livebid offers the best betting cricket odds available on the market at any cost!

Some of the well-known tournaments such as the Indian Premier League, the Caribbean Premier League, and the Twenty20 Big Bash are available to place bets upon. Cricket enthusiasts can also bet on certain ongoing international matches, in addition to franchise-based leagues.

Best Cricket Betting Site in 2020 - Livebid

The cricket betting selection at Livebid is vast. However, we make up for it by offering the best cricket betting odds on the market. Another thing that really sets livebid apart from the rivalry is their extraordinary cricket live betting platform. They offer a live betting platform and live match streaming videos that's more modern and more intuitive than any other betting website.

"Livebid offers India's best cricket betting odds, w e are certain you're going to have a great time playing live cricket betting on Livebid!

Aside from cricket, Livebid has a wide range of sports and casino games for gambling enthusiasts to place their bets online at platform.

Livebid also offers betting on a range of different sports, such as:

  • Cricket Betting
  • Horse racing
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Casino
  • E-sports
  • Basketball

Livebid is available on a host of platforms such as Windows PCs, Mac Computers, and Mobile Devices. In addition to this, Livebid is also available as a betting app so that the users can make the most of this and bet from any location in India. All of these facilities are primarily provided to the new users to reduce the complications.

Does Livebid Accept Indian Rupees?

Yes, Livebid accepts deposits and withdrawals in Indian Rupees. The amount can be transferred with a host of options such as PhonePay, PayTM, Google Pay, VISA Card, MasterCard, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, or E-Payments. All of these payment methods are free from any processing fee charges as well at our platform.

Read More :- Methods of Payment at Livebid

There have been some recent changes in the laws by the Indian Government and that has led to the blockage of direct transfer of funds from your account to the website, but this can be overcome by the use of PhonePay, PayTM Or Google Pay.

In the event that you need to evaluate the extraordinary online cricket wagering experience, at that point you can set up a record with us and wager on the web.

Livebid - Indian Cricket Betting Sites:-

Sport cricket is one the best option to start betting online even if you start with low deposits you can start at 1000 Rs, also and find the value and you can keep up to date and advise in terms of offer, service, and promotions from the best rated cricket betting site. Indian cricket has captured the imagination of billions of people worldwide for India cricket betting.

It has perforated new countries, apart from the 10 test-playing nations. Viewers from all parts of India throng to the stadiums or sit in front of their TVs or via live streaming to watch cricket matches across all three formats of cricket –One Day and T20, Test Cricket, Indian Premier Leagues match (IPL), etc.

Online Betting Platform - Livebid

Betting on Indian cricket matches is a massive business now. To make it big, everyone wants to dip their hand in that stream of money. With technology advancement including live streaming and live betting, it's become very easy to do that. Players would now be able to put down their wagers from online at their home utilizing either their tablets or mobiles-telephones on any of the best online Indian cricket wagering locales.

Livebid platforms allow you to bet on oddest of the things like - six sixes in an over or player of the match to a player who has not performed at all in the recent past. You can wager over savvy, run astute, wicket insightful, 6 over shrewd, batsman astute, ball astute, last wagers, in general run wagers, likewise wager various on your preferred games.

Choose Livebid Cricket Betting Website:-

With an array of Indian cricket betting sites available today, choosing one out of them becomes a difficult task. This is why we have made our task easier by providing you with the best cricket betting site - Livebid with a big offer.

Livebid - Cricket Betting Features :-

There are following of the features of the Livebid - cricket betting platform:

  • Welcome Offers

Welcome Offers Welcome offers are one of cricket wagering destinations ' best parts, and this is the thing that encourages you begin, particularly in case you're a first time client. In this manner, guarantee that your picked up betting game stage - Livebid, gives you a rewarding offer or welcome extra offers with the goal that you can put down the wagers in a hurry.

"On the off chance that you decide to wager on your PC, workstation, cell phone or tablet, Livebid offers you all that you have to put down your cricket wagers in a sheltered and secure condition."

  • Best Cricket Odds

When it comes to making a cricket bet everything depends on how high the chances are. An Indian cricket betting site which gives you serious wagering chances will build your odds of rewards significantly. Our foundation was incorporated considering the requirements of our bettors.

Know More :- How to create Indian betting site?

That’s why you will find it so easy to navigate your way around, no matter which device you are using, which makes your betting experience more convenient while allowing you will place your bets faster – crucial with live cricket betting when it counts every second!

"The most ideal path here is to visit Livebid - the best Indian cricket wagering stage offering the best chances for a cricket match-up. Also choose to try multiple bets online and see which live betting odds after placing a bet."

  • Cricket Live Betting

Cricket Live Betting You probably won't have seen this coming however finding a good pace betting on cricket is a delight that you should understanding. In any case, not all Indian wagering locales will permit you to do as such.

We will enthusiastically prescribe you to go for wagering locales which permit you to put down your wagers live. This is a direct result of two reasons. To start with, you find a workable pace best understanding. Second, you moreover get a chance to abuse fluctuating possibilities

"The most ideal path here is to visit Livebid - the best Indian cricket wagering stage offering the best chances for a cricket match-up. Wherever you can bet on what you want, when you want. From match winner to top batsman/bowler, the choice is yours at Livebid platform."

  • Mobile Betting on cricket

Cricket This abandons saying-the similarity of the picked site with a cell phone is an absolute necessity. You may be voyaging or away from the PC and you may even now need to put down wagers on cricket. In our foundation - Livebid, versatile wagering will permit you to make the most out of your time helpful.

Our betting site - mobile betting on cricket. All that you would need is a smart-phone and an active internet connection.

With Livebid cricket betting you can bet on who you think will win the match, who do you think will be the top bowler or batsman, the total runs in the match, the match that's going to hit most of the sixes, and more.

"At Livebid, you can get a protected wagering experience concentrated on Indian betters, so you can appreciate all the extraordinary things that a cricket wagering site can convey."

  • User Interface

If you have tried your hands on a dozen of betting websites, you will agree with us that a lot of these platforms really act as an eyesore. The weird color combination coupled with the ever-slow speed of the cricket betting website further makes betting tough.

Read More:- How to bet in

We will highly recommend you to choose a betting platform - Livebid which is not only nicely designed but which also flaunts easy navigation. Ensure that the website loads within seconds so that you can lock your bet quickly.

"Finding a sheltered and legitimate wagering website among the hundreds accessible online isn't simple, however you can have confidence that Livebid is a thoroughly secure spot where you can get yourself."

  • Transparency

The least you would ever expect from a sports betting site is that you cannot withdraw the funds because you haven’t met certain betting requirements. And when you ask them about the betting requirements, deposit options, these requirements are either realistically impossible to achieve, or they do not provide you with a clear answer.

" With Livebid, you can wager on all the most recent IPL games, including Indian Test, ODI and T20 matches, Ashes, the Premier League of the Caribbean and different competitions from all over the world."

  • Security and Customer support

Undoubtedly, security is very important at any betting platform, and this is the first aspect that you must focus on while choosing an Indian betting site. Make sure that the online betting site - Livebid has an SSL certificate. Such a certificate suggested the platform has in place well-designed encryption strategies that will secure user data.

This is why it makes sense to choose a betting platform which provides customer support at any time around the clock. You can deposit and withdraw funds, and remember, using a variety of payment methods.

"Livebid is a standout amongst other wagering sites in India that lets you wager utilizing rupees."

Livebid Cricket Betting Reviews:-

The team at Livebid is led by a group of cricket journalists, die-hard supporters, and avoid betting enthusiasts who have spent a significant amount of time in finding the best among India's best online cricket betting sites.  So, let's come to know Livebid betting reviews; most of the clients give our of 5, is 4 or 5 and over all reviews is 4.7. 100% safe and secure, betting platform.

It has been tried completely, time to time, to guarantee a predominant wagering experience for our crowd at on the web. Maybe not exactly as noteworthy as both of our top wagering site in India, Livebid still speaks to an extraordinary choice for anybody hoping to bets on cricket.

Our Article:- How to Betting on Cricket Online with

While a portion of the lesser T-20 matches do just have chances offered on the match result showcase, numerous matches do likewise a decent scope of different alternatives for wagers. Those incorporate having the option to wager on if a century will be scored in the match.

Comparison of best cricket betting odds:-

From numerous points of view, Livebid resembles a one-stop-search for everything identified with cricket wagering. We offer a bit of the cricket odds live that invigorated constantly, second-by-second, to ensure that you don't miss the pivotal opening. You have a sharp eye, you can even recognize the space for trade and get yourself a distinct shot achievement!

To burrow further, there are a couple of parameters that decide these live Satta-rates for cricket matches. Basically in light of the fact that group India has a better record over the guests at home.

Whatever might be the situation, you will locate the most ideal chances online for any cricket coordinate, directly here at Livebid as it were.


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Online Cricket Betting Odds in Livebid

Livebid betting odds represent the probability of cricket bets that happen in betting and therefore enable you to work out how much money you can win if your bet online at our platform.

Sports betting is synonymous in India. Cricket betting odds is generally cherished and followed by Indian individuals, and the across the board furor for the game makes it amiable for online based betting. High voltage matches pull in huge sums that are put down onto bets.

Cricket betting started online in the year 1996 with the presentation of Inter-tops. Livebid is the world's cutting edge online betting site. Before long new segments of the game additionally dispatch in 2020.

Online betting or any sort of betting is illegal in India, yet there's no specific law for online betting in India. This makes it open, increasingly agreeable and more secure for intrigued members to put down their betting on the online and procure more benefits. Be that as it may, betting is exclusively founded on game insights and involvement in Livebid - Cricket Betting Odds.

No need of components, for example, player line-up, pitch conditions, historical verifications, nature of the competition or match being played, and so on be that as it may, the entirety of the factor change your game on the off chance that you bets on the online.

Know More:- Which is the best betting site for Indians?

It is basic to learn and ace the expertise of online cricket betting chances. As referenced before, one needs to have exhaustive information on the idea of betting and the guidelines of the game. Edging the expertise of cricket betting is a moderate and drowsy errand.

Beneath recorded are some critical variables to remember that will assist you with turning into a professional at online cricket betting in India:

Rule of the Games:-

You should be exhaustive with the idea of the betting app and the guidelines it follows. Cricket has turned out various standards for the different configurations it bolsters. A beginner bookie will undoubtedly lose cash on the off chance that he/she betting without increasing legitimate information on cricket betting odds of the game.

Thusly, a fastidious assessment of the game and its guidelines is to be done before betting genuine cash.

Cricket world cup betting odds:-

For example, the IPL group has an alternate arrangement of rules than a One-Day International. Not chipping away at the investigation of the idea of betting on cricket different structures solely can prompt a mistake, bringing about intermittent misfortunes..

Game Factors:-

Scores and wickets are approximately founded on the conditions where the game is being played. A player may perform well under tension at once, while he may lose his quiet the extremely next minute and get run out. Cricket betting site in India.

Contrastingly, players like - Virat Kohli and M.S. Dhoni perform exceptionally under tension, without losing their poise. The bookie needs to do his/her schoolwork and a personal investigation of the considerable number of players in the line-up of either group.

Related Post:- Best apps and website for online cricket betting in India

It is difficult to get familiar with the subtleties in one go, yet with time, you'll have an away from of the cricket game and players, making it simpler and idiot proof for your online cricket betting sessions.

Betting Skills and Practices:-

This article has discussed the significance of training and honing your betting aptitudes since the beginning. Indeed, it is the most critical and remunerating venture of the entire betting method.

Good cricket betting site:-

As dull as it might sound, it holds criticalness. The procedure appears to be dull and exhausting, however the prizes it presents are immense. Taking everything into account, the central factor to be an effective bookie is to be perceptive and absorb all the data you get about cricket and its tricks.

 It is exceptionally valuable to take as much time as is needed and increment your insight about the game to increase better odds of winning the cricket betting and procuring benefits.

Cricket Betting Odds at Livebid:-

An extraordinary aspect concerning betting on cricket is that there are huge amounts of alternatives for bettors. Many games just permit you to bets on a victor and a failure cricket offers numerous other options.

Individuals can bet on various game, for example, arrangement scores, coordinate scores and the sky is the limit from there.

Here are Betting Odds:-

There are following of the cricket betting odds:-

  1. Moneyline Bets: A cash line bet is betting on the result of a match. This is additionally rung a straight betsed where you are betting on sports result and get paid out contingent upon the chances. A group that has a significant preferred position in a game will have lower chances then the dark horse. This gives impetus for bettors to bets on the dark horse for a greater result.

  2. Live betting scores: When there is an arrangement (all the more than one game) it's conceivable to bets on the result of that arrangement. This is another type of a Money line bets however utilized on an arrangement.
  3. Odd or Even Run Scores: Like - roulette is a best game on whether the score will be odd or even.
  4. Match Scores: Is a cricket bet that attempts to think about what number of runs are scored in a game. Singular bowlers series & wickets -it is a bet on the quantity of wickets a specific bowler will get.
  5. Top Bowler: Is a bet wherein a bettor picks the player that will take the most number of wickets.

International Cricket Events:-

The following are a portion of the significant competitions and occasions that occur in the Cricket world consistently:

Ultimately, to win or lose depends on blind karma, yet with a slight intercession of your objective mind, you can expand your cricket odds of winning. Keep in mind, learn-watch practice then bets at Livebid.


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INR Betting Site | Livebid | INR Bookmaker Site

Most forms of betting here are illegal and India has no bookmakers. INR betting sites are considered illegal too and the Indian betting sites industry is unregulated but online bookmakers in India have become the most popular option for Indian bettors who crave action. First, we will talk about the best betting sites in India and discuss the current status of INR betting sites. Anyone can bet on INR if their bookmaker offers it as a betting currency. In other words, this possibility is not limited to betting sites in India.

In Indian rupees, for example, there are online cricket betting sites and they're not located in this region. Gambling sites in India tend to focus on local popular sports, offering some of Indian rupees ' best cricket betting prices.

In reality, Indian currency betting site don't need to be in India at all – that's just a monetary boost. Those that hold a credit/debit/prepaid card or have a eWallet can deposit into an Indian rupee bookmaker account and start placing wagers at best betting websites in India.

When bonuses are offered at the best live betting site in India, these are offered in equivalent currency, so nothing is lost. The same can be said for whoever has a bank account. Bank transfers are an excellent way of depositing into INR betting sites.

Almost all of the online cricket betting site in Indian rupees accept bank transfers and those who have money in their hand scan use a wire transfer service to fund their INR bookmaker account too.

This service is also available at the cheapest betting site and punters profit from quick transactions. There are several ways to fund an INR sports book but the problem is that there are very few INR betting site out there.

In other words, while the list of top betting sites in India is quite crowded, INR support is limited:- only 3 of the 125 recommended sites listed by Gamblingjudge.

Check out the best online betting sites in India and make an informed, risk-free decision. There are various sites that offer betting through Indian rupees the list will be mentioned below;- First and the foremost Livebid which is an Indian site and also allow Indian rupees in payment.

18BET is another site that allows INR apart from this Robet247 is also one of these it also has a good rating by its users. Other sites are Spin Sports, MELbet, Royal Panda.

Deposit and withdrawal limits are different wherever you go and the same is true for any Indian betting site like - Livebid:-

  1. Even using the same payment method at separate bookmakers will result in different limits.
  2. Minimum and maximums for deposits and withdrawals depend on the individual sports book and the payment processor being used.
  3. Punters are encouraged to consult with their bookie to find out which restrictions extend to their method of payment.

Online betting - India sports books have many similarities, but it is the particularities that ultimately make the difference. Don’t forget to visit - to get your hands on some awesome bonuses.


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Cricket Betting Site in India with Mobile Betting App | Livebid

The advanced technical cricket betting apps in India. Nowadays you can be fully optimize your screen according to the games. You can entertain online by the use of the Livebid - online cricket betting app. If you have a smart-phone at in your hand then you are a king of the betting app, because we offer the best betting application for an android. Now, these mobile devices are only used for communication purposes but if you want to become a millionaire in this year, but first install a Livebid app in your phone. Number #1 sports betting app in India.

This is a best cricket betting game in 2020, because many of the developers developing these lovely cricket betting apps. Now you can Click Here to download livebid betting app.

Mobile Betting App - Livebid

bet on cricket using your mobile devices. Don't worry related to the game, pick up Livebid - betting app for cricket and bet now. Cricket betting app in 2020. The same many of the fraud company making the game, but use original livebid betting app from Livebid site aware your friends also.

Free Betting Blogs :- Livebid online blog

The amount of minimum you can use for bets is Rs. 1000 with mobile betting and internet betting both are in a single platform. live Indian local betting site is Livebid now over for loaded of pre-game also. If you bet then you definitely win here. Your future is in your hands. Start online cricket betting today.

Some of the technical features of the Livebid - Cricket Betting App:-

  1. 80% of cricket betting lovers are using a Livebid - mobile betting apps in India
  2. The game supported on Android and IOS operating systems both still and users download in a bigger amount of the sports betting app in the market. Also, share if you app you can get extra benefits of the betting app.
  3. If you are looking Livebid mobile betting app then no need to go to Google Play Store. You can directly download from our betting platform - Livebid Mobile Betting App.
  4. In India,  Livebid is best for online cricket betting because you can bet and win PayTM cash online.
  5. Good virtual betting site in India with the mobile betting app. Livebid is the Best Betting App, download by 7600 customers and 264, five star rating in our platform. We have also, mention out the number of reviews for each and the review scores.

Livebid - Cricket betting app for android in India

If you want to enjoy the Indian "Real Cricket Champions League" in your mobile phones then start betting at Livebid sport betting platform. It is a reliable and secure sports betting site. You can Bet on game in a horizontal version of 3D and vertical version also, and it is easy to get started betting games.

Check Here Signup Process:- How to bet on livebid?

In our betting platform, you need to flexibly like real fun on your mobile phone. Download now secure cricket betting app from Livebid site and earn a lot of money online.

Some of the regular players become a millionaire by the cricket betting. Through simple Livebid Membership you can also become. Our professional experts provide actionable tips for winning in the live cricket. Maybe the next world champion is you earn and get the ultimate victory.

Facts about Cricket :-

Cricket is also called a wooden ball, it is a gentleman's game; it is a variety of competition modes, such as exhibitions, Masters Cup and World Cup knockout; Tap the screen to hit the ball. The gameplay is simple, but the difficulty is still there! Simply, you can play Google Cricket online. 

Bet on 3D Live Cricket - Livebid

Cricket 3D for android online cricket betting app. It is a very easy-to-use sports game. The world cricket war is in full swing like - A powerful cricket Indian player, you can't miss such a grand event of Livebid.

Real cricket betting app for 2020 that is suitable for the android version. Super realistic and smooth gaming experience online in Livebid betting platform only you can get. It feels like live physical game. 

In general, we can say best cricket betting site with mobile betting app. You can choose the team you want to bet for and win handsome of amount!


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Why Online Betting Beats Regular Betting?

You like football? Of course, who doesn’t! You probably also like sports in general, and why wouldn’t you – sport betting is easily the best and most constructive pastime for any person. Even for us who do not play it professionally, it is a brilliant way to spend the evening. And then there is a best betting platform, an easy and fun way to make… or lose some money.

The more you know about betting, the better are your odds at winning, this is certain beyond any doubt. But this is not what this blog is about, since we presume you already know all you need to know about regular betting if you are reading this. No, in this blog we will talk about why online betting is so much better than regularly walking to a betting place.

And, trust us, there are quite a few reasons, so read on and hopefully, we can get you to switch to online betting like so many of already.

Online betting is simpler:-

This is pretty much self-explanatory. The internet has made everything so easy, and betting is no exception. With everyone’s ridiculously busy schedules nowadays, people barely have the time to make a sandwich, let alone physically appear at a betting place to the online betting beats.

For this reason many people stopped betting in the previous years, simply because they don’t have enough time to walk all the way there, sit and examine the odds.

Thankfully, the internet has made everything so much simpler, because all the odds and all the betting is now literally just a click away. You can read about the odds and place your bets in under a minute, all from the comfort of your chair.

Online betting is better to keep track:-

Another great thing about online betting site is that you get to have an online account. This is good because this way you get to keep track of all your bets and your progress, also your wins and losses. By knowing all these details, it becomes a lot easier to bet and have everything in control.

Online betting offers bonuses and extras:-

This is another reason why so many people resort to online betting without thinking twice. Since there are quite a few websites for betting platform online, this means they will do everything in their power to attract you to come to their website.

This means you will likely be awarded free trial periods, better payoffs and other bonuses otherwise not offered through traditional betting.

Online betting is more proficient:-

While this doesn’t seem logical at a first glance, it is very true, because countless websites on the internet are dedicated to betting.

What this implies is that, while you bet, or right before you do, you can go on any one of a number of free forums and ask experts for tips and opinions on the upcoming games.

This makes the betting process a lot more dynamic and also drastically increases your chances of winning.


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By Admin 04/Feb/2020

Which are the betting sites that use Indian rupees?

Many online cricket betting sites often consume our energies, the energy of Indian bidders, by showing the accepted currencies other than Indian rupees. Quite a few sites even the best online cricket betting sites often allow such confusion to persist. has proved it mettle again by accepting Indian rupees just as they are. Sites like bet365, Betway, Unibet, etc also claim to accept the currencies but have usually offered disappointing results to the Indian bidders.

Be it an amateur or a seasoned bidder, they always wish betting to be a pleasure and not the struggle, specifically in relevance to the monetary terms. You are most likely to find online cricket betting site offering and accepting payments in dollars and euros but not in Indian rupees.

Also, your selection of currency becomes a major statement for your bidding identity. Using Indian rupees put forth a strong impression.

Livebid, the best and the safest online cricket betting site offers a proportional welcome bonus to the players' first deposits. This is one reason, for which most of new players in the league, opt for livebid in and carry in with it.

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If you are lucky enough, you may also be offered joining bonus of 100-110%. Unlike many other cricket betting sites you are not likely to find minimum deposit and wagering requirements.

You may also be lured by offers like free livebid bets . These are tactics used to grab your attention towards the game. Avoid falling for them. For certain security reasons enjoy phishing neteller and skrill might also turn out to be the mediatree party for the players who bet in Indian rupees.

For the purpose of safety it is always advised and recommended, that you must have a minimum balance of rupees thousand with you. This gives you a buffer for your bets.

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Also if you hesitate in using neteller and skrill you might find yourself in trouble with a few sites. For this purpose, Astropay turns out to be the most convenient, safe and popular option for the bidders of Indian subcontinent.

You must take into the account, the amount of time taken for the payout. Livebid has so far been rated as the top site for its excellent and the quickest payout. Most recommended is always the one which is played often and has many cricket matches in a single season.

The reasons for the popularity are obvious. Stating a few, no other online cricket betting site offers as much privacy. It does not show the transactions with the bookmaker but with your E-wallet. Although livebid accept everything from Mastercard, Visa, to online transactions, it offers genuine advice of using an e-wallet.

Moreover, the sites, which have just mushroomed offer unrealistic offers the experienced bidders can only detect that, hence, you must keep away from the currency games and focus purely and solely on bidding. isn't leading the list of best online cricket betting site for no reason, we prove it why it is the best choice for Indian bidders, repeatedly.

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By Admin 04/Feb/2020

Where Can I Bet So I Can Become Very Rich Person?

It is wisely advised that is important to choose the platform where you wish to bet. The selection of the best online cricket betting sites is often a derivative of the ratings and listing of best online cricket betting sites list. The giants like bet365, betfair, livebid, royal panda, are all surfing specifically that of the Indian subcontinent, so they can successfully attract and adhere the potentially largest market of bidding.

The answer to the question might be very diplomatic and I suit the interest of many. Leaving aside personal choices, here is what you need to look at while deciding where you can bet, so you can become rich.

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The first thing lies in the authenticity and the experience of the betting site that you bet from. Livebid is an undisputed choice for the two criteria mentioned above.

Second, lies with the honesty of the platform for online sports betting. You are often likely to listen to complaints about delayed payouts, difficulty in transactions, and flawed match predictions, which become the turning stone of your bidding instincts.

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You must always be sure about the grounds of predictions. They must have a perfect statistical and mathematical tool to justify why they said what they said. Here transparency is the key.

You must always use the best betting site that is very thoughtful about the upcoming strategies of bidding. Most online cricket betting sites offer their technical support. But rather than blindly following it you may test it at low scale bets, and conclude your decision when it's time for the big game.

Once you are pretty convinced that the aim of the platform chosen is not to rob you of your money, place heavy bets., bet365 are the finest choices without debates. The second part of the answer would involve you.

Be very fair with your decision of selection of sports betting odds that you bet on. Other sports streaming at the same time should not take away your focus. Also, a large amount of money involved may deviate you from your initial plan. Improvising is welcomed but getting swayed away is not.

To become very rich through online cricket betting, you must choose the game of your interest and be consistent and thorough with its studies and changing trends.

It is very wisely recommended, that a bidder should always know, when to stop and withdraw. Probably not all days may favor your luck, hence bad day at work, calls for a quick wrap.

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You can always start a day from the bonus received from the previous bid or from the joining betting site so that you get accustomed to the trends. It primarily does not matter from where you bid, it basically depends on how you bid, and what you choose to bid on livebid.

So whenever you bet next, make sure that you do it with perfection, and if you are still not in best of shapes, visit livebid, safest and the best.

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By Admin 04/Feb/2020

What are Your Top 3 Cricket Betting Sites?

This list rather complicated and long and depends largely on the selection criteria of the bidder. Many bidders especially amateurs are the ones who take efforts and Endeavour to find out which betting site is best for their betting career.

There are few things to be kept in mind while going through the list of best online cricket betting site. Most important is to realize and recognize that not all cricket betting sites who top the charts suit the Indian players. There are few sites however who deserve the place they have acquired.

Naming a few from the top, livebid, betway, bet365, acquire the first, second and third position respectively. Further down the line comes the Royal Panda and Leo Vegas, but it is always recommended to keep up with the top rated site.

Another criteria must be to look for an online cricket betting site that allows you to use Indian rupees. Furthermore it should offer the favorite sport of yours and must have a wide range of bidding options.

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One of the most crucial aspects to be taken care of is the authenticity of the bookmaker. Livebid has continued to grip the market and explain exponentially because of its understanding of Indian market and flexible alteration policies.

It has to be kept in mind that some retail betting sites are reluctant to pay the continuous and consistent winners but if you suddenly start losing they can also offer excellent interfaces and promotions.

Betfair, one of the leading names in online betting, requires you to have a perfect blend of predictions and programming skills, so that you can make big money in this competitive market of online bidding. At this platform, usually the very sophisticated and talented people who have acquired a very large infrastructure become the winners.

Contrary to this, Pinnacle, is another site which fits the taste of many experienced and amateur bidders. The healthiest part about betting on this site, is that it does not cut down your winning consistency. All you would require would be a key knowledge of economics of sports and a good hand at computers.

When we talk about crypto currency sports betting site, Nitrogen is the site you can surely be looking for.

Although crypto currency has not stepped in as the most favorites bidding option it is very soon likely to advance making competition difficult in coming future.

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You may also look for sites which cater your personal needs but be very sure of your selection. This is where livebid stands apart. Free online betting site for cricket.

No matter if you are an amateur or a seasoned player, you are always likely to win provided you are given the right guidance and support for online betting on sports whenever it is needed or asked for.

Thought the site has acquired and has been consistent with its number one spot in the best online cricket betting site list, it's betting services have always being flexible and open to any improvements.

So whenever you pick from the top three make sure that you are for the best, which with zero debate is livebid.

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